Tru Calling

Season 1 Episode 3

Brother's Keeper

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2003 on FOX
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Brother's Keeper
When Tru's brother, Harrison, falls in love with a beautiful young woman, only Tru knows that he could be implicated in the death of the woman's estranged husband. Tru must race against time in order to keep her brother from committing murder or being killed himself.

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  • Tru's brother may or may not have killed his girlfriend's husband the first time around - this we will never know. What we do know is that she sets him up to do just that and Tru comes to the rescue.moreless

    Here we go again with the plot that empowers women - Tru is strong - and devalues women - Harrison's girlfriend is a gold digger who would do anything for her husband's money.

    I'm a little offended by a plot where the woman is making up spousal abuse in order to set up a murder. She called the police about a domestic when her husband was out of time and self inflicts bruises. Wow, that's super nice for the millions of women abused by their husbands. What's more, this seems to be a recurring theme in this show - women are gold-diggers. Since, I imagine, with a female protagonist, this show aims to get female viewers, I think this was a real oversight that probably explains why the show wasn't so sucessful.moreless
  • Season 1, Episode 3.

    This episode rocked! I loved it so much! I haven't seen it in about three or four years and now I caught it on Sci-Fi, and WOW! It was awesome! I never knew Cobie Smulders, who plays Robin on How I Met Your Mother, which I love, was on Tru Calling. I never knew she did dramatic acting. She was pretty damn good at it. The storyline for this episode was very well written and very well plotted. It was so fun to watch, especially since I couldn't remember what happened, besides the obvious outcome that Harrison didn't go to jail. I was overall very pleased with this episode.moreless
  • This episode is well written and shows the frustations and complications of Tru's gift. The episode does not advance the plot for the series. I feel it is an excellent episode but it still a filler in quality for the series.moreless

    This episode is a good example of the story line of Tru. The episode demonstrates Tru's calling with all its frustrations and complications. All those points have been made in earlier episodes. For Davis it lets us know that maybe he knows what Tru's calling is. In any event you know that he is a person of deep stance that looks into the philosophy of life. He lets Tru know that everyone is some place for a reason. This episode shows the love and devotion that Tru, Meredith and Harrison have for each other. Tru will go to any length to take care of Harrison. Meredith will use her skills to help her brother out despite her own problems. This episode is well written. The show starts before the re-wind in the morgue where you learn that Harrison has been arrested for murder. The show then flashes back to 14 hours earlier. The flash back continues until a 30 year old man is brought into the morgue and before he asked for help Tru learns it is the man Harrison is accused of killing and the ex-husband of Tru's new girlfriend. This flashback writing devise makes the format of the story interesting. The flash back in not the only good writing devise the episode has. In most Tru episodes, Tru focuses on the victim and the victim’s day. In this episode it appears that Tru's only focus is getting Harrison off of a murder charge. You see limited interaction with Tru and the victim that has asked for help. In the very end you find out she has called him and told him to put on a bullet proof vest. His life is saved. Harrison is not arrested falsely for murder. The new girlfriend is arrested for trying to frame Harrison and for intending to murder her husband. All is well. In this aspect it does a nice job. The story writing is good in that it has interesting plot with twists and turns. In addition the story is given in an interesting format.moreless
  • tru helps out her bro harry....

    this is one of my fave episodes...tru is helping her once again in trouble brother... when harry falls for a girl who ends up murdered..he is of course prime suspect numero uno....this was an interesting ep. because you really did not know whether or not he did it....of course in the surprise he didnt do it...even so this ep. was great and i enjoyed it..only ep. like 3 of the first season i knew this show was gonna be of the best ep. in this season i cant forget it..the characters are great and are developing well..cant wait to see what happensmoreless
  • Joe Flanigan

    I thought this episode was especially great as Joe Flanigan was in it and he's great.

    But when he was asked at Pegasus one feb 2006 if he liked the show he replied that he doesn't like doing a guest roles and that he didn't understand the plot.

    But Joe still put in a great performance.

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Surely the timeline at the beginning of the episode is way off. When Meredith calls Tru at the morgue and explains about Harrison, Tru already knows because the body has been delivered. Yet as we see from the Meredith scene, Harrison has only just been arrested and police are still at the scene. It would need an ME to pronounce the death at the scene and all kinds of forensic stuff, so how come the body arrived well before Harrison was even arrested? For that matter, how come Meredith is at the scene? He wouldn't have been allowed to call a lawyer until he arrived at the police station surely? Even if he'd asked for Meredith, she'd have to meet him at the precinct.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Tru: I don't work for your wife. I'm here to help you.
      Andrew: Help me with what?
      Tru: Live to see tomorrow.
      Andrew: Is that a threat?
      Tru: No, it's not. But if I'm gonna help you I need you to be honest with me.

    • Andrew: So, tell me about the book. Beer? Wine? Can I get you something?
      Tru: Why do I think you're not interested in the book?
      Andrew: Why do I think you're one of the most perceptive women I've met lately?

    • Tru: Harrison, look at me, would you look at me? 22 years old and one way or another I've lost everyone I've ever loved. Our mother to a bullet, our father to lack of interest, Meredith to coke and ambition; don't you see? I can't lose you too, otherwise I'll have no one left. I'm cursed because I can see the future. If you go there right now, I'll have no one. Without you I'm all alone.
      Harrison: You will never lose me Tru.

    • Davis: We're all someplace for a reason, just sometimes we need to accept what that reason is.

    • Harrison: (to Tru when meeting Sarah) For the future, two topics are off-limits when meeting my new girlfriends: my exes and their exes.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Title: Brother's Keeper
      Brother's Keeper was a documentary movie with a similar plot to this episode.

      It is also a reference to the story of Cain and Abel from the Bible. After Cain has killed Abel, God asks where Abel is and Cain replies 'I know not: Am I my brother's keeper?' The wider implication is that we all have responsibility for everyone, particularly relevant in Tru's case, of course.