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  • Satanic.

    I found out this show is basically the root of all evil. It also brainwashes others into thinking Ni hao Kai lan, 64 Zoo lane and SHimmer And Shine is the root of all evil and that Trotro and Maisy are gods. They did fuck all to the TV Community therefore the 1 rating
  • After checking this out on Netflix I got to say, ehh...

    To be honest, I really didn't like Trotro, I found him annoying even for a child not to mention he doesn't know when enough is enough. "But he's just a kid, of course he doesn't know any better" Caillou is more of a kid than Trotro and he's only 4. The animation can be compared to Maisy but not by much and neither Trotro nor the audience learn that much from each episode. For those who think shows like Teletubies don't teach kids anything, you really should check out Trotro; at least Teletubies is fun to watch, whereas Trotro really isn't that worth it. I'd only recommend this so that your kids could look at ssomething for 20 minutes why you do better things with your life. It might not be a terrible show, but it's very weak in terms of shows made specifically for kids.