Tru Calling

Season 2 Episode 1

Perfect Storm

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 31, 2005 on FOX

Episode Recap

Tru is en route to apparently rescue someone . . . but it's just her going to her first day of med school. Harrison contacts her as he's looking for Jack, as he's disappeared for two months. Harrison warns that their dad is in town and that he's been six weeks on a delivery job. The teacher is harsh on her because of how she got into class and asks her a hard question that she misses. Harrison meets with their dad, who offers him a job. Harrison turns it down . . . but then his delivery van is stolen. Tru then sees a child almost get run over . . . and Jack comes to the girl's aid. She confronts him and he warns her she had her chance and her excuse to leave, but now it's too late.

Davis goes for his psych test and finds his old friend is replaced with Dr. Carrie Allen. A corpse, Kate Wilson of the Harbor Patrol, is brought in to the morgue and hears about how she was sunk in a sudden storm, a "white squall," while rescuing some college students. Davis comes back, concerned about Allen's calling for further psych testing, and then Wilson asks her to save her. In the rewind, Tru warns Davis about Dr. Allen as she goes to confront Wilson. Tru claims she's looking to join the harbor patrol and they make an appointment for 1. Then she warns Harrison about the van theft and gets to her med class where she passes the question he asked first time around. Out in the harbor, Kate and her partner spot an overturned kayak and she jumps into rescue the pilot – the victim is . . . Jack.

Jack works on getting closer to Kate and makes lunch plans with her, screwing up Tru's plans. Wilson tells Tru to get lost when she gets pushy, so Tru has Davis try to ground Wilson's police boat while she tries to stop the college kids from going out. Jack's already been there and warned them about her.

Harrison's van ends up stolen anyway and Dr. Allen shows up when Davis tries to stop Wilson's boat and catches him making a fake phone call. As she figures he's nuts and leaves, Tru confronts Wilson after Jack leaves her and tries to convince her. They're interrupted by the destined distress call but as her and her partner approach the distressed ship, they spot the white squall but decide to go in anyway knowing the risks. The Coast Guard beat them to the ship her thanks to Davis' warning and they turn around. Tru believes that Jack has to save the girl from the accident on the rewind to maintain "fate" but this time the van doesn't come anywhere near her . . . because Jack bought her skateboard. Jack then goes to visit Kate.

As they talk, Kate gets another distress call from the ship that Jack claims has his fake sister on. As Kate takes off, Jack catches the call from Tru – his "window of opportunity" is still open to make sure Kate dies. Harrison calls and reveals his employers set up the van theft as an insurance scam. Jack sees Kate off and Richard sends his regards as he set up the phony distress call. Tru arrives and takes a boat out after Kate as she washed over the side with a head injury. Her life jacket inflates but she's washed away from her boat – Tru manages to rescue her in the nick of time. Dr. Allen meets with Davis and assures him that his past record speaks for itself and he can stay on. Harrison accepts his dad Richard's job offer this time around, and Richard speaks of them being more alike then people know, then meets with Jack afterward. Jack wonders if Richard can sway Harrison to their side or not, but Richard is confident he can. Davis consoles Tru after the fact that she still has regrets over the death of Luc, whom she couldn't save. And leaves a note for Jack boasting of her triumph.