Tru Calling

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 2005 on FOX

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  • The One Where Fate Feels Cheated

    A slightly dull episode, Enough is hardly anything special. Compared to the rest of season two, it seems like it's one of the episodes you would find right at the beginning of the first season, with Tru changing fate somehow and learning an after school special-type moral at the end.

    The episode has Jensen being shot and killed in a store robbery. Tru is devastated and sits near his corpse at the morgue for hours, hoping that he asks for her help, so the day can rewind. This doesn't happen but when, later that night, another corpse asks for her help, she uses the rewind day to save Jensen instead of the person who actually wanted her help, so she leaves that job to Harrison.

    I found Tru's storyline really boring. It seemed like there wasn't enough material to fill up time so they just made things over-long so the episode would fit into its timeslot. I actually found Tru really annoying during this episode. Even though I understand that her feelings towards Jensen's death would be different since her last boyfriend was also murdered, I found her to be really arrogant throughout the episode. Why is it fair that people who die but don't ask for help aren't saved by Tru when the day rewinds for another person? It just doesn't seem right.

    I found Harrison's story much better. I thought Shawn Reaves was hilarious when he was trying to hang around with the escaped convict, played by Roswell's William Sadler, so he can detract him from getting into the car accident which killed him and I actually felt sympathy for Sadler's character of Travis Duffy when all he wanted to do was see his daughter get married.

    With Tru saving Jensen from death twice during this episode and Jack's warning that nobody can cheat death, I hope that this is paid off in the one episode of the show remaining.

    Enough was a good episode, but one that we seem to of seen countless times before on Tru Calling. A little bit of trivia: right after Tru tells Jensen to go to the morgue and just before we see Harrison and Travis walking down the street to Travis' wife's home, there's a split second clip of Eliza doing some weird face behind-the-scenes. It's actually quite cute.
  • What are the consequences of misusing Jack and Tru's gift? How hard would it be to have their power and not misuse it? We have seen Jack misuse his power at the end of season one. This time it is Tru who misuses her power.

    I feel this is an excellent episode in the character development of both Jack and Tru. It allows one to see how powerful this "gift" is for both Jack and Tru. Up until the last three episodes, Jack is seen as evil. In this episode you begin to wonder if Jack's morals and values maybe correct. What are the consequences that Tru must pay for saving a life when the body does not asked to be saved? Up until now, Tru has never misused her gift. This time her powerful gift is used to save a person who does not ask for the help. Jack tells Tru there are serious consequences for what she has done. The series never had the time to develop what the consequences are but the point is an important one. Tru feels she has a gift. She feels that when a body asked to be saved it is her job to save that person. In this episode a friend of hers dies and does not asked for help. Does she now have the right to find another body that wants help and save both people?
  • Not a series finale

    They're replaying Tru Calling on TVNZ; I've finally seen this show and decided to write a review, even though it was cancelled quite a while ago.

    This was the last Tru, but definitely not a series finale. Amazing. The executives at Fox have absolutely no idea what they're doing. The audience loved this show and the characters; just look at how we've rated it. Now, they end the show with no closure at all for the characters. I was truly (no pun intended) disappointed that they chose to end it this way.
  • Awesome!

    This show just keeps getting better & better. WHY was it cancelled? I can't bring myself to believe the ratings were that bad.

    Once again someone Tru loves is going to die & doesn't ask for her help, someone else does. Jack tries to warn Tru and tells her not to help Jenson because she's not supposed to but she won't listen and is determined to save him.

    Now what exactly will happen now that Tru saved his life when she wasn't supposed to? Will there be major consequences. I have a feeling we'll never find out. Especially now that Jenson is acting kinda weird.

    Harrison was of course funny. I just loved how he stayed with the escaped convict and helped him out.

    I really liked that story line & felt for him when all he wanted was to see his daughter on her wedding day.
  • Tru is sick of losing those she loves so she goes against Fate to do something about it.

    Jensen is shot and killed. Tru wants to save him. He doesn't ask for help. She finds another dead body who does ask for help. The day rewinds. Tru saves Jensen. The End. Or is it?

    When I first heard that Tru was going to try and save Jensen despite the fact that he didn't ask for help, it was clear to me that there were going to be consequences. Jensen died and his soul went to the afterlife. He wasn't given the opportunity (or didn't want) to return so he did not ask for help. So if his soul is commited to the afterlife, who's in Jensen's body now? No-one. The Jensen that Tru saved is merely Jensen's body with an imprint of Jensens soul that was never supposed to last that long (At least in my opinon). This episode really set up the basis for an excellent arc but because of the shows cancellation, we'll never see it on screen. On a whole, the episode is underwhelming because the consequences of Tru's actions aren't revealed here.

    Worth watching all the same.
  • Tru saves Jenson even though he didn't ask for help

    In this episode, Tru seems to have oversteped her calling when she decides to save jenson from being killed, even though he did not ask for help after he Died.

    This was a good episode as it showed her deviosion not to loose loved ones again after she lost her mother and Luke, loosing her sister to drugs, and almost even lost her brother.

    Good episode over all.

    Once thing i did notice, was that about 29 minuits into the episode, Tru does this split second pose for the camera, i don't know if they left it there to see if anyone notices to just forgot to take it out, but i think it's the former!
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