Tru Calling

Season 1 Episode 13

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 18, 2004 on FOX
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Drop Dead Gorgeous
Tru's day rewinds when she finds a dead beauty contestant backstage asking for her help. But in order to keep the victim safe, Tru must enter the contest herself but soon realizes that she have to save more than one person. Meanwhile, Tru must accept the facts about her relationship with Luc when he decides to go out on a date, but soon realizes he is not ready yet to get over Tru that quickly. Also, Harrison gets into trouble with a guy he borrows money from. A newspaper reporter comes to the morgue asking questions about Tru's presence at so many crime scenes.moreless

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  • Not a great episode but still a good one, only because of the way it ended.

    Not a great episode but still a good one, only because of the way it ended. I now find myself looking forward to the next episode so that I can find out more about Tru's mother.

    Tru finds a dead beauty contestant backstage who asks for her help, but true has to enter the beauty contest in order to help her. But as the night progresses it turns out that it's not the victim who's supposed to be murdered but another contestant who's blackmailing the one of the judges to let her win.

    As always Harrison gets himself into trouble, this time with a loan shark.

    And the revalation at the end, that Tru's mother used to relive days & save people, and that Davis knew her.moreless
  • Love it

    This is one of my favourite episodes, for many reasons. The whole storyline is very interesting, and the plot (as always) is intriguing, and never as you suspect. Clare Kramer does a fantastic job as Alex, a great performance. Beauty Pagents have always interested me (being British and us not really having them here) and I love Harrison always getting chucked off, bless him. Overall, fab episode.
  • When a beauty pageant contestant dies Tru enters the contest to save her life.

    Tru's friend Lindsay is running a beauty contest and has been persuaded by Harrison to let him act as one of the judges. But as always with Harrison he has an ulterior motive and wants to fix it for Angela, the daughter of his loan shark to win and so have his debts cancelled.

    But the other judges soon realise what he is doing and he gets himself kicked off of the panel. Tru meanwhile has turned down an offer to enter the contest herself as one of the contestants to make up the numbers.

    But when Jackie, one of the contestants, and the nicest girl there, dies Tru decides on the second version of the day to step into the contest.

    Her actions mean that Harrison is kicked off of the judges' panel again and he can do nothing but wait for the outcome and hope that the right girl wins.

    Behind the scenes Tru is finding that her prime suspects are innocent of murder when the motives of the jealous boyfriend and main rival disappear.

    But by digging a little deeper Tru is able to discover that the motive for murder is still there, it is just the victim she was mistaken about and it is not Jackie whose life is in danger but one of the other contestants...Alex, the winner who has got her prize by blackmailing one of the judges.

    Another good episode with the requisite plot twist, which although slightly predictable did not ruin the episode thanks to a number of additional subplots that keep the backstory moving.

    Luc goes on his first date since breaking up with Tru and although she does not realise it, Tru has inadvertently altered his date on the second day and he is not quite as over her as he seems. There may be hope for them yet.

    There is also a sticky situation for Tru when a reporter who has spotted her name popping up in police reports starts to investigate her connection with the crimes she prevents.

    And finally there is the wonderful revelation at the end when Davis reveals that Tru is not the first person to have relived days, and that her mother did the same before her.moreless
Eliza Dushku

Eliza Dushku

Tru Davies

Jessica Collins

Jessica Collins

Meredith Davies (ep. 1 - 13, guest starring afterwards)

A.J. Cook

A.J. Cook


Benjamín Benítez

Benjamín Benítez

Gardez (episode 4 - 13)

Matthew Bomer

Matthew Bomer

Luc (episode 6-20, recurring previously)

Zach Galifianakis

Zach Galifianakis


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    • Tru: Hey.
      Davis: You're here early.
      Tru: Oh, I'm not staying. I just wanted to get this back to County Records.
      Davis: Your mom's autopsy report?
      Tru: Yeah.
      Davis: Anything new?
      Tru: No. Standard B and E gone bad. Single bullet, massive blood loss. Of course, I only read it fifteen times and still think there's something I must have missed.
      Davis: Tru, if I may, sometimes there is just a single bullet. A lone gunman, a tragic death. Sometimes the truth is exactly what it appears to be.
      Tru: What makes you say that?
      Davis: Eight years of working here.
      Tru: Just wish I thought so, too.

    • Tru: Just once. Just once I'd like to go somewhere and have everyone stay alive. Is that too much to ask?
      Davis: You really want me to answer that?
      Tru: No, actually I don't.

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    • Title: Drop Dead Gorgeous

      This episode's title is probably a reference to the movie of the same name. A very dark comedy about attendants of a beauty pageant filmed in pseudo-documentary style.