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  • One of my favorite childhood shows

    I loved it. I love this show so much. Sometimes I feel like this show was created by this person who made "Sabrina: The Animated Series". My characters on the series are: Onyx, Snarf, Topez, Sapphire and Coal. Here's what I would say to my friends: BFFL (Best Friends for Life). Lol
  • Ignore those other reviews, Mine is right.

    ALL of you people are stupid and wrong. The show is great! It's fun, It's clever, It's funny and it's entertaining. It's not like "Bratz" in any way. All of you people who reviewed this are ***ed and wouldn't know a good show if it beat you senseless. As it says, " childlike sense of wonder, extraordinary situations, for the child in you, for the nostalgic, good vs. evil" And it's right.
  • Horror cartoon.

    It's the horror version of "Bratz".

    Plot: Remember the irritating spoiled nature of Bratz? This one has added some horrible twist that will make you puke and spin your head around like Emily Rose from Exorcist.

    Characters: Stereotypical irritating horrible mall dwellers. Voice acting is annoying. All they can do is ask how beautiful they are on each other, their problems w/ appearance, talk about boys, and just being plain dumb. And the villain and it's sidekick is fun to be thrown at the garbage can.

    Issues: Yeah, this show deserves the category "Issues", as this show has issues, it could turn a girl's IQ down to dust. And make the girl a typical one that shops, whines, talks about boys and nothing else.

    Art: Horrible. Too much color. It can sometimes cause seizure. Animation is okay, but this wouldn't save this show from getting a rating higher than -4.

    Overall: -5. is lower than -4 for those of you who are confused in numbers. Really annoying, makes kids dumb. Avoid watching it at all costs little girls.
  • This show introduces trollz Saphire, Ruby, Amethyst, Topaz, and Onyx as they discover the true power of friendship and learn many vital lessons about life.

    I love this show! Not only is it hilarious and includes some great animation, but it teaches many life lessons such as the power of friendship. The power of friendship is the recurring lesson in the show as the Trollz realize they cannot get through life without their friends. They battle the evil Simon, learning that good will always prevail over evil. Many other lessons are also learned. Overall, if you haven't watched this show yet, WATCH IT NOW! You will learn so many new things from the show and will wish that you too could cast a spell with a spellbead.
  • Trollz is my favorite show.

    I always watch it every Saturday. My friends and I act just like the girls. I'm more like Ruby, always leading groups. But I am sooo much like Onyx, not caring about life. But I can't believe, they took it off the air. What the hell for?! It's not like Winx Club isn't any better! Yeah I hate Winx Club, such girly girls on that show. Not much entertainment. Trollz has sooo much fun, action and...everything. I will never give this show up for anything. I will bring it back on tv, no matter what. ^^ "Best Friends For Life" BFFL
  • ok show

    Well, i didnt bother watching this show in the first place. But i gave it a try. Then, i found out that this was actually an okay show. The animation in its own very very weird way nice and i love their clothes. But the magic is seriously fake and so is the plot. The characters have really huge hair! haha. anyway, i still think show is alright. Honestly, i dont think that this show is the best but it is alright. I mean thei plots, enemies etc are seriously lame but the show is totally alright. But sometimes, i find it seriously confusing when its a double or more episode
  • Trollz is my favorite.

    OH. I like this show. I seen it on TV. I like all the trollz. I seen it a lot of times. It's a hair and girl thing not for boys. I will write lots of reviews. I can't wait to watch it again. Please WATCH IT. It is for girls.
  • Well there are 5 girls exploring and using magic and sometimes causing trouble...and they are there to fix it Topaz Sapphire Onyx Roby and Amethyst they all live in trollpoliz and hang out and normally go to school there....

