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  • Awesome

    This is awesome and the designs are beautiful I just wish It wasn't cancelled
  • Tron Uprising

    I would like there to be more episodes of the . series tron uprising
  • ew...

    Not good at all. I really did not enjoy it and it was pretty boring. I never liked tron the movie either, but this show is not good. I hardly even understood what was going on.
  • One of the most enjoing shows I`ve ever watched.

    I feel very sad that this show has been canceled. I`ve just watched the whole season again and it was just amazing. I`ve been left with hunger for more and a fan forever.
  • This show is AWESOME!

    No really, this show is awesome, that is all.
  • Interesting Like Young Justice Cool to watch like Legends Of Korra

    This show is great I personally love it when I was watching around when they were introducing new episode I declared I miss to many episodes and decided that I will just the whole season later which was present this show is great I love the action and the burden of the hing that TRON couldn't fight because his injuries and other stuff like that it's really great I believe everyone should watch it but What I didn't like was the character designs they all had the same body figure even the women long legs and a short torso I couldn't stand it and the deaths of key charecter like Abel and the guy who fought with beck in the games The other black but yeah the show is great
  • Tron needs to live again, apparently poor decision making choices at Disney

    Amazing and sad at the same time, Disney should be very proud of this TV series because it was the best I've seen for a long time, especially for animation . I was dismay to hear that they didn't pick up the season again. Tron's writers and the current actors blew me away, so this should have been a no brainier for Disney if they just watched there own show. This series is one the few animations that doesn't feel anything like watching a cartoon and is not just for kids. If they were having trouble getting viewers, it had to be with the marketing team and the time slot, because it definitely was not the content. So de-rezz the current marketing team, and make Tron Live again....
  • Save the Grid!

    Anybody who likes Tron sign this petition for the show, please. It would really help.

    Oh yeah and it's one of the best animated series I've ever seen!
  • Marketing

    Story lines as good as The Last Airbender. I agree with most that this should be targeted to Teens, young adults and/or adults in general. I love it and My wife started getting into it too.

    I would pay to see episodes finish off ( til timeline catches up to TRON LEGACY).

  • Love Tron Uprising!

    Love watching Tron Uprising! Did even know about it until recently


    -too toned down (target market should be young adults not kids. needs to be more mature)

    -similar adventure settings, maybe thats why viewers dropped off? (cant they visit other cities? were never really told how many cities there really are so there could be unlimited really, each with a different feel to explore)

    -music too loud (cant hear the dialogue sometimes)

    -too much music (after each episode my ears need a rest from all the ambient noise and music)


    -scifi (new concepts and ideas are so cool to discover)

    -action (love pandemonium being sorted out)

    -visual effects (love the clean cut chaos)

    -vehicle concepts (always enjoy seeing someone elses futuristic take on getting from A to B)

    -cityscape architecture (love the epic views and also the close-up detail)
  • I would pay cash to see future episodes.

    This show was in another league for me and my kids. We are having some difficulties coming to grips with the fact that this show is canceled. The writing, characters, animation, and OFF the charts soundtrack just made this show something special.

    How does so much other stuff stay on tv and this is canceled?
  • why no new episodes??

    is it on hiatus, or worse has it been canceled?????
  • Amazing! Please don't cancel!

    I love this show! I'll admit that the drawing styles aren't my favorite, but everything else makes up for it. I paid my dad to buy this. This is one of the very few shows that I can't stop thinking about! Please don't cancel it, PLEASE! I'd be so sad if this was canceled :'(
  • Another great show destined to be swept away amidst a flood of mediocre programs.

    It took me a while to get used to the animation - but now I really appreciate it. It's unusual and outright beautiful at times.

    The storyline is fantastic and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

    I don't understand why this show didn't take off. It deserved much better than this.
  • Grate Show!!!

    Unique animation, grate story and action. Can't wait to see how this ties in with the movies... Hopes that this show stays on. My son and I love it.
  • Good show, minus the animation.

