Tru Calling

Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2004 on FOX

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  • Tearjearker

    This episode was totally amazing. It may be the best episode of the whole season.

    Tru is excited to finaly have someone she can share her secret with, some one who understands & goes through the same thing, someone who relives days, someone who wants to help others, just like her.

    Davis isn't happy about the fact that Tru is letting Jack in on their secret & accepting his help. At first it seems like he's jealous (well maybe a bit) but then it's clear that he's also being cautious & over protective of her.

    It's obvious from the begining that Jack is up to something & that he doesn't want to save anyone, it just took Tru a while to figure it out.

    And what Harrison did was so unlike Harrison, how he convinced Lindsay to marry her boyfriend.

    The end (at the doctors house) brought tears into my eyes, the confession of unspoken love, when the doctors son walked into the house & saw his paintings hanging there & started crying. I wanted to cry too.

    What Davis said at the end kinda gave me the chills too. "You save lives and he.." "Takes them"
  • This review may contain spoilers. Tru is so happy to find in Jack a person who could completely understand her, but bit by bit Jack shows his stance sceptical Davis describes as being the complete opposite, the yin to yang. The dying doctor storyline is a

    This episode contains three storylines:
    the first, when Jack and Tru try to find out what the dying doctor meant by asking them both to "save them." The second, which is Jack's character development, is revealed step by step. The third concerns Harrison and Lindsay and contributes to the development of Harrison's character and completing Lindsay's.
    The person to save today is a doctor, whose character is revealed until the very end. He dies by a heart attack in the middle of a street straight in the morning. The relived day Jack doesn't recall the street (on purpose?) where he collected his body, so both Tru and Jack arrive late to the heart attack scene.
    It is then clear the one to save isn't the doctor. Davis remains sceptical to Jack's contribution and his doubts grow throughout the day.
    Tru and Jack then find the doctor's son, who is a painter. He says his father made him feel low about himself, because he didn't choose to study medicine but preferred to be an artist/a painter. IMHO, the paintings are quite impressive.
    Later Tru and Jack find the doctor's cabinet. An old lady looking desperate leaves the office. The doctor runs a oncological (anti-cancer) cabinet and accepts the "hopeless" cases, such as the one that just left.
    The chief sister and later a student working as a waitress at the nearby café witness a completely different side of the doctor, describing him as gentle and caring.
    Jack uses this occasion by valiantly stopping a city bus, saving it from a crash with a speeding truck, an information Luc had said to Tru the original day.
    The one to save prooves to be the hopeless patient, a woman persuaded to have cancer (which Tru discovers in a 30 second glance at the patient's file, stating there was a physician's error). The original day Jack collects her body in the river, but he doesn't admit it this day. At the site, he does a weak try to convince Tru not to save the depressed woman.
    There's a nice scene when Tru at the beginning enjoys Jack's similar capacity, and tries to see him having the same feelings as her.
    The doctor's line comes to an end at his house, where the chief sister learns from the student whom the doctor gave lessons about his secret feelings. When the son comes in, he finds out the father he thought who didn't care about him, had collected his paintings for several years. Get your napkins to wipe the tears.
    Harrison thinks Lindsay wants to come back to him when she calls him for an important reason. That reason however is Randall asked her to marry him. At first Harrison thinks it's a trick, but in direct confrontation Randall explains him his true feelings.
    Late at night, at Lindsay's he pleads her to say yes... which is very surprising for her... and decisive all in all. The day before, she rejects, because after all, they'd be together only a week.
    I like this part, although it's based on a part not displayed in the story (the main part of their relationship occurred during Lindsay's study exchange in London, where admittedly Randall already wanted to ask her) but also because it reminds me of my personal life. Except of being and investment banker.
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