Tru Calling

Season 1 Episode 4

Past Tense

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 2003 on FOX

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  • Good acting and a good idea, but...

    Sadly, this episode just summarizes the many things that are wrong with this series.

    To be blunt, I find that many episodes of Tru Calling are very clever on paper, but just end up being developed in a lame and illogical way. And we have here a perfect example: the "wuddunit" formula (we don't even know who exactly is going to die: sweet!) was intriguing, but almost everything Tru said in the episode just didn't make any sense at all. Well, actually it does: it's the product of excessively bad writing. Come on, every line she utters for three-quarters of the show is just (poorly) designed to fool the audience, which is good only if you don't look completely moronic doing so. They bothered to tell us that the only person who showed evident traces of poison was the guy who didn't drink alchol...and of course first thing dumb main character thinks in order to prevent the poisoning is..."Let's replace all the booze bottles, the poison must be in it!".


    I don't want to go all nitpicky on the episode, that's not I found very, very sad to see a show with SUCH good, intriguing premises to just fall flat because of lazy storywriting and implausibilities. Even the sideplots of Lindsay's birthday and Meredith's drug test were just plain weak. The small plot point of Luc's arrival was more captivating...but they just managed to botch it all again, since the guy just seem to show up at total different times between the two "same day"-s. I am the first one to think that a tv show doesn't have to *always* follow logic and reality strictly, but "days repeating in the same way" are the whole base of the series. It's just ridicolous that they can't keep track of the handful of events they write and maintain consistency.

    Too bad, since there were a couple of good actors in the bunch, like Leonard Roberts...but all else falls apart if the story just develops in the most awkard and illogical way possible.

    This episode doesn't have a last-second false ending like almost EVERY other episode. Here, Tru's stupidity is just spread all over the episode, making her act in a nonsensical way throughout all the episode. Like going as far as replacing all the booze in the room and suddenly realize hours later on the phone that the drunk guys were poisoned. HUH? Sound like nonsense? Yep. That's why I rated it SO low, sadly. :(
    The idea had potential, A LOT. Sadly, the writers proved themselves unable to turn it into a decent screenplay. Sad but...oh, let's drop the obvious bad pun. -_-;
  • This episode is good on paper and needed more work in the writing area to polish it up. As always the acting is excellent and that is what made the series so good.

    This episode's plot on paper looks good. It has a few firsts in it. Harrison seems to understand that Tru is re-living days and helps her to save her victims. Tru enlists Davis's help but has not yet shared with him that she re-winds days. Tru is saving more than one victim. Five bodies have asked for help. The five have died at the same function, a bachelor party. It is Tru's job to figure out what has happened in their lives that would make someone want to kill all five of them. In the end Tru discovers that they all have been involved in a murder and murder cover up in college on graduation day. One of them is about to turn over proof of their graduation day crime to the police. The murder of the first murder does not want this to happen. He kills all of them to cover up his first murder. During the re-wind day Tru saves the day, they all go to jail. The problems with the episode are too much dialogue. The episode would have been better written with less words and more non-verbal acting. In addition, this show has some major inconsistencies in it. One is that Tru is first looking for poison in the alcohol, when she knows that the one member that has been known to have poison in his system had not been drinking. The poison then has to be in food, a mixture or the ice. As always the acting is excellent and that is what made the series so good.
  • Season 1, Episode 4.

    I enjoy this episode. I enjoy it so much every time I watch it. I cannot understand how this series didn't make it past the second season with episodes as good as this one. It was very bad judgment on Fox's part. They cancel all their good shows. The smartest thing they did was bring back Family Guy after 2 cancellations. The whole episode was so cleverly plotted and I enjoy following the story every time I watch it. Eliza Dushku is amazing, and I love her so much. She's very talented. Also, Luc was introduced in this episode. This episode is definitely one of the best in season one.
  • hey. they had someone from buffy on. yay!!!

    i liked this episode. it was pretty cool. tru really got to solve a mystery by herself which made it fun. it was funny when both guys asked her if she was a stripper and shes like why does everyonne think im a stripper. harrison was very entertaining in his way of gaining info. apart from saving five guys life we meet luc. o how i love luc. he was so cute, and really added to this episode with the food in his teeth thing. i am very glad they had someone from buffy to reconnect the whole episode. very cool.
  • great ideal.

    I really enjoyed whatching this ep. seeing how smart Tru is to slove the crime with out noing who did it was great. The actting was amazing, also loved seeing another Buffy the Vampire Slayer actor on this show with Eliza Dushku that was kool. If you've hadnt seen it you8 should whatch it was really really good
  • With five bodies, no identification and not even a look at their faces, Tru has a new challenge on her hands when they all ask for her help.

    Five bodies are brought into the morgue and Tru notes the contents brought in with them. Unfortunately there are no IDs with them and before she even sees their faces they ask for her help from beneath the body bags and the day rewinds.

    With her brother in tow, Tru tracks down lapdancers, poses as a bartender, and tries to figure out which of the six friends at the bachelor party is a murderer.

    Keeping track of who is who through the items they had on them when they died, Tru slowly pieces together the picture but raises the suspicions of her prime suspect who is determined to keep her out of the way.

    Not the best episode of the series but not the worst either. A little predictable as to the plot but with enough comedy, courtesy of Harrison's antics, to keep the episode from being boring.
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