Tru Calling

Season 2 Episode 1

Perfect Storm

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 31, 2005 on FOX

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  • Season 2, Episode 1.

    Two months later. Jack has returned, and Mr. Davies has moved to town. Tru is now in med school, and Davis is due for a psych evaluation. Tru must save the life of a Harbor Patrol officer that asks for her help.

    I was very very excited to find out that Tru Calling had actually been renewed. This wasn't a bad episode. I gave it a 10 though, just for the fact that Eliza Dushku is the star and she was looking good! I liked the plot too. Jack is very clever in his little plots to make sure people die. Very entertaining, :)
  • In this episode, Jack sets you off guard and you realize he is not a simple evil.

    This show is well developed and yet each episode stands alone. In the development of the show, Tru needed to have an antagonist or the plot would have gotten mundane. Jack at the end of season one has developed into an evil adversary. After taking a break, Jack is more grounded with his theories and values. He is concerned with doing the right thing. The right thing in his eyes is not to mess with faith. You get a glimpse of what is to come the rest of the season in this episode. Jack is one step ahead of Tru the whole re-wind day until the end when Tru indeed saves the life that has asked for help. Jack is much stronger in season two. He is more grounded. You see his attention to details. He makes sure that the little girl on the skate board does not die in the re-wind day as faith meant for her to live. He lets Tru know that there are consequence to messing with faith. Unfortunately, the show ends before we are able to see why Jack maybe so convinced that what he is doing is the right thing to do. In this episode, Jack sets you off guard and you realize he is not a simple evil.
  • Tru and Jack competing Harrison trying to straighten himself out and dad is back in town

    I love seeing Tru and Jack compete and they did not disappoint with their competions in this one.

    The beginning of the episode was awesome I love it when the writers trick you into believing one thing when it is really something less serious that is going on.

    Tru trying to save Kate and trying to begin Medical school at the same time was quite interesting to start the season off with.

    I loved how everytime Tru thought she could or had saved the day Jack came in and ruined it and I loved how Jack thought he had preserved fate and then Tru came back with something new. It was brilliant and amazing to watch.

    Also loved Harrison I love how he has been trying to straighten himself out and then he realizes that he is working for criminals. And I thought it was great to see him take the job offer his father gave him in the do over day.

    Awesome start to a short second season.
  • Perfect episode.

    What a way to start the new season. I just don't understand why Tru Calling got cancelled after only 6 episodes. Now that Jack is in the picture it's totally different than the first season and more exciting now that we know the truth about him & her father.

    I just love it that now we don't only get to see Tru save people anymore (which would have been too boring to da for another season) but now Jack is one step ahead of Tru trying to stop her from doing what she was meant to do.

    Now what exactly is Tru's father planning for Harrison? It looks like he's trying to get to Tru through him.

    Another thing that surprised me is that there are actually other people working in the morgue! Yeah I know, but it's the first time we see "upstairs". And Davis has a new love intrest.
  • Tru is as gorgeous as ever and Jack is still a bastard.

    A fantastic premiere as Jack comes back to town and immediately causes trouble for Tru. Tru's father comes into town and offers Harrison a job who initially turns it down but accepts it during the rewind day.

    The tension between Tru and Jack is as obvious as the white squall in this episode, most notabley from the excellent banter between the two. Both Tru and Jack must get creative to ensure that Kate lives/dies as they try to outwit one another.

    An excellent premiere that doesn't disappoint.
  • The One Where Tru Gets All Wet

    An absolute riot of a season premiere, The Perfect Storm sees Tru Calling step up from being an average series to an absolutely brilliant one.

    I cannot praise the writers enough for writing in Jack Harper. Jason Priestley is brilliant as Tru's evil doppelganger and the cat-and-mouse game he and Tru play throughout this episode is very exciting.

    It feels like a completely different show. During the first season, every episode (before Jack arrived) stuck to an exact formula "somebody dies - asks Tru for help - back in time - Tru gets to know them - rescues them - little twist - Tru saves the day or the person she was meant to protect dies". It eventually got incredibly repetitive. Thankfully, the last few episodes of season one and this new episodes this year changed that formula and now Tru has to try and rescue the person in need whilst Jack does the opposite, attempting to kill the "victim of the week"

    In The Perfect Storm, a harbor patrol cop called Kate Wilson is brought into the morgue and naturally, asks Tru for help. The day rewinds and Tru must attempt to save her from a "white squall" in the ocean, which will drown Kate and her partner. But, Jack, who has re-appeared after a two month disappearance, has got their first and lures Kate into the ocean.

    In a subplot, Davis gets a new love interest (yay!), the psyche examiner Dr Carrie Allen. It's hilarious as Davis desperately tries to show his interest in her, but yet can't, due to his lack of confidence.

    All-in-all, The Perfect Storm is a major step-up on the first season and shows that Tru Calling is definitely coming of age.