Tru Calling

Season 1 Episode 9

Murder in the Morgue

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2004 on FOX

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  • This episode shows how to use the format well.

    So having watched a few episodes of Tru Calling, I reached Murder in the Morgue. Intriguing title, intruiging episode. I feel obliged to comment about this one in particular because I thought it was an exemplary example of how to get the most out of the way the show is set up. Davis being murdered adds another dimension to the viewers' emotional involvement in the story - for once there's no need to cringe as Tru goes up to complete strangers to try and convince them to do something different: for once there is something more driving her, and something more driving the viewers to root for Tru in her do-good quest.

    Until I saw this episode I was considering giving up on Tru Calling. I like the premise, but for some reason I find myself pausing the DVD every few minutes to get the excrutiation out of my system. But this time it was different, for reasons stated above. Add into that the kick I get watching Tru make her correct predictions to her disbelieving brother. It's why I refuse to give up just yet: I love that feeling - the one you get when your watching someone revealing their secrets/superpowers/whatever to a disbelieving friend/relative on screen.

    The other good thing was the absence of Lindsey - I can't stand that girl, and the less screen time she gets the better. None at all makes me a happy little viewer.

    Sir Thursday
  • As Tru works to save a bride from being shot on her wedding day she also sets about convincing her sceptical brother that she is reliving days by setting out his day for him.

    The latest body brought into the morgue is that of a young bride, shot dead on her wedding day, and who had bled to death before the emergency services could reach her.

    The drama in this episode is there right from the start when the woman's fiancé comes to the morgue and Tru breaks the rules to let him say his goodbyes. Davis is not happy about her actions and his concerns are highly justified when they walk into the room to find their guest removing the bullet from the murder victim.

    Desperate and jittery the man pulls a gun and shoots Davis before turning to Tru who watches the bullet coming towards her a split second before the day rewinds.

    Not knowing what Davis's fate was Tru does her best to keep him away from the morgue as she goes to prevent the murder.

    But as usual things are not always as they seem and Tru soon finds that the fiancé in the morgue is nothing of the sort and is instead the bride's ex, Justin, who is also a police officer.

    Tru is unable to convince Nicole that she is in danger on her wedding day and when she talks to Justin she starts to believe that she has things wrong and that maybe he isn't the killer after all.

    As fast as she tries to get there on time Tru is unable to stop Nicole from being shot and knowing that the ambulance will not make it in time she takes her to the morgue where Davis, despite her orders, has arrived to help.

    Unable to work on the living, Davis gives Tru the instructions that she needs to save Nicole.

    Knowing the correct identity of the killer, it is up to Tru to convince Justin to let her save Nicole's life so that she can stand as a witness against the real killer and save all their lives.

    Again this episode has Tru struggling to save not only strangers but also the only person who, up until this point, truly believes in her calling. The scenes with Davis are especially wonderful and are highlights of the episode.

    Other highlights are Harrison finally being convinced that his sister is reliving days and his typical reaction to the revelation...that of he can do what he likes as Tru will always be there to save him.

    At least as long as she is not saving their sister Meredith who is getting into deeper trouble with her drug addiction. A storyline that is slowly progressing throughout the series.

    Another good episode and the turning point for Tru and Harrison and their relationship now that he finally accepts her calling.