    Well hey! This turned out to be a pretty decent Tron tv show. The action in this show is actually really awesome, and in some ways features more than the movies themselves. The animation however is wat i'd call a pretty mess. The environments around look really interesting and the light effects everywhere r so cool! But.....unfortuately, the character models look horrible, and their expressions, etc, and that personally takes alot away from the show for me. I liked the main characters on this show alot, but the side characters imo feel really flat and useless and well, i just didn't care. Still, minus a few issues here and there this an overall a pretty good show.
  • A Great show, with a great cast and a great shame to see it go!

    I really enjoyed watching this show, the animation and story telling was brilliant. It is such a shame that this show seems to be doomed to the history books, before it got the chance to go full circle. I don't know if the first series is availible in a Blu ray box set, but if it is I wouldn't think twice about getting it.
  • Better than young justice and avatar

    i love this freakin show. i love sitting down every week to see whats next for beck. the plot is amazing and the twists have me on the edge of my seat. dont cancel the show please!!
  • Give the Uprising a Chance!

    My 5 + 2 year daughters watch this show together and we love it! They think the music / action / cool visuals are awesome (and they are correct), and I love this animated TRON set in a very cool time period with a stellar cast! Please if anyone is monitoring the fan response to this show take note that we are watching the show and LOVE it! Keep it going! Don't let this be the next Firefly. :( Give the uprising a chance!!! As a life long Marvel / Spidey fan I'd rather see Ultimate Spider-man cancelled before this show EASILY.
  • I'm making the Death Star

    If you cancel this show I will make the Death Star and destroy Earth.

    Don't cancel the show! This show is too damn good, I demand another season! Cancel Ultimate Spiderman that shit is fucking garbage.
  • The Uprising has begun.

    So Disney, you would be stupid to cancel this show! At least give us a second season!
  • This Show is Freaking Awesome

    Don't cancel it. Its like the only good thing on right now!
  • I'd like to enlist in the uprising

    Amazing show sadly getting shafted by Disney with the death time slot while garbage like Ultimate spider-man enjoys twenty slots. The logic is so mind-blowingly backwards it staggers common sense. Now with the possible cancellation we may see Disney pull another spectacular Spider-Man on us. Anyone interested in supporting the show should head to since it would be a travesty if this masterpiece got cancelled after one season.
  • Awesome TV Show!!

    Disney is pissing me off. This is one of probably THE BEST shot on Disney XD. Its the only one I watch and record but yet they placed this masterpiece at a 12:00 AM time slot like wth. They are forcing down the ratings on purpose to cancel this show because they didnt even tell anyone they were switching the times so now unless you have on demand your screwed. Show rocks, so much action and depth in each character its like a thrill ride you can count on each week. I hope Disney doesnt drop the ball on this one because Ill be leaving and Id encourage others to follow.
  • Good show. Time slot sucks.

    At the time of this writing, catching this show is like trying to catch a Memory Disc at very high speed without getting Derezzed. So naturally, Disney puts it on Disney XD (lower ratings) at midnight ET (super low ratings) on Monday/Sunday (wow, go to work in the morning or watch this show?)

    So naturally when a network puts something good on that the fans like but the network hates the general backlash is either DVR or search the Internet's underbelly and hope you don't get busted. (Keep circulating those tapes, kids!)

    While I certainly do not endorse piracy, I certainly don't like it when networks make a big deal about a show then sweeping it under the rug because a small group of people (which is generally how TV shows get greenlit in the first place) liked it about as much as playing dubstep at an old folks home.

    TV networks need to get with the program. We're already in our third decade with the Internet being popular, and at times making shows viewable when that cheap DVR your cable company blanks out after a thunderstorm. On that note, Seriously, AT&T, what good is that uninterruptable power supply looking thing you give us with the crappy 2wire modem if none of that works if the power goes out and nothing is saved either? It's not piracy if the cable company can't give you a DVR that holds its data much like a guy in AA can hold his liquor.

    So while we enjoy this shoe through chaotic good means that is frowned severely upon the lawful evil that provides the content, the TV industry continues to be oblivious to their own problems that cause good people to do bad things to get good programming when they are offered bad options. Ask HBO how those King of Throwns box sets are selling especially if they keep setting them on DVDs at Blu-Ray prices.

