Tru Calling

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 04, 2003 on FOX

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  • Correction to awerlwas Comment

    To the individual below that called this a remake of Flatliners:

    Flatliners did not invent the concept of a medically induced coma to unlock supressed memories. Yes the film was based on this but it is not as if the writers were the first to have the idea.
  • Tru is asked for help by a medical student who appears to have taken an overdose, but things are not always as they seem.

    Tru relives another day as she attempts to save the life of a promising medical student who appears to have been partying harder than she was working.

    Taking on the identity of a new student Tru does her best to become a part of Paige's group of friends in an attempt to save her life.

    But Tru soon realises that things are not as she thought and the truth is more dangerous than she imagined.

    Rather than dying from an overdose Tru discovers that Paige and her friends are deliberately "dying" in order to unlock past memories before being revived again.

    Haunted by her past, Paige knows the risk she is taking, and it is up to Tru to convince her that her life is in more danger than she realises.

    For anyone who has seen the film Flatliners, this episode comes across as a weaker version of that film. I liked the film and could not help but compare it to this episode, and unfortuately the episode came up lacking. For this reason it is not one of my favourite episodes of the series.
  • This episode is a re-make of the movie "Flatliners." If you have seen the movie, it will be hard not to compare them. There is no way an hour show can do what a full feature does. The show falls short for that reason.

    In this episode Tru is asked for help by a medical student that appears to have taken an overdose. The problem with the episode is that it is the same story at "Flatliners" and only has an hour to tell the story and include the Tru Calling aspects to the story. If the episode had not followed the plot line for a story, I would have said it was well written and the characters developed and grew in this episode. I liked the film and can not help but compare it to this episode. The important development in this episode is that Davis lets Tru know that he knows that she re-winds days. He calls it a calling.
  • Tru tries to save a med student and gets a taste of the life she may never have.

    The part of the episode dealing with the med students and their crazy experiment did not interest me. Instead, it was Tru's taste of the life she wants and her realisation that she will never have it because of her powers is what I loved. Despite realising that she will be unable to follow her own dreams because she has to save others, Tru doesn't give up. Instead, she continues on saving lives because she cannot turn her back on the souls that ask for her help. This adds depth to Tru as a character and really makes you feel for her like you would a real person. This episode is definitely a highlight of the series.