    Well i sometimes watch this its actually alright...but sometimes i really do get bored while watching it and some times fall asleep cause some episodes are REAL boring i rather watch something else instead of this and my favourite out of the 5 girls is definitely Amethyst i just love her lol and yeh .....i only watch this when im bored and there's nothing else to watch i think its pretty kool...but they keep replaying all the same episodes over and over in my country and its really anoyying...if there were more new episodes that would be great!well you should try watch it!! =]
  • While aimed at a young audience, Trollz is still a fun and cute adventure for anyone willing to look past the target audience.

    Trollz is a tale of five young Troll girls who live in Trollopolis, a world where young Troll girls are able to learn and cast magic spells. One day they stumble through a portal and accidently awaken a 1000 year old slumbering gremlin named Simon who was sealed away by five ancients long ago. Simon escapes into the real world and begins plotting to take it over. The girls' first task is to track down their five ancients, wise and old Trolls who will act as their "spirit link" to the magical forces and help teach them to grow stronger so they can stop Simon. On their search, they must avoid Simon and his deadly tricks, and also be the first ones to find the ancients, as they are very old and weak in this day and age, before Simon finds them first and does away with them...

    Along the way on this adventure, we're given a wonderful look into the world of Trollz. We'll be taught about the ancient battle over a thousand years ago betwene the gremlins and the trollz. We'll also learn about why girls are the only trollz able to cast spells (long ago, males were also able to cast spells, but something happened between then and now that severed their link to the magical forces forever.)

    The show, despite being aimed for a younger crowd than a normal kids show, shows a surprisingly nice deal of continuity and storytelling. There is quite a decent amount of world building put into Trollz. The show is obviously aimed at girls, and the valley girl lingo and get annoying sometimes, but its a cute and fun magical romp with a fun story for anyone willing to put aside the target age audience. Parents will also enjoy the fact it teaches kids lessions and morals along the way while they learn to control their powers and stop Simon.
  • This show, while perfect in giving everyday best friend issues, needs a lot of help in episode plots and creativity.

    This show happens to be one of the most played out, unoriginal, bulls*** shows ever that DIC has produced. please, if you are going to use magic and girls and all, try to be original with it. the only thing original about this show is that each girl is named after a gem, which is kind of cheesy. The situations that this show brings is good, but I could be done a lot better than what DIC is given to us. My favorite character is Onyx and I feel that she is not put in any situations that shows Character Development in her. Ruby is just a B-I-T-C-H! she makes me sick! why in the hell do they tolerate her? Sapphire I can relate to because i'm also smart as well, but I don't study and read books all the time. Topaz is dumb as hell (creating this stereotype that all blondes are dumb which is not true), and Amethyst is too much of a pushover. They should make more episodes showing some much needed Character Development for her.

    Now moving on to the villains: need more. I'm so f****** sick of Simon. Snarf I've grown to like, but taking bulls*** from Simon not feeling it at all. Simon, Simon, Simon... why in the hell is he dressed like a schoolboy? should villains dress in rags and such? and his ideas for taking over a city named Trollzapolis is just pathetic. The girls always seem to beat him in every episode. Let simon win some battles for a change. That's what urks me about this show. get some new villains! If this show is canceled, it will be mostly because of Villain wise. Sure, Xiaolin Showdown uses same villains over and over, but at least they are enjoyable enough to watch. This isn't.

    I have a couple of ideas for new enemies:

    1. A troll that turns into a magic wraith after the girls were possessed by Simon, telling them that the troll was planning to break their friendship and their family

    2. Snarf gets sick of Simon bossing him around, finding an apprentice of his own, and planning in ridding the girls of their powers by stopping Obsidien, Mr. Trollheimer, and the other ancients.

    3. When the ancients mistakenly use the magic to open another portal to the Gremlin world, a new villain known as
    Black Shadow terrorizes Trollzapolis of the descendents that their ancestors have put him there.

    Yo, dic I hope you're reading this. These few ideas I have for your show will boost your ratings way up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I love Trollz!

