Tru Calling

Season 2 Episode 4

Last Good Day

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 2005 on FOX

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  • This episode does not follow the pattern the show has established. In changing its format, it presents a different side for each character. I feel this was one of the best episodes of the whole show.

    At this point in the series you are sure you understand all the intrigue and relationships that are happening on the show. This episode makes you think and re-evaluate right and wrong. This is the first time that you realize maybe Jack is not evil. Maybe his point of view is not pervaded. This time it a body asked Jack for help. A beautiful young woman is dying of cancer. She does not want to die a slow disabling death. She wants to have one last good day. She wanted to committee suicide but have it viewed as an accident so that her sister will have the life insurance money. Her last day is awful and sad. Her death is viewed as a suicide. Her body turns to Jack and asked for help. Jack gives her the dream day she wanted when the day is replayed. When she dies, Jack is truly saddened by the loss. Tru spends the re-wind day trying to keep the woman alive. As Tru works hard at it, you start thinking who is right? Jack with his theory do not mess with faith. Tru is saving a life for what purpose? The woman would have a slow hard death. This episode is a turning point for the show. It gives a different perspective on the shows premise. It does not follow the pattern the show has established. In changing its format, it presents a different side for each character. I feel this was one of the best episodes of the whole show.
  • Jack is asked for help

    When a woman Jack turns down for a date jumps off a building she asks for his help. Tru's day rewinds too, and the only thing she has to go by is these flashes. That's how Jack didi it. The woman had leukemuia and she was gonna kill herself and make it look like an accident so her sister could get money. Over the day Jack gets attached to her. Tru bets money and gives $1oo,ooo to her so she could get treatment. Jack basicly lets go of her when she's falling. He really wanted to save her, you could tell, but Tru's dad convinced him that she was meant to die.
  • Very different

    Wow what happened? This one was so different in an awesomely different way! I cannot believe that someone actually asked Jack for help! And poor Tru she can never catch a break rewinding when she is about to kiss Jensen now that sucks. He is way hot. Back on topic.

    I liked how it was different then the rest and Jack and Tru were great as usual. I really loved how Jack didn't want to let Megan die and in the end he killed her. It was cool to see Tru and Jack arguing over what was going on. Jack and Richard arguing about what was supposed to happen was different too. I guess I just liked this episode so much because it was different from all the rest. I loved Tru placing a bet too.
  • ...

    Now, I only actually managed to catch the second half of this episode, and I'll admit that I was disappointed that that was the case; what I saw of this episode looked really promising. I used to enjoy having a new plot twist each week, well, this week's looked really thought provoking in the form of Jack being asked for help - an interesting development that might cause him to think a bit about his own duties in the world. I guess that Jack if often portrayed as the badie, the evil ying to Tru's good yang. However, both characters are surely as reasonable as the other; both have been brough into this world with a clear responsibility, one that they've not stopped to question as they generally don't have the energy to spare! I think this episode was therefore intriguing as it made me consider who in this game is the guilty party, or if one even exists at all.
  • Tru: I wish it was you.

    This time the rules change & Jack gets asked for help by the victim instead of Tru, at the same time Tru finds out how Jack is always one step ahead of her, he sees the victims day rewindwhile tru sees her own day rewind.

    This time Jack seems to have become attached to the victim, Megan & may even already be in love with her & when she tells him what she's planning to do he knows why she asked for his help.

    When Tru finds a way to help Megan & manages to get her the money she needs Jack decides that because the rules have changed he doesn't have to kill her anymore, but Tru's father won't let him off easily & tells him that she has to die or else there may be consequences to pay later on.

    Poor Jack, you can tell right at the end that he didn't want her to die, and was upset at the fact that he wasn't strong enough to say screw the rules for once and save her from falling to her death (accidentally).
  • Jack met a woman. She died and asked Jack for help. So Tru knew how Jack always knew exactly where, when and how everything happened.

    After watching this episode, we have seen the other side of Jack. Everyday he woke up, and felt tired and bored. Tru woke up with happiness. She\'s different from Jack. Why ? Jack\'s always lonely. He had no friends. Until he met Megan. She showed him how to love. But Jack had to let her die because it was his job. When he said:\"I hate my job\". I saw that he might not be so bad. But after all, he still let her die although he could stop it. I wonder if he could stand any longer.
  • One of the most compelling episodes of "Tru Calling" ever. In one of the show's most unusual twists, a victim asks Jack for help rather than Tru. The story that follows gives viewers a new perspective on this complex character.

    A day in the life --- Jack and Tru are both out and about, doing pretty much the normal things of their day. As Jack comes upon a street-performer, he also comes upon a woman who notes that she's seen him several times in the area before. She says that she's not stalking him, but wonders if they could spend some time together. Jack, however, is busy with work --- the things he does when it's not a rewind day. Meanwhile, Tru has been having a generally good time with her med-school classmate, Jensen and things are starting to get a bit romantic. Elsewhere, Harrison is dismayed when he learns that the man his Dad has him taking incriminating photos of is an old school friend of his. Back with Tru and Jensen, the two are sharing a private moment, while Jack is out-and-about again and spots a shocking scene. A woman has just jumped to her death --- it's the woman he met earlier. As he approaches the scene, the dead woman turns to him and says something he never expected to hear said to him by any dead person --- "help me."

