Toon Disney Premiered Sep 23, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • Let's see. What would I rather do than watch this show? Eat glass? Decapitate myself?

    My list of reasons I hate this show:

    1) Unoriginal. It's about girls who are basically magical... trolls (I mean, trollZ! Z's make you cool!) It's exactly like every other magical-girl-type show. They only changed it, so...

    2) Characters. ...So the characters thought about nothing but clothes, hair, and fashion. They are chiches minus imperfections, plus fashionable...ness.

    3) Plot. Didn't I already say it was unoriginal?

    4) Voice Actors. Very bad. Their voices just grate on my nerves, and if I watch another episode, they will grate me to nothing.

    5) Theme song. Ew. This is one of the worst I've ever heard.

    6) Overall. I hate this show. Unoriginal, and the main plot is fashion. They just made up some magical crap to cover it up. Dont' watch this if you like semidecent TV.