    Okay it was about the last week of August and summer was nearing to an end. I was thinking what is a good way to end my vacation. Then when I saw the Disney Channel premiere of Trollz Best Friends for Life I assumed it was new and I was so right. I love Trollz a lot. I know it's similar to W.I.T.C.H. which is also good but I still love it. I only get to see it on channel 9 at 7:00 in the morning. I wonder when it's really going to get an air time. My favorite character is Sapphire!
  • I love this show! It does a wonderful job of displaying the realities of friendships. It also creates a glorious atmosphere for showing good conquering evil, and triumphing.

    This show goes in depth in showing the nitty gritty realities of friendships. Friends don't alway get along. They don't always agree, and they don't always say the right things, at the right times, to the right people. This show, shows this very well and in a very nice way.
    The girlz quarrel, argue, disagree, and misstep from time to time. However, they learn, they apologize, and their relationships grow stronger with each other. The girlz show how true friendships work and work out. Through all of their journeys they learn a lot about themselves and about those around them. The learn to work together with each other and with their elders.
  • No, just, no...........

    I\\\'m sorry, but this show is not okay. First off, the plot is the most overdone plot in TV history. 5 girls have magical powers and have to conquer evil. Now, don\\\'t get me wrong, I happen to like shows where the kids have powers at times [I happen to enjoy the Teen Titans regularly] but sometimes it\\\'s just ugh......

    First off, the characters. There all just the most underlydevelpoed, sterotypicol characters I\\\'ve ever seen. Sapphire is supposed to be the smart one, but, in reality, she\\\'s just as ditzy as Topaz, she just reads more. Did I mention Topaz? She has got to be the most ditzest blonde I\\\'ve ever seen. She\\\'s wrost than the preps in my school, and they\\\'re BAD, i\\\'m telling you, if the world was about to explode, they\\\'d say to look on the bright side. Topaz, would proably not only say to look on the bright side, she\\\'d go to the mall and buy clothes so she\\\'d look nice before she died. Ugh, I hate people like that. Ditzy preps. Ugh. If I met Topaz, I\\\'d knock some sense into her with a hammer, she\\\'d proably be more worried about me runing her hair then she would me knocking her out unconcious.

    And Onyx, what is up with these sterotypical goths on TV. They walk around going, \\\"I\\\'m a goth,\\\" but they\\\'re really just wannabes. I miss the true anti-social, gothic people on TV, like Gaz in Invader Zim, now, she was awesome, just plain awesome. And Ruby is just an annoying little brat who would ditch her friends for a pair of really nice shoes. [And she\\\'d say, \\\"But, they were really NICE shoes.\\\"] And Amethyst? She\\\'s just annoying.

    And why, in every episode, do they basically scream out, \\\"omg! look at us and our bfflness! Aren\\\'t we awesome!\\\" Please. If characters on TV are truly friends, they shouldn\\\'t have to keep reminding us, we should be able to tell by thier actions and words toward each other.

    Oh, and the fact that they, or anyone, [Well, the guys can\\\'t, because DIC obviously into the whole \\\"girls rule, boys drool\\\" thing] can go buy spell beads of off Obsedien, makes the whole \\\"power of the five\\\" thing seem less speciel in my opion. Now, if they were the only ones who could do the magic, now, maybe that might be better. Or, maybe I\\\'m just picky.

    Also, Simon has to be the worse villian ever. And, I don\\\'t mean that in the good way, as in mean and evil and does thier \\\'job\\\', so to speak, as a villian really well. He\\\'s just a jerky punk. If you take away the magic, which isn\\\'t so great, he\\\'s just a MUCH worse version of Bloo from Foster\\\'s. [I happen to like Bloo, I don\\\'t like Simon, I meant in terms of selfishness and jerkyness, Bloo is way more well-developed] I usuallky like jerky or villanry characters, but, Simon is just a worthless little punk, that\\\'s all he is. I kinda liked Snaf, though, and I feel bad that he has to deal with a worthless punk who basically abuses him in every episode.

