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    [1]Feb 12, 2010
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    I enjoyed the episode, but did anyone else notice the discrepencies in the timeline? She was at the bachelor party all night and saved them. Then she was at work and new that guy was gonna scare her. Then she threw her friend a surprise birthday party, which would have been really late considering she was at the bachelor party all night, then at work. Then it ended with Tru talking to her brother. I just don't think all of that could happen in one night. You woudln't throw your friend a surprise party at 3 am.

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    I think I remember thinking the same thing. I haven't seen these in so long. Yep. I just checked the episode guide. That's the one. I guess, giving the show the benefit of the doubt, if the guys started partying early Tru would have had time to do all that running around. If it were after dinner but still early, I guess the guys wouldn't have "partied" more than a couple hours. It still would put the surprise party fairly late. I'd have to rewatch this, but I do remember when I watched this I thought the very same thing!

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