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Are you already exhausted by all the new television? Well SUCK IT UP because the fall season just getting started! Or just let us take the punches for you, wuss. We'll be handing out free advice about all the new fall network shows in an effort to help you find the ones that are right for you. Up next: ABC's Trophy Wife!

So what's this Trophy Wife?

First, the technical specs: It's a half-hour single-camera comedy. Next, the plot: A woman marries an older man and ends up with an instant family thanks to his two previous marriages. A former party gal, she's now a stepmother of three and the new girl in the unusual but increasingly more common family dynamic.

Who is the trophy wife? And who created the series?

Childrens Hospital and Watchmen star Malin Akerman is the hot young mama, and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip's Bradley Whitford plays the lucky older gentleman. Marcia Gay Harden and Michaela Watkins play the ex-wives. Sarah Haskins and Emily Halpern co-created the series.

When does Trophy Wife premiere?

Trophy Wife debuts Tuesday, September 24 at 9:30pm on ABC, as part of the network's all-new Tuesday-night lineup. It follows fellow newbie comedy The Goldbergs and leads into new drama Lucky 7.

Compare Trophy Wife to some other shows because I love comparisons.

Hmmm... it's probably most comparable to Modern Family in that it's a comedy about a non-traditional family. Pick a recent-ish Christina Applegate sitcom (Up All Night, Samantha Who?), and there's some of that in there, too.

What will I enjoy about Trophy Wife?

Akerman is impossible not to like. Her character isn't written as an easy target, she's not a ditz with a heart of gold. In fact, many of the tropes you'd expect are completely absent. The ex-wives, while they each have strong personality quirks, aren't vindictive bitches; Whitford's character isn't a horndog; the kids aren't monsters or morons. Nothing is oversold here, which is quite refreshing. Even the relationship between Akerman and Whitford is believable. Watkins, whose work you may know from Enlightened, plays a completely different type of character and this could be her breakout role. But ultimately, Trophy Wife is about a family—an unusual family—full of people who care for each other.


And what might I not appreciate about it?

It's not hilarious yet. So if you're looking for a breakthrough comedy, this won't be it. Instead, it's entirely watchable but not absolutely mandatory.

Gimme a final verdict! Should I watch it or not?

You certainly aren't going to hate it, and there's a chance you'll really like it. So there's no harm in giving this a watch. Do it.

Let's see a trailer.


Trophy Wife premieres Tuesday, September 24 at 9:30pm on ABC.

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