    So, watch it, see if I care, but, trust me, after the first 5 minutes or so, you\\\'ll wanna bang your head repetitly against a wall.
  • Quite decent

    I used to not like it. The minuses of it are: its a bit unoriginal. Makes me think of WITCH. Five girls with powers who are stronger together? WITCH is simillar. Its a bit predictable, too. No proper villans (villans are always my favorite characters in all shows), just some green weirdo. I WANT more villans! NOw, the good things in it: the characters are quite cool (Onyx is my personal fave) the plots are quite interesting. its actually quite a good show.
  • Five best friends who have magical powers through the power of their stones.

    I know the magical genre have been done several times over and everyone is shouting: "Something original for a change", but I don't go for originality. I go for character development and Trollz had some of the best character development I have ever come across.

    Sure, sometimes its a little bit too...I don't know, girly for my tastes but all and all I enjoyed it. The animation is a plus and the writing is great, even if the target audience is meant for young girls, its actually enjoyable for mature women if you're into really good writing.
  • Trollz are... UGLY!

    A show about five sterotypical girls with lame names and worse hair is unoriginal. To make things worse, they ain't humans. They are trolls who over use that word. If you are able to see pass their hair, you might learn a useful life lession... but that might take more effort than nessacary. Furthermore, whenever they use magic, it usually backfires till the end when it, for no appearant reason, helps them defeat the "foe of the episode". This is a girly sure, but I doubt any girl would enjoy this series. Please end this series before it is too late!
  • Sure, girls with magical powers has been done before...but this just has, something more that makes me keep watching.

    I'll admit, the plot has been a bit overused. But people really need to give this show a chance. When I saw it I thought, "Man...I'm gonna get a laugh out of this" but when I watched it I got a surprise.

    The animation is much better then I expected. The charecter development and the characters in general are well done. Some one liners and jokes can have some fine tunning but overall its a decent show.

  • Eurgh.

    So annoying it beats Winx Club on my Watch-o-Meter.

    Five girls with magic powers? Been there, done that. Hmm... styled like Sabrina the Animated Series what people liked...

    Please, people, Sailor Moon was good. All these crap magical girls shows are getting rusty by now. Try writing something new for Gawd's sake!
  • It follows the adventures of five young trolls who have to deal with their growing magical powers and evil forces while also just trying get on with teenage life.

    Trollz is a show that is better than many say. I'm 17, much older than the targeted audience but I must say that Trollz has become a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. I wouldn't go out and buy the merchandise (Ok, maybe the DVD's of the series if they came out.) But I can sit down and enjoy it.
    Some of the characters can at first be annoying but they do grow on you after a few episodes. (In my case it was Ruby but in the last few episodes I've seen I've come to like her a lot more.)
    And who could forget the villains of the series Simon and Snarf? Two of the most adorable and amusing 'evil' characters I've seen. If the lead antagonist is known to the Troll world as "Liek the most EVOl ppl eVA!!!112" while looking like a nine year old all-boys-private-school escapee; well, they have my admiration and interest. He almost destroyed the world once, after all.

    The cartoon series 'Trollz' is not for everyone. But to anyone that can get into it, it is quite an enjoyable experience.
  • Trollz is about 5 Best Friends For Life. They are Topaz the ditzy fashionista, Ruby the rude and popular one, Amethyst the girly one, Sapphire the smart one and Onyx the moody goth. They cast spells by using spell beads.

    What is wrong with this cartoon? I think it's a good one. I guess I'm just a sucker for magical girl cartoons. I like most magical girl shows I've seen except W.I.T.C.H. Ok so the characters are very stereotypical ones with cookie cutter personalities. I think the best character of all the show is Snarf. He is one of the most quoteable characters in all the show. He's got such a cute voice too.
  • While I think a bit of this show is over rated, it is still good. Trollz....

