Season 1 Episode 8

The Great Race

Aired Unknown Oct 12, 2005 on Toon Disney

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  • Today's moral: Compassion and safety comes first.

    This is the sequel to "Troll Fast, Troll Furious", showing more imperfections in the world of Trollz and written very cleverly. Mica is still suffering the humilation of defeat as his fellow races laugh and point at him. The girls arrived tardy to their class and Onyx was given a pop quiz. When she tries to stutter her way out, Ruby casts a knowledge spell only to spill out their innermost secrets in front of the entire class. At the meantime, Mica challenges Sapphire to a race, but insulted Onyx's pride. Instead, Onyx will take Sapphire's place in the race and went through a rigorous training. Onyx soon discovered an interview by T-Rex, a pro racer. He explained how many times he got injured and the girls begin to grow concerned for Onyx's safety, but she was too obsessed about winning to listen. But the girls showed up to support their BFFL.

    During the race, which was going rather well, Mica crashes into Onyx and she realizes how dangerous the race is. She saw a crack on Mica's scoot and tried to warn him, but he was to obsessed about winning as much as Onyx did. The scoot fell apart in the middle of the second round and Onyx saves Mica's life. Shayla was grateful for Sapphire and her friends saving Mica's life despite his ego getting the better of him.

    I enjoyed this episode and it's very well written and had a much more pace to it then the last episode. Also if this were an after-school special, the senior would never let the freshman down. However, they didn't make this happen. Instead, Sapphire makes a new friend and Shayla actually apologizes, proving that she's not such as a bad person at all...

    Now if only Shayla ditches Mica.