Tru Calling

Season 1 Episode 3

Brother's Keeper

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2003 on FOX

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  • This episode is well written and shows the frustations and complications of Tru's gift. The episode does not advance the plot for the series. I feel it is an excellent episode but it still a filler in quality for the series.

    This episode is a good example of the story line of Tru. The episode demonstrates Tru's calling with all its frustrations and complications. All those points have been made in earlier episodes. For Davis it lets us know that maybe he knows what Tru's calling is. In any event you know that he is a person of deep stance that looks into the philosophy of life. He lets Tru know that everyone is some place for a reason. This episode shows the love and devotion that Tru, Meredith and Harrison have for each other. Tru will go to any length to take care of Harrison. Meredith will use her skills to help her brother out despite her own problems. This episode is well written. The show starts before the re-wind in the morgue where you learn that Harrison has been arrested for murder. The show then flashes back to 14 hours earlier. The flash back continues until a 30 year old man is brought into the morgue and before he asked for help Tru learns it is the man Harrison is accused of killing and the ex-husband of Tru's new girlfriend. This flashback writing devise makes the format of the story interesting. The flash back in not the only good writing devise the episode has. In most Tru episodes, Tru focuses on the victim and the victim’s day. In this episode it appears that Tru's only focus is getting Harrison off of a murder charge. You see limited interaction with Tru and the victim that has asked for help. In the very end you find out she has called him and told him to put on a bullet proof vest. His life is saved. Harrison is not arrested falsely for murder. The new girlfriend is arrested for trying to frame Harrison and for intending to murder her husband. All is well. In this aspect it does a nice job. The story writing is good in that it has interesting plot with twists and turns. In addition the story is given in an interesting format.