TRON: Uprising

Disney XD (ended 2013)


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  • Expecting new characters, including a USER, to be made in season 2. Fingers cross. :O

    The first 4 episodes were kind of okay, but then the 5th one made me go crazy in thinking that season 2 should be made. Despite this anticipation I'm getting on, I wish that there will be more new characters, especially a female villain who is very villainous compared to Commander Paige, who I predict will turn good and join forces with Beck. But as I've seen the title for the season 1 finale, it doesn't end in a good way. Yeah. Hence, I was hoping for another hero/heroine. Okay, I admit I REALLY want more HEROINES in this animation because I believe the trend now is strong female characters who fight for what's right. Yes, I'm a Hunger Games fan, especially to Katniss. But if this comes true (actually there's a rumour about a new FEMALE character to be made for S2), I would be guessing that girl is related to Alan & Lora Bradley, and she is wanting to get out of her real world. Well, I'm also guessing that she accidentally transport herself just like what Sam Flynn did in Tron: Legacy. So, she might be timid and unable to defend herself, but she can become strong after she meets Beck. I don't know, but I'm still watching for the S1 finale, and my fingers cross for this USER girl to appear in S2. If it's a guy, I don't mind, but I want to see some girl power in this series. Of course if the creators allow this to happen. I still enjoy Beck's adventures in fighting against the corrupted CLU and CLU's men. So hopefully this series may satisfy everyone's desire to see more intriguing plots, especially mine. I hope. :) . I would prefer the USER girl to be Maxine (meaning "greatness"). How about that? :) . Are there any skateboards in this virtual world? Would love to see some variety of vehicles from this world since I'm imagining my next heroine riding on a skateboard. :) Also, I don't want her to be lovey-dovey with some male program. Yeah. That's all I hope for next season.
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