Tru Calling

Season 1 Episode 2

Putting Out Fires

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2003 on FOX
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Putting Out Fires
When the corpse of a handsome young man asks for Tru's help, she quickly learns he's a determined firefighter killed trying to save two children trapped in an apartment building fire. As Tru tries to change the man's fate, the day gets even more complicated when she develops feelings for him.moreless

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  • This was a very good episode, but be wary it may make you cry.

    I thought that this was a horrible sad episode, and it shows how life is fragile that one minute the person is alive and well and the next they're no longer around:( I had a bit of tears when Nick died, he saved Samantha but Tru says, she was selfish and wanted both of them. That's not selfish it truly meant she cared for him better than that d_ckhead professor who cheated on her what was he thinking? But yeah that stupid little boy should of never started a fire because he would of killed his little sister and did kill the guy that saved his life. The only part that made me angry was that when Tru broke into that guys shed or office or whatever it was that she saw the flammable stuff that started the fire why didn't she take that to Nick and say this is what was to start the fire. Stupid little kid I would of rang his neck.

    This was a very good episode but like I said very sad too for Tru.moreless
  • when you fall, you fall hard.

    i really like this episode. two bodies come into the morgue, a man and a little girl. the man had rescued a boy and got trapped, and the girl was stuck inside. the man asked for help. he was a fireman, actually mr september. tru falls for him and does not want to let him go. she does everything she can to stop him from going into the fire, but since he's a firefighter he goes in, without his gear. he saves the boy who set the fire, but the girl is still trapped. even with all the other firefighters there he goes in. but first they share a kiss, its so cute. and the last scene where she is crying over his boby,telling him to ask for help was so sad.moreless
  • Pivotal episode because it lays the ground work that this show is going to deal with complex issues. The show will not follow a simple familiar formatt. Each episode will build and make you think.moreless

    In the pilot you think you have a simple little story line. Girl hears dead person ask for help, day re-winds, girl saves dead person with hard work. It is episode two, and you realize this show is very different. When a dead person says, "Help me," it may not mean save my life. It maybe faith for that person to die but they wanted to die under different circumstances. In this case a handsome firefighter named Nick and a ten year old girl are in the morgue dead. The firefighter asked for help and the day re-winds. As Tru re-plays the day and spends it with Nick, she starts to fall in love with him. In the end Tru watches the Nick save the little girl's brother. Nick realizes there is another child trapped in the building and goes in to save the 10 year old girl. On the re-wind he saves the girl but in the process he gives up his life. Tru sadly realize that when Nick asked for to helped it was to save the little girl not himself.moreless
  • Tru falls in love with someone she is trying to save.

    In the morgue is a gorgeous firefighter named Nick and a ten year old girl. The firefighter asks for her help. Rewind to the morning, Tru asks the firefighter to help her check out a gas leak. She starts to fall in love with him. Then she finds out that the fre was not because of the leak. As the fire is going NIck comes to help. He saves the boy who started the fire but the girl is still inside. He insists on going to save her but Tru can't stop him. He does save the girl but dies in the process. Tru learns that it was his destiny to save the girl and to die. Overall: very good and sad episode. 9.7/10moreless
  • Tru realises that fate doesn't always work the way she wants it to

    A fantastic episode. I think the idea for this episode was brilliant. Tru realises that she can't always save everyone. When he asks her for help she automatically presumes she was meant to save both of them but fate only intervened to save the girl. The fireman was obviously meant to die and you can see how hard this is for Tru to accept. The scene where we see her begging him to ask her for help was so powerful and one that sticks out as being very important to Tru's character. I think the way in which she begs him to let her save him is something that everyone can relate to. She feels she's failed him as some people must feel when they lose someone they love. For Tru it's even worse because she was given the chance to save him and didn't succeed.moreless

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    • Tru: You like being a firefighter?
      Nick: Yeah, I like helping people.
      Tru: You don't worry about how dangerous it is? You see it on the news all the time, a firefighter goes into the building...
      Nick: I don't really think about it. Sometimes a job just chooses you, you know what I mean?
      Tru: Yeah, I do.

    • Davis: Tru, you're not going to believe this, I just fished a tennis ball out of a guys large intestine.
      Lindsay: Remind me to cancel my tennis club membership.

    • Tru: Do you ever actually go home?
      Davis: I, I could ask you the same question.

    • Harrison: Hey, you okay?
      Tru: Yeah. What could be wrong?
      Harrison: (stutters) Let's see, uh, last time we talked you told me that dead people were talking to you so, I thought I might be remiss if I didn't follow up.

    • Mark: Hey, how was work last night?
      Tru: Pretty dead.

    • Davis: Look, Tru, I know that the..the morgue is not exactly Party Central but (stutters) don't worry, things will pick up.
      Tru: Actually, that's what I'm afraid of.

    • Tru: I thought when you asked for help, it was for you. Now I know it was for Samantha. You saved her. Everyone's calling you a hero. I don't want to sound selfish...but I wanted both of you. You said your job was a chance to help people. All they have to do is ask. So is mine. So ask me, Nick. Please? I'm not leaving till you ask. So please ask me, Nick. Please, just ask.

    • Tru: You had your day, you only get one.

    • Nick: See I knew we'd have that kiss before the day was over.

    • Nick: I like you, ya know i really do and i think you feel the same way, I'm not imagining this am I.

    • Nick: She's beautiful and she tells time too.
      Tru: No.
      Nick: What's wrong.
      Tru: I can't right now.
      Nick: Sure you can.
      Tru: No I can't.
      Nick: We're here.
      Tru: If I kiss you I'll fall for you and I can't do that, that would be bad.
      Nick: Why? Why would that be so bad?

    • Tru: It was amazing, the chance to say everything you want right in the moment.

    • Gardez: She's hot. Weird, but hot.

    • Tru: I don't know if I can take this.
      Gardez: Well, believe it or not, it actually gets easier. Besides I like to think they're going to a better place.
      Tru: You believe that?
      Gardez: Well, if you're gonna work here, you gotta believe it. Of course, the dead get off easy. It's the ones left behind that gotta deal with all the pain.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: September 3, 2009 on Prima COOL

    • Tru starts calling Davis 'D' which is kind of the same as she did when she was playing 'Faith' in Buffy the Vampire Slayer as she called Buffy 'B'.

    • The filming for this episode began on 7/29/03.

    • We get a different ambulance driver/corpse delivery guy this week rather then Marco from the pilot. Vincent Laresca (Marco) presumably had to go play Hector Salazar over on television series 24.

    • When Tru is looking at the morgue records for when her mother died, Davis says that it was a bad year because before then they had the lowest mortality rate in the country, until Tru's mother died. This could be due to Tru's mother having "the gift" and stopping premature deaths.