Season 1 Episode 12

Ruby's Rules of Partying

Aired Unknown Oct 18, 2005 on Toon Disney

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  • Be sure to follow the rules.

    The BBFL girls are going to their first high school party, but before they go Ruby tells them they have to follow the rules of partying. The other girls don’t want to, and think the rules are dumb. Meanwhile Simon sends Snarf to spy on the girls using a disguise. First Simon disguises Snarf as a French Poodle, but Coral and Ruby fight over him. So Simon disguises Snarf as a male troll. Ruby sees Snarf and get distracted during her spell-off with Coral , and her hair gets all puffed. Snarf tries to mess up the party by pitting the girls against each other. Ruby tells the other girls that she got the rules from a book she found in her yard. Then the girls decide to break up the BFFL. They become friends again and use their powers to defeat Simon. Ruby finds out the book was put there by Simon, and she is grossed out because she was crushing on Simon. When I saw this episode I was laughing so much. Snarf was really more focused on the quality of the food at the party specifically the cold cuts.