Toon Disney Premiered Sep 23, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • Horror cartoon.

    It's the horror version of "Bratz".

    Plot: Remember the irritating spoiled nature of Bratz? This one has added some horrible twist that will make you puke and spin your head around like Emily Rose from Exorcist.

    Characters: Stereotypical irritating horrible mall dwellers. Voice acting is annoying. All they can do is ask how beautiful they are on each other, their problems w/ appearance, talk about boys, and just being plain dumb. And the villain and it's sidekick is fun to be thrown at the garbage can.

    Issues: Yeah, this show deserves the category "Issues", as this show has issues, it could turn a girl's IQ down to dust. And make the girl a typical one that shops, whines, talks about boys and nothing else.

    Art: Horrible. Too much color. It can sometimes cause seizure. Animation is okay, but this wouldn't save this show from getting a rating higher than -4.

    Overall: -5. is lower than -4 for those of you who are confused in numbers. Really annoying, makes kids dumb. Avoid watching it at all costs little girls.