Tru Calling

Season 1 Episode 7

Morning After

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 18, 2003 on FOX

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  • The classic elements of this series are in this episode. The show is a great blend of humour and drama.

    This is a classical for "Tru Calling." It has a wonderful mixture of a serious A plot with a humors B Plot. The episode starts with the return of Tru's ex-boyfriend. Tru has left him early in the season because he was cheating on her. In the morning Tru gets a call from Mark saying that he wants her back in his life. He lets her know he is sorry for what he has done to her. He arranges to "bump" into her at a store and gets himself invited to the party she is having that evening. At her party, Mark wants to talk with her on the roof. She makes it clear that it is over between them. The next morning Tru wakes up and find Mark dead on her bed. Mark says those magic words, "Help me." The day re-winds. Tru's team turns into action trying to discover how Mark died. Tru is wondering if she may have killed him. The re-wind as usually helps Harrison with his relationship with Lindsay. Harrison is able to correct his errors and scores good points with Lindsay. Re-wind days always seem to go badly Luc and Tru. This re-wind is no different. Tru decides to lie to Luc about what is happening. The makes the two of them drift further away from each other. He is growing impatient with her moods and disappearances. In the end, Mark is saved. Harrison has gotten closer to Lindsay. Tru's personal life has suffered because of her calling. There are also some great humourous moments in this episode. The B plot with Harrison trying to re-do the day the right way this time. Davis helping Tru and finding out she had a party without inviting him. The classic elements of this series are in this episode. The show is a great blend of humour and drama.
  • Tru's cheating ex-boyfriend Mark makes an unwelcome return and first at her party and then as a dead body on her bed when she wakes up, just in time for him to ask her for help.

    In Morning After Tru gets an unexpected call from her ex-boyfriend Mark saying that he regrets what happened and wants her back.

    Despite Tru being in a new relationship with Luc, Mark sets about winning her back by phoning her, bumping into her in a store and then gatecrashing her party.

    Tru makes it clear that things are over between them and that she is with someone else and leaves him on her roof to return to her apartment as the party is finishing.

    Waking in the early hours of the morning Tru is horrified to find Mark beside her in bed, dead, her knife on the floor and blood around the apartment. With no idea what happened Tru finds herself reliving the day when Mark asks for her help.

    Turning to Davis for help Tru is not even sure that she didn't kill her ex and struggles more than ever to figure out what happened the previous evening.

    Unsure how Luc will react Tru decides to lie to him about what is happening and in this respect shows that not everything is better the second time around.

    This episode is the first in which Tru is saving the life of not a stranger, but someone she knows, and it shows with great clarity how she handles the extra pressure of her calling.

    There are also some great humourous moments in this episode, including Harrison and his efforts to find out where he stands with Lindsay and my personal favourite - the scene with Davis finding out that Tru threw a party and didn't invite him.

    A great blend of humour and drama.