Tru Calling

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 31, 2005 on FOX

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  • A police officer thinks Tru has something to do with the death of a psychiatrist killed by a patient and pursues her and puts up wanted posters everywhere.

    This episode is really fast paced. Because she's being chased by the police, and maybe because the officer is a woman, and one who vaguely frightens me, increases the tension. This is one of the most nerve-wracking Tru Callings I can remember. It was the start of a marathon on Sci-Fi and got me interested in the series again. It's an early episode before we've really started to realize how many people close to Tru are actually aligned against her. This show had a lot of potential that was never realized. I wish we'd had a chance to see what would have developed.
  • Tru is a fugitive...

    Jack will stop at nothing to make sure Tru doesn't save people. He allways seems to get somewhere first. He convinces the police that Tru shot this man and she is a fujitive. He placed fake evidence in the man's office. She escapes the police and is on the run. Harrison helps her saty away but she can't get to the body. The real murderer shoots the cop who knows he did it and she asks for help. Jack saves Tru when the murderer is about to shoot her. He really shows that he is commited to his job since Tru wasn't meant to die. I really enjoyed the suspense of this episode.
  • This second season is outstanding because it develops the characters in unexpected ways. In the first season you are sure Jack is an evil man. oYou start to realize that Jack has a set of values. He actually feels that his mission is morally correct.

    This full second season is outstanding because it develops the characters in unexpected ways. In the first season you are sure Jack is an evil man. This episode makes you start to wonder about Jack's true motives. You start to realize that he is a man on convictions and morals. You may not agree with his point of view but you come to realize that he a strong sense of morality. This is a double re-wind day. The format of the show is true to itself in that each time the day plays out, it is not necessarily better. The first time the day plays out nothing special happens for any of the characters. The second time, Jack is a step or two ahead of Tru and gets Tru framed for murder. The third time it plays out, Jack surprises you and saves Tru's life. Tru has won in the end in that she saves everyone's life. When she asked Jack, why he saved her life, he lets her know it was not her faith to die that day. You start to realize that Jack has a set of values. He actually feels that his mission is morally correct.
  • ...

    Ok, so, over a year ago I watched and enjoyed season 1 of Tru Calling. Everyone else rubbished it but I really thought it was worth watching, despite the whole singular episode story-lines I thought they always managed a new susprise. I was disappointed when I heard season 2 was cancelled in America, especially as the season arc was just beginning with the whole ying and yang of Jack and Tru. This episode just appeared on our screens though, and I was severely disappointed.

    I don't know if I had bad judgement at the time, or whether this show has gone down-hill. Anyway, Tru was too perfect, Davis was too stereotypical and a COMPLETE 100% copy of Buffy's Giles relating to Jenny, Harrison was just boring really...and the plot, seemed done-before and much less inventive than previous episode deaths have been.
  • Another double rewind

    I just loved this episode.

    Just like the last episode Jack is one step ahead of Tru again & when a Psychiatrist is murdered in public, Jack frames Tru for the murder & Tru is on the run trying to prove she's innocent.

    I was totally surprised when the day rewound again, and all of a sudden the episode got even better than it was.

    Carrie showed up again in this episode & she seems to have a thing for Davis and vice versa.

    The thing that surprised me the most was when Jack saved Tru from getting shot.

    For someone who wants to stop her from saving people, it would have been much easier for him if she'd got shot.
  • The One Where Tru's a Fugitive

    Grace is a very exciting episode of Tru Calling. I always like episodes of this show where they play around with the formula. This week, Tru is on the run after being accused of shooting a psychiatrist she was trying to protect.

    Jack continues to meddle in Tru's life and is always at least one step ahead of her when it comes to their duties.

    This episode also introduces three of Tru's med school buddies, Jensen, Avery and Tyler. Jensen just screams "love interest!" as soon as he appears on screen, Avery seems like a cool chick (reminiscent of Lizzy Caplan's character Janis Ian in the comedy movie Mean Girls) whilst Tyler appears to be there for comic value only. They don't make much of an impact here but should hopefully be featured more in future episodes.

    The Davis/Carrie relationship is still hilarious but I can't help but be slightly suspicious about Carrie. She seems slightly too good to be true, but at least Davis has some female attention at last!

    Grace isn't as good as The Perfect Storm, but it's still an interesting mystery story where you genuinely feel worried for Tru.
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