    The day rewinds and the scene cuts to Tru, who, of course, is rewinding too. It's not a normal rewind though --- cold and unusual and the images she's seeing make no sense since she doesn't know anything about who died. Tru and Jack awake back at the beginning of the day, each saying the same thing --- "What the hell was that?!"

    Tru is completely confused. She was sure she had things figured out and now it seems like things are changing again. And Jack has a phone-chat with Tru's Dad, who tells him that whatever he might think, his goal is still the same --- make sure that fate gets what it wants.

    After a talk with Davis, Tru is quickly on the case. She quickly picks up on Jack's trail and figures out fairly easily that he was the one who was asked for help. She also knows now (at least to a degree) how it is that Jack gets his inside info --- he sees images from the previous day when he rewinds as well. Jack tells her that this is his to deal with and that "help me" doesn't always mean "save me."

    Jack has now hooked up with this woman, Megan Roberts, and is spending his day with her. She shows him that she has a list of ten things that she's always wanted to do and today she's trying to do as many of them as possible. Tru finds out that Megan has leukemia and tells Jack about this. Jack manages to get Megan to tell him this information and finds out that she's planning to commit suicide, but it has to look like an accident or the $100,000 insurance policy going to her sister won't pay out. Jack now knows why she asked for help.

    Tru feels that there's another way. Using information she has on a boxing match from the previous day, she wins a bet and collects $100,000, which she donates to Megan's sister on behalf of the "Relive Your Day Foundation." Jack is now starting to feel a bit defeated and is beginning to wonder if he should even still go through with keeping the day "on track."

    Back with Harrison, Harrison has been trying to stop his friend from going through with his planned crime. He does his best to talk him out of it, but in the end, the crime still goes down. Harrison gets the photos and "dear-old-Dad" is very pleased, but Harrison is left somewhat unhappy.

    Back at Megan's, Jack is given an opportunity when Megan invites him to come with her to the observation deck where she had planned to end her life. Jack makes a quick phone call and tries to tell Tru's Dad that since the rules have changed, it's "dealer's choice" and he's not going to kill Megan. "Dear-old-Dad," however, tells Jack that he still has to go through with it --- there is no way out.

    Jack walks with Megan to the tower and as he does, makes a confession to her --- he hates his job. He says he's a sort of counselor who tries to keep people's lives on track, but that those people don't realize he's helping them. She asks why he doesn't quit and Jack tells her he's just not strong enough. As they make their way up to the observation deck, Tru is hot on the case. But thanks to help from Carrie, Jack has made it before Tru has. When they reach the observation deck, Jack makes to hand back to Megan the list of things that she wanted to do. He pretends as if a gust wind has blown it to a ledge. Megan tries to retrieve it, but ends up slipping. Jack grabs on to her and she begs him to save him. As Tru races up the stairs, Jack tells her he's just not strong enough. While she struggles to hold on, he struggles with his own emotions and lets go just as Tru's arriving. Megan falls to her death. Tru tells Jack that she wishes it had been him. He responds that he wishes the same thing.


    One of the most powerful episodes of "Tru Calling" ever. We've always known that Jack feels he's on the side of good, but struggles with his job. In this episode, Jack is faced with a situation where he has a chance to really make a choice. He really cares about this woman and he actually wants to save her. In the end, though, he still has his job to do and whether it's because he truly believes in what he's doing, or he's truly just not strong enough to choose otherwise, a woman dies. In some ways, things are better than they were before, because this woman's sister gets $200,000 (since the insurance policy will now pay as well), but at the same time, this woman is robbed of time she could have had. Or if you believe the point of view of Tru's Dad (and Jack?), this is time that woman was never meant to have.

    The subplots in this episode focus around Harrison's friend, Tru getting together with Jensen and Carrie having a date with Davis (and plotting against him at the same time.) While the subplots were nothing to shout about, I did find them kind of interesting and they didn't detract from the stellar main plot.

    I gave this episode a 10. This was one of the most well-crafted episodes of the show ever and one that truly makes you think.
  • The One Where Jack's the New Tru

    I never thought it would be possible but I actually felt for Jack in this episode. Instead of Tru getting the "help me" message, Jack gets it and he spends the episode trying to come to terms with what it means whilst dating a young woman, Megan, who asked for his help.

    Turns out that Megan has leukaemia and is dying. She plans to kill herself in what looks like an accidental death so her family can collect the insurance. Tru gets involved and encourages Megan not to end her life and instead live it out to its fullest potential until she dies naturally.

    Tru and Jensen continue in their relationship and they kiss at the end of the episode. It's nice to see Tru getting a new boyfriend. The Harrison subplot felt tagged on and was the only bad thing about the episode. I didn't care about his childhood friend Billy and I couldn't care less if he was sent to prison or not. Shawn Reaves did okay with the material though.

    Jason Priestley was amazing in this episode. His pain and anguish in the closing moments were incredibly sad, when he was debating whether or not to let Megan die or not. It was very brave of the writers to have Megan die, as she had been such a brilliant character throughout the episode.

    The Last Good Day is an extraordinary hour which is a real tearjerker.
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