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  • Definitely on my list of top 5 new shows of 2012


    As a 16-year-old (at the time of review), I never really grew up with Tron. I saw both Tron movies with my dad on a "tronathon" (haha), and I never expected a TV series to spawn from them, but one did, and it is truly one of the better shows of 2012. (again, I'm just a kid and I don't watch EVERY SHOW ON EARTH!)

    Without getting too deep in the plot, the story follows Beck, a mechanic program living in Argon City. One day, he decides to revolt against Clu, who is slowly taking over the grid. See, this series takes place between films 1 & 2. After Tron is supposedly killed and Kevin Flinn has gone into hiding. Clu has slowly taken control of the grid, and Argon is one of the last cities left where Clu isn't in control. But that changes with the arrival of one of Clu's generals: Tesler. Beck resists Tesler and comes accross Tron who has somehow survived (later, we learn how he survived, but for now, Tron is alive). Tron recruits Beck as a member of his resistance against Clu. Beck accepts.

    That's the short version of the plot.

    Now for the animation: I'm no animator, but the animation isn't that bad. I can tell who is who, tell what's going on, and it doesn't make me puke. All those make it good, but my only criticism is that sometimes there are odd character designs.

    Next, the voice actors: Elijah Wood, most notable as Frodo from the LotR series, is the voice of our hero, Beck. This came as a complete shock to me because I thought Wood would be doing something different. But here he is, and his voicework is really good. The other notable actor is Paul Rebens. Pee-Wee Herman. Is a villain. They do a great job at establishing his villainous state, but it's tough to make Paul Reubens a villain. Whenever his character, Pavel, is on the screen, I can't see him as a villain. To me, I see Pee Wee. That's not a good sign.

    All in all, the show is good.
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