Tru Calling

Season 2 Episode 3

In the Dark

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 2005 on FOX

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  • It's Tru's birthday. Someone dies during a surprise party at the morgue, but Tru doesn't know who it is. After a lot of running around Tru doesn't save the target.

    I want to like this show, I do, even though it was cancelled and I never liked Eliza as Faith, but the writing has really failed me here.

    It's a nice idea to have an empowered female lead. But do we have to divide the women between the good and the bad? But that's what we do here - Jensen gets engaged to Lexi... but she's lying about being pregnant. Instead she had some condition and has had a hysterectomy. Um, in her early twenties. So instead of feeling for her, who clearly is having a breakdown, we cast her as a gold digger. And then Jensen actually gets to talk about what a good guy he is because he's "the last guy on earth who marries a girl because she's pregnant." What?

    First, bedside manner and sympathy are part of being a good doctor. Second, if it's his kid... I mean, it's not a good deed to look after your biological child. You in no way get brownie points for that. Gross.
  • This show has wonderful character development. It shows Jack's strengths and allows us to see Tru's vulnerabilities.

    This episode is a fine example of the intrigue and wonderful writing of this series. What is special about this series is that the shows are unpredictable. Though the show does have a format in that each show a day is re-lived at least once, the show is unpredictable as to what will happen. The re-lived day is not always better that the first time day happens. Tru is not always successful. The show makes you wonder what is right and what is wrong. The characters develop and each have a different set of morals that can both be view as right. The show is on a serious topic and can still has light and humors aspects to each episode. In this show Tru is asked for help but it is the first time that she does not see the body. She is not aware of who died. Jack provides her with many red herrings to keep her off the path and allow to faith to take its true course. Tru is so concerned about losing the people that she loves that it does not occur to her that maybe the person that asked for help is a stranger. Tru is losing her perspective on her gift because Jack is getting her off track. Now that she needs to worry about what Jack is going to do and she is losing focus. That loss of focus prevents her from saving a man's life. Jack wins this round. This show has wonderful character development. It shows Jack's strengths and allows us to see Tru's vulnerabilities.
  • This time Jack wins.

    Tru Calling just keeps getting better & better. Another episode that was totally different & amazing.

    In this episode Tru doesn't see the person asking for her help and has a room full of people to protect, what a birthday!

    We have Tru thinking that the victim may be one of her friends while Davis is convinced that it's Carrie which causes a rift between Tru & Davis.

    The minute Carrie told Davis about her abusive husband & how he died I know there was something not right about her & stopped trusting her. I didn't however think that she was in cahoots with Jack. I was totally shocked at the end of the episode.

    Also in this episode Tru made a point which I've been wondering about since the end of last season, how does Jack know what he knows? How is he always one step ahead of Tru? Are his visions different? I just hope they answered those questions before they cancelled the series.
  • The One Where Tru Doesn't Know Who's Dead

    I loved Jane Espenson's writing on Buffy and I was eagerly awaiting her first script for Tru Calling. Thankfully, her first episode was amazing. In the Dark is probably one of the best episodes in the entire series with loads of mystery and suspects.

    Like season one's Past Tense, this episode sees Tru not knowing who asked her for help and spends the entire episode protecting everybody who could be the one who was murdered.

    I'm glad that Jensen's fiancée turned out to be a complete bitch. It's about time that Tru got a boyfriend who wasn't boring like Luc was, but one that actually has a personality. Avery was brilliant in this episode and her storyline with Lexi, Jensen's "pregnant" fiancée, was well played.

    I am still in shock about the closing moments. I didn't fully trust Carrie but I didn't imagine that she would be working with Jack. I'm guessing that, like Jack is the evil version of Tru, that Carrie is probably the evil version of Davis.

    I absolutely love this season and it's such an annoyance that Fox cancelled it right when it was getting good. Damn you Fox!!