TRON: Uprising

Disney XD (ended 2013)


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  • Good show. Time slot sucks.

    At the time of this writing, catching this show is like trying to catch a Memory Disc at very high speed without getting Derezzed. So naturally, Disney puts it on Disney XD (lower ratings) at midnight ET (super low ratings) on Monday/Sunday (wow, go to work in the morning or watch this show?)

    So naturally when a network puts something good on that the fans like but the network hates the general backlash is either DVR or search the Internet's underbelly and hope you don't get busted. (Keep circulating those tapes, kids!)

    While I certainly do not endorse piracy, I certainly don't like it when networks make a big deal about a show then sweeping it under the rug because a small group of people (which is generally how TV shows get greenlit in the first place) liked it about as much as playing dubstep at an old folks home.

    TV networks need to get with the program. We're already in our third decade with the Internet being popular, and at times making shows viewable when that cheap DVR your cable company blanks out after a thunderstorm. On that note, Seriously, AT&T, what good is that uninterruptable power supply looking thing you give us with the crappy 2wire modem if none of that works if the power goes out and nothing is saved either? It's not piracy if the cable company can't give you a DVR that holds its data much like a guy in AA can hold his liquor.

    So while we enjoy this shoe through chaotic good means that is frowned severely upon the lawful evil that provides the content, the TV industry continues to be oblivious to their own problems that cause good people to do bad things to get good programming when they are offered bad options. Ask HBO how those King of Throwns box sets are selling especially if they keep setting them on DVDs at Blu-Ray prices.

    So while the FBI Partyvan shows up at my place because "home recording and file sharing are killing the TV industry" (unlike stingy TV execs who would rather give us Honey Boo Boo on The Learning Channel than hire writers at a fair price), I'll be enjoying this show that clearly Disney does not want me to watch.

    (BTW, if you don't like piracy, don't let TV networks put good TV on at bad times to watch it! Long live the VCR!)