    So while the FBI Partyvan shows up at my place because "home recording and file sharing are killing the TV industry" (unlike stingy TV execs who would rather give us Honey Boo Boo on The Learning Channel than hire writers at a fair price), I'll be enjoying this show that clearly Disney does not want me to watch.

    (BTW, if you don't like piracy, don't let TV networks put good TV on at bad times to watch it! Long live the VCR!)
  • Definitely on my list of top 5 new shows of 2012


    As a 16-year-old (at the time of review), I never really grew up with Tron. I saw both Tron movies with my dad on a "tronathon" (haha), and I never expected a TV series to spawn from them, but one did, and it is truly one of the better shows of 2012. (again, I'm just a kid and I don't watch EVERY SHOW ON EARTH!)

    Without getting too deep in the plot, the story follows Beck, a mechanic program living in Argon City. One day, he decides to revolt against Clu, who is slowly taking over the grid. See, this series takes place between films 1 & 2. After Tron is supposedly killed and Kevin Flinn has gone into hiding. Clu has slowly taken control of the grid, and Argon is one of the last cities left where Clu isn't in control. But that changes with the arrival of one of Clu's generals: Tesler. Beck resists Tesler and comes accross Tron who has somehow survived (later, we learn how he survived, but for now, Tron is alive). Tron recruits Beck as a member of his resistance against Clu. Beck accepts.

    That's the short version of the plot.

    Now for the animation: I'm no animator, but the animation isn't that bad. I can tell who is who, tell what's going on, and it doesn't make me puke. All those make it good, but my only criticism is that sometimes there are odd character designs.

    Next, the voice actors: Elijah Wood, most notable as Frodo from the LotR series, is the voice of our hero, Beck. This came as a complete shock to me because I thought Wood would be doing something different. But here he is, and his voicework is really good. The other notable actor is Paul Rebens. Pee-Wee Herman. Is a villain. They do a great job at establishing his villainous state, but it's tough to make Paul Reubens a villain. Whenever his character, Pavel, is on the screen, I can't see him as a villain. To me, I see Pee Wee. That's not a good sign.

    All in all, the show is good.
  • Expecting new characters, including a USER, to be made in season 2. Fingers cross. :O

    The first 4 episodes were kind of okay, but then the 5th one made me go crazy in thinking that season 2 should be made. Despite this anticipation I'm getting on, I wish that there will be more new characters, especially a female villain who is very villainous compared to Commander Paige, who I predict will turn good and join forces with Beck. But as I've seen the title for the season 1 finale, it doesn't end in a good way. Yeah. Hence, I was hoping for another hero/heroine. Okay, I admit I REALLY want more HEROINES in this animation because I believe the trend now is strong female characters who fight for what's right. Yes, I'm a Hunger Games fan, especially to Katniss. But if this comes true (actually there's a rumour about a new FEMALE character to be made for S2), I would be guessing that girl is related to Alan & Lora Bradley, and she is wanting to get out of her real world. Well, I'm also guessing that she accidentally transport herself just like what Sam Flynn did in Tron: Legacy. So, she might be timid and unable to defend herself, but she can become strong after she meets Beck. I don't know, but I'm still watching for the S1 finale, and my fingers cross for this USER girl to appear in S2. If it's a guy, I don't mind, but I want to see some girl power in this series. Of course if the creators allow this to happen. I still enjoy Beck's adventures in fighting against the corrupted CLU and CLU's men. So hopefully this series may satisfy everyone's desire to see more intriguing plots, especially mine. I hope. :) . I would prefer the USER girl to be Maxine (meaning "greatness"). How about that? :) . Are there any skateboards in this virtual world? Would love to see some variety of vehicles from this world since I'm imagining my next heroine riding on a skateboard. :) Also, I don't want her to be lovey-dovey with some male program. Yeah. That's all I hope for next season.

  • If only...

    I enjoyed the other Tron films. OK but not top of my favourites list...

    This animated series, however, is another matter. The plot is acceptable, not new, but acceptable. Where the series excels is in the animation. The characters are obviously not human, but are human enough to relate to. The Tron "universe" is well designed and believable. But the light cycles (and other vehicles) are awesome. This series is worth watching just for the light cycle races.

    The animators should get an award for their work. Every frame is a masterpiece.
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