Tru Calling

Season 1 Episode 14

Daddy's Girl

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 2004 on FOX

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  • This was the best episode ever.

    Wow, this episode was the best ... who would have known that Tru's father hired someone to kill her mother & why, because he didn't want to pay allimony maybe? I wonder if Tru will ever find out the truth. And did he hire the same man to kill Jordan, or was he really after her for revenge, blackmail or whatever?

    I wonder if this storyline is going to be continued in a future episode. I really hope so. I just want Tru to find out the truth about her father.

    So Tru's mother really did relive days. And does Tru have a new love intrest? The new guy Jack is cute.

  • Tru's father comes back to town and when her stepmother asks for help Tru is forced to get to know the woman she believes split up her parents.

    As I put in the classification this is the pivotal turning point in the series. This is the episode that shows just what the show is capable of and that there can be more to the series than the victim of the week, I only wish that it had come sooner in the series.

    Tru's father returns to town on business and brings his young wife, Jordan with him. Hijacked into a meeting with her stepmother by her sister Meredith, Tru is not keen on attending the birthday party that Jordan is planning for their father. She wants nothing to do with the woman she sees as the home-wrecker who came between her parents.

    But she puts in an appearance at the party anyway, only to find that Jordan has not turned up at all.

    Returning to the morgue she sees that Jordan has a very good reason for her absence, she is the body in the morgue.

    Tru notices the startling similarities between her mother and Jordan, they are even brought to the same morgue, and history appears to be repeating itself.

    But as is often the case there is a second chance for Tru to put things right and the day rewinds. This time around though Tru must get to know her stepmother and face up to the past if she is going to save her life.

    But things take on an interesting twist when Tru recognises the voice of the man who attacks Jordan later that day, as the same as the man who murdered Tru's mother ten years before. A murder Tru witnessed.

    It is up to Tru to delve into the past and find out why the man is after Jordan and why he killed her mother.

    Turning to her father Tru continues to attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery, at the same time discovering more about her parents' relationship. Richard reveals things to Tru that confirm Davis's previous revelation that her mother relived days. The absences and flimsy excuses that are so similar to her own relationship with Luc were there in her parents' marriage too.

    But the problems of her parents are not the only things that Richard can help with and it is him who sheds light on the day's situation and reveals that the man who attacked Jordan (but did not kill her today thanks to Tru) murdered her mother and is now demanding money or he will continue to attack the family. Richard's explanation has holes in it (Tru might have considered that the authorities would have something to do about the situation) but Tru accepts it and at the end of the rewind day believes that the nightmare is finally over.

    But she does not know that Richard and the killer's relationship is not exactly what he said, and that her father had paid to have her mother killed.

    And if that isn't enough to satisfy the sceptics of the show that this is a series with potential, the introduction of the mysterious Jack Harper adds a new twist as he comes to work in the morgue with Tru and Davis and has his own philosophy and beliefs about people "dying before their time."

    There is also the now familiar sight of Tru helping out her best friend Lindsay and her brother Harrison as their relationship starts to flounder yet again in the face of Richard's disapproval.

    All in all this episode was a turning point in the series; it's just a shame they left it so late.
  • Ok: NOW we're getting serious!

    Before this episode, Tru Calling had just been a quite uneventful series, the majority of its episodes being just exercises in style and variations on the "same day, different outcome" theme...and often poorly plotted ones, to be honest. But, from this episode to the season finale, Tru Calling enters quite a new era. It's quite easy for you to tell what character marks this new, fresh beginning: it's Jason Priestley's cynical, elusive, off-putting Jack. But, besides this new face, fact is: episodes are unmistakbly written in a whole different way than before! Now the subplots-of- the-week are not about making friends skip bad blind dates: now we're talking about a major mystery slowly unfolding, affecting Tru's life and her friends'.
    There are no more (well, much less) plots about rotten sandwiches and stuff: the time not spent on proper investigation is now used to develop a much broader story arc which involves the characters much more deeply than before.

    And what a way to kick in this episodes is: an episode dealing with the elusive dad briefly mentioned in a couple of episodes. And revealing so much about the past of Tru's family....even the killer of the fateful murder from ten years ago. But in the end, you're left wanting more. Which is exactly what a good show has to do!

    All the actors did a good job on this one.
    Of course Priestley had the best moment: he gests an hilarious, much memorable scene with a soda can: the way Jack behaves, in a sinisterly cool and casually obnoxious way, is just the perfect way to introduce his character.

    Very well written and performed, IMO.