Tru Calling

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2003 on FOX
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In the series premiere episode of Tru Calling, we meet Tru Davies, who suddenly discovers she can save lives. She is a smart and sexy recent college graduate who lands a job on the midnight shift at the city morgue.

On her first night, Tru questions reality when she hears a beautiful murder victim asking for her help. But the next morning, Tru wakes up to find that she is back at the beginning of that very same day – twelve hours before the woman's death that only Tru knows about.

Tru must use her newfound ability to go back in time so she can try to stop the tragedy before it actually happens, while at the same time rescuing members of her own family from their dangerous and self-destructive lives.moreless

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  • Not so good.

    Well most people would judge a show by it's pilot but if these people saw Tru Calling's pilot the show would have been dead by the 10th episode.

    As an Eliza Dushku fan I was very happy about her having her own show but was very upset about the quality of the pilot.

    Now this is a t.v show about a 22 year old woman who had to work at a morgue of mostly people who die before their time.

    Her name is Tru. Now Tru could listen to the voices of dead people and relive the day they died so she can save them.

    It's an interesting story lne which should have been given a better first episode.

    Now in the first episode Tru starts to become familiar with her gift of talking to the dead.

    A woman called Rebecca wants Tru's help.

    But only she asked for that help while she was dead.

    So Tru sets out to help Rebecca Morgan on an exciting mission after she goes back to the beginning of the previous day. The day Rebecca died.

    Now the writing is great although the acting of this episode was not that good.

    First Eliaza Dushku's preformance was quite plain.

    She did not show alot of reaction , she was talking to dead people so there should be a little more emotion.

    The way the episode was plotted was not realistic not that talking to the dead is realistic but it was just a bit lame that erything happened so quickly. The events rushed from one to another.

    What I mean is that one second we are at Rebecca's problems and another second we were saying Tru trying to save her brother or stop her sister from taking drugs.

    Everything was solved to quickly.

    She managed to find the adress of each of the people she was looking for in seconds.

    And her speech to Rebecca in the end made her give up the idea of killing herself easily although the speech was not even written in a powerful way of meaning.

    Some of the dialogue was cheesy.

    But what I really liked about the episode is the great computer digital tuning and designing there was.

    Making the scenes more techno.

    I give this episode a C+.

    The story is very good but should be put in another more productive way.

    Well I'll give the show a chance for upcoming episodes.moreless
  • Pilot took a chance and was pleasently surprised!

    Unatural deaths reversed!!!!

    Having dumped their problems on Tru (nicely played by Buffy's Eliza Dushku), the dead then somehow by miracle maybe send her back in time, one day only, for reasons that are unexplained. She must right whatever went wrong for the dearly departed, which is her reward for wishing she could have somehow prevented her mother's murder when she was a little girl. The show doesn't overshine: Tru can't solve everyone's problems every time. And the plots, if not always involving, are at least complicated.moreless
  • This episode is the pilot and does a good job setting the stage for the show.

    This episode is the pilot and does a good job setting the stage for the show. The show developes and grows as you go from one episode to the next. Each episode stands well by itself too. In this episode you are introduced to some of the main characters in the show and given some of the background of Tru's life. You are and Tru are introduced tp Tru's gift. Death bodies asked Tru for help and the day re-winds the moment she hears the words, "Help me." The day re-winds to the moment that Tru last woke-up. Tru feels that it is her mission to provide the help that was asked for by the death person. Unfortunately, she does not always know much about how the person died or who the person is. You realize that she is going to need help with her mission. In each of the first few episodes, Tru starts gaining the help she needs to provide her services and forfill her calling.moreless
  • A great way to start off a really good show.

    Tru just graduated from college on the day her mother died ten years earlier. The strange thing is that she heard her dead mother talk to her at her funeral. Tru shows up for her job at the hospital but instead is sent to the morgue to work. When Tru is alone she hears someone asking for help. Then the day is reset and Tru has to stop her from dying. She inpresses everyone by how much she knows about the day that didn't fhappen yet. Tru thinks she saved the girl from her ex boyfriend when she realises that she killed herself. So Tru comes to the rescue and saves her from dieing. This was a very good episode to start off this great show.moreless
  • An interesting start to an interesting series

    Okay as far as pilots go this one was one of the best I've seen.

    It contained background information which is always important in the pilot episode so you know what is going on. Not just for Tru but for her brother and sister too. I loved that it gave you background right at the start because that made it different usually shows are all you figure it out at the beginning and trying to make you think about it but this kinda just came out and said something.

