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Yup, after 6pm on a Friday night. That's when ABC likes to do all of its business. The breaking news on this weekend eve is that Trophy Wife and The Goldbergs have earned full-season pickups, and Super Fun Night (ugh!) has seen its season extended by four episodes. But the good news stops there: Back in the Game is over for good as soon as it's done with its initial 13-episode order. 

For Trophy Wife and The Goldbergs, that means 22-episode seasons and a huge sigh of relief. As Trophy Wife's Warren would say, "This is superfluous news!" Though Trophy Wife is widely considered to be the best new network comedy of the season by chatty critics, it's been suffering on Tuesday nights (this week, it rang up a 1.4 rating in the adult demo). Same but different for The Goldbergs: Though the '80s-set sitcom is not as highly praised, it did punch in slightly higher ratings than Trophy Wife (1.7 rating among adults this week). Now if only ABC could squeeze both comedies onto the network's Wednesday-night schedule, where they belong. 

Super Fun Night didn't get the full back-nine order. ABC asked for only four more episodes, and with good reason, as the Rebel Wilson comedy just hasn't taken advantage of its huge Modern Family lead-in. The last time Modern Family wasn't a repeat (October 23), Super Fun Night lost nearly half of the Emmy-hogging comedy's audience: Modern Family drew 10 million viewers and a hefty 3.9 rating among 18-49ers, and Super Fun Night followed that with 5.79 million viewers and a 2.1 rating among adults. Networks HATE to see that sort of drop. Of course, I don't blame people for not watching Super Fun Night, because the show is undeniably terrible. ABC really blew it by putting it behind Modern Family, and I'll say it for the quadrillionth time: Trophy Wife should take its place. 

And it'll be 13 and out for Back in the Game, as ABC won't be ordering any more episodes of the Little League comedy. This kind of bums me out because I liked the series, but at least it'll run out its initial 13-episode order. Someone get Maggie Lawson back on a show ASAP. She's terrific. And Ben Koldyke, too. And that chubby kid, while we're at it. 

Have it it: Good decisions? Bad decisions? Which of these shows are you watching and liking? Will you miss Back in the Game?

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