    I'm pretty sure the people that disagree with this show don't know where they got the idea, well I'm pretty sure I do, I think they got it from the classic dolls, A.K.A. Trollz Dolls.
    Reasons I enjoy it-
    I watch it before going to school not borring!
    I enjoy the classics
    I um...Like it.
    I also like Onyx

    Reasons I dislike it-
    The plot, yes, blah! "Power of Five"
    The voices, some of them anyway
    Um...It really is for a younger audience

    This show is probably ment for little girls
    While I like it, I could live without it.
    I think that since they have "ancients" its cool

    Thats it, my review!
  • This is show is fanbloodytastic!

    I'm almost 16 and even I love this show. I love the fact that it's a cartoon about friends and magic! My favourite character is Onyx- she's so cool. Anyone can like this show, it's great!!

    Onyx- Gothic but very caring towards her friends
    Ruby- The 'leader' and bossiest of the BFFL
    Amethyst- The nicest and sweetest member
    Sapphire- The smartest troll in the group
    Topaz- The most fashionable troll in the group

  • Cutesy and saccharine

    DIC does it again. What is it with the \"z\" spelling, anyhow? It\'s like spelling \"fartknocker\" with a \"q\". The Winx girls, at least, are a likable lot. I don\'t think there\'s one standout character in this cast of rainbow-haired misfits. And naming everyone after a gemstone is a terrible gimmick. I thought I heard Richard Horovitz\'s voice in this mix. He must be really hurting for cash after the plug was yanked on ZIM. Yeesh.
  • Let's see. What would I rather do than watch this show? Eat glass? Decapitate myself?

    My list of reasons I hate this show:

    1) Unoriginal. It's about girls who are basically magical... trolls (I mean, trollZ! Z's make you cool!) It's exactly like every other magical-girl-type show. They only changed it, so...

    2) Characters. ...So the characters thought about nothing but clothes, hair, and fashion. They are chiches minus imperfections, plus fashionable...ness.

    3) Plot. Didn't I already say it was unoriginal?

    4) Voice Actors. Very bad. Their voices just grate on my nerves, and if I watch another episode, they will grate me to nothing.

    5) Theme song. Ew. This is one of the worst I've ever heard.

    6) Overall. I hate this show. Unoriginal, and the main plot is fashion. They just made up some magical crap to cover it up. Dont' watch this if you like semidecent TV.
  • umm...why does this show remind me of Sailor Moon, Winx Club, and W.I.T.C.H.? maybe because it's because they all have the same plot!

    ok, first of all, they need to stop doing the whole "power of five" thing. second, what's with the hair? this show was really stupid. they need to find better actors. I can't stand Ruby or the sound of Sapphire's voice. The only thing I liked was WaWa, Amethist's dog, and Snarf.
  • Wild,Magic And Fun.

    Show Review:

    Trollz follows the adventures of five best friends, Ruby, Amethyst, Sapphire, Topaz, and Onyx, who live by the credo B.F.F.L., Best Friends for Life. The storylines reflect the everyday life of today's young teens-- the trials and tribulations of teenage friendships; and dealing with such issues as popularity, love, loyalty, identity and integrity. While they have real teen issues, they are also interested in fashion, hair, malls, "spell phones," magic, parties and all the fun that goes with being a teen.This Show Is Based On The 50's Wild Hair Dolls Now As Tweens Which Is Very Cool!
  • Even though I haven't seen the series yet, I know I will like it.

    Even though I haven't seen the series yet, I know I will like it. The characters are SOOOOO cute!

    My favorites are Amethyst, for her niceness, Sapphire, for her intelligence, and Topaz, because I like her hair.

    My favorite hairstyle would probably be Topaz's.

    I can't wait to see the show. Yay!
  • Ow..

    Ow... where they found the idea for this show, it's a complete waste of time, unoriginal, and with non sense episodes, if someone really like this show, well... i really want to know what they see on this serie.

    Go ahead, see the show, but im telling, find something better, im sure that you will see a better show on the Tv.