Tru Calling

Season 1 Episode 17

Death Becomes Her

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2004 on FOX

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  • Tru has to save the life of actress Carly Anders who had visited the morgue to research her new movie.

    Tru is given the job of showing actress Carly Anders found the City Morgue by the starstruck Davis.

    They get along well and Tru finds that she likes the down to earth actress who is a local girl who made it to the big time.

    Later that night Tru goes on a pick up (Jack having pointed out that she has never done one before - all Tru's pick ups have been on days that rewound). There is a car being pulled from the water and the body of Carly Anders is already on the bank. She asks for help and the day rewinds.

    This time Tru tries a different tactic as she shows Carly round the morgue but finds that prying into the life of the actress is not a good idea. Tru manages to alienate her very quickly and she consequently finds it far more difficult to discover who it was who ran her off the road and killed her.

    Her prime suspect is a man who visited the morgue on both days but that theory falls flat when Tru finds out that the blackmailing reporter does not want Carly dead - she is more valuable to him alive.

    Tru discovers Carly's secret and continues to press on with her mission to save her.

    But the truth is not as simple as Tru first believed for Carly was not deliberately killed, her death was an accident that had happened whilst she had been attempting to fake her death and leave the media spotlight.

    To be perfectly honest I found this storyline to be one of the weakest in the series. The idea of someone so famous being able to fake her death seems even more farfetched than a regular person to do the same. Surely she would know that she would be tracked down sooner or later?

    The episode was only saved from being completely disappointing by the growing friendship between the mysterious Jack and Tru's brother Harrison. This coupled with the not so subtle hints from Jack that he knew what happened on the first version of the day help to save the episode from being the lowest rated of the series.

    Though I think that if Jack wasn't quite to eager to gloat about what he knows he could have got a lot more of an advantage over Tru who could quite easily have taken an entire series to figure his secret out.

    A rather disappointing episode, at least so far as the main storyline goes.
  • This epidsode was ok but it could have been better.

    This epidsode was ok but it could have been better. I think I may already have Jack's secret worked out. He's probably reliving days like Tru, that's what it seems like anyway. But I'm wondering is he a good guy who just likes to gloat or is he evil & wants to undo everything Tru does.

    I had the case figured out as soon as Carley started asking questions about missing bodies. It was pretty obvious.

    But why is Jack trying to be friends with Harrison, is he trying to get him to spill the beans about Tru? Well he did manage to break Harrison & Lindsay up while Tru's been trying to keep them together all this time.

    The next epsiode looks interesting, I just hope it's better than this one.
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