    I can say I loved Harrison from the start because he has that bluntness vibe going for him. I didn't really like Mere but that's because she has that weird kind or vibe going fo her.

    This was an interesting start to this show for many reasons. When Tru had that rewind day it was like something you would talk about in English. She got her calling and she knew what she had to do but she didn't know how to go about doing it which is something we all go through so it was easy to relate to. And I loved how (Eliza) was playing a character so similar and so different from her character Faith on Buffy. I also enjoyed the fact that she didn't just save the life of Rebecca but she also helped her family out too.

    I think this was a great start to a superb series.moreless

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    • Tru: Do you ever think Mom's still watching us?
      Harrison: God, I hope not... because I'm not sure she'd like what she sees.
      Tru: Yeah... Maybe she's trying to change that.

    • Tru: What can you say about a woman who comes in with a bullet in her neck?
      Davis: That she's dead?

    • Tru: What's the score?
      Gary: Seven-one, Sox. Top of the ninth.
      Tru: I'll bet you $100 they lose.
      Gary: What, are you crazy?
      Tru: Maybe. Don't know yet.

    • Meredith: So, what's Harrison's excuse this time? A girl? A truckload of DVDs? A girl with a truckload of DVDs?

    • Mark (to Tru): Congratulations! Yesterday, you were an ethics violation, and today you are a faculty girlfriend...

    • Lindsay: Uh, Rebecca Morgan. 303 West 23rd Street. Uh, who is she?
      Tru: I don't know yet. Hopefully, no one.
      Lindsay: Every time I hope for someone to be no one they always turn out to be someone. Maybe you'll have better luck.

    • Davis: It's called the crypt. It's where every unnatural death in the city comes to rest, waiting for an autopsy.
      Tru: You said "unnatural death"?
      Davis: Most of them. Because if there's even a hint that a death might be unnatural, murder, suicide, they come here.
      Tru: So every crypt...
      Davis: Has a body. That's right. Can you imagine the pain of losing someone before their time? Bottom line: most of these people shouldn't be dead yet.

    • Davis: You ever been to a morgue before?
      Tru: Just once, when I was 12.
      Davis: Well, that sounds like a story. Are you sure you're interested in wor... in working here? Because, I'll be honest, uh most girls as pretty as you that come here...well they're...they're dead.

    • Davis: Tru, why do I think you're not telling me the truth?
      Tru: I know I shouldn't have looked through the files. I just have a few questions.
      Davis: Oh what? About unsolved murders?
      Tru: Exactly.
      Davis: So let me get this straight. In the eight hours since you've started working here, you've decided to solve old cases? It's very ambitious. You know what I did today? I bought socks.

    • (After the day rewinds)
      Tru: You never met me?
      Davis: I have never met you. Then again, I haven't been going to the gym lately so...

    • Harrison: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you okay? Is everything okay?
      Tru: I'm having a day, Harrison. A day I would gladly explain to you if I thought I could but I can't, so I'm not even gonna try. And I heard another voice.
      Harrison: Wait. I don't understand. You mean like, you mean like Mom?
      Tru: No, not her. Someone else.
      Harrison: Dead?
      (Tru nods)
      Harrison: Oh, boy.
      Tru: And that's not even the half of it. Believe it or not, that's the half that makes sense. I-I just don't get it. Me of all people, why do they come to me?
      Harrison: Maybe because they know that you'll listen.
      Tru: Do you think I'm crazy?
      Harrison: I never thought you were crazy.

    • Tru: I've got a drinking game. It's called "you graduated from college and your family didn't show up".
      Cameron: Your drinking game is next on Doctor Phil.
      Lindsay: I'm so sorry Tru. I know they miss all your track meets but...
      Tru: To be expected... Harrison probably met a girl, Meredith probably met a client, and my father...
      Lindsay: No acknowledgment of children from his first marriage.

    • Tru (at her mother's grave): It's been the strangest day. An understatement, I know. Did you have anything to do with it? I don't know. I only know... I wish this day had come 10 years earlier. Then maybe I could've saved you too. Instead I'll wait... for others. Some who have needed me longer than most. So maybe I couldn't save you. Maybe, just maybe... this is your way of saving me.

    • Tru: You're gonna be a mom, Rebecca. Take it from someone who lost hers way too soon. You're supposed to live. There's no better reason to.
      Rebecca: Your mother?
      Tru: Was killed... 10 years ago, in front of me... by a man they never found. It wasn't her time then... and it's not yours now.

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