Tru Calling

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2004 on FOX

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  • The show is great,

    I really liked Reunion was a very best episode, definitively one of my favorites.
    The plot and story for this episode is decent. I like the idea of having a kind of "moral" to this episode... something that Candace learns as she goes. The storyline is becoming more solid, It progresses the show beyond just a standard show to a coming-of-age show, and puts it more on our level.

    From the first time I saw it it got me hooked. The music was absolutely fabulous.
    I really like everything about it. The character development is wonderful. I thought that they did a wonderful job making the show.
  • Tru has to save the life of her former best friend from high school when she attends her five year reunion.

    Tru isn't too enthusiastic about attending her high school reunion but eventually agrees to go with Luc, Lindsay and Harrison.

    But going back to school stirs up old memories, not least of which Tru's memory of her former best friend Candice who stole her Prom date.

    Pretty and popular, Candice is not liked by everyone and when Tru finds her, apparently drowned in the school swimming pool, she asks her for help and the day rewinds.

    On the second version of the day Tru enlists the help of Davis again and they quickly realise that Candice's death was not an was murder.

    Hoping to alter the course of events Tru firstly tries to convince Candice not to attend the reunion at all. When that fails she does her best to figure out which of the many people with grudges against her is responsible for her murder.

    But things are never that easy for Tru and Candice does not appreciate her "help".

    Tru also has to contend with once again keeping her secret from Luc, something that is becoming increasingly difficult the closer they get.

    And if that wasn't enough she also has her brother Harrison to keep in line, since he is determined to attend the reunion to settle an old grudge against a school bully.

    All in all this is a nicely plotted episode with a neat twist at the end and just a hint of tension in Tru's personal life to keep the subplot of the burden of her calling moving along too.