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  • Great show terrible ending

    Love the show but hate how it ended I mean it left so many unanswered questions
  • Tru, your Calling shouldn't have been a Cancellation

    What seemed a tad gimmicky at first actually expanded into so much more as the show went on.
  • Best show to come home to!!

    Never knew about this series until reruns played and I loved the show. Didn't realize it was cancelled until recently and I'm so upset. This show was so well written and I love the characters. It's a shame they had to cancel it. Haven't found a show I liked on TV in a long time until I found this one. They need to bring it back!!!!!!!!!!
  • Best Show of All Times

    This was My Favorite Show of All Time

    It Should Have Never Been Cancelled ~
  • miss this program

    loved this why cancel such a good program
  • Tru Calling was

    I watched both seasons of Tru Calling, mostly because I'm friends with Shawn Reeves . Harrison.

    Tru Calling was cancelled before its time.

  • I understand now

    After watching the last 6 episodes of the show, "the entire 2nd season" I kinda understand why it got cancelled.

    By the time we get to episode six there is 3 against 1. There are too many bad guys!!! I say one because Davis was corrupted by Carrie and Harrison is slowly being influenced by his father so Tru is on her own and has 3 powerful enemies.

    In season 2 things get way too complicated (almost impossible even) and I really think that people like it when the good guys win not the bad guys - I sure do!

    There could have been 3 options (3 successful directions the show could have taken):

    1. Jack could have been a good guy and help Tru especially because they both see something else, like 2 halves of a story (something like House of Anubis where we have "The Chosen One & The Osirian"- her job is to save people and his job is to protect her), or...

    2. There could be occasional bad guys who come and go but by the end of the day Tru to be the one to win.

    3. First of all, NO Carrie - It's too much!

    After a few episodes of Tru and Jack fighting each other for saving people/"helping fate" there could come a day when Jack is "fated" to die and he asks for her help. She saves him and he realizes that he should be helping her. This way we still have her father as the bad guy (he is a great enemy too - very powerful and resourceful) but we have 4 good against 1 bad (even though her father should be considered as at least 2 bad)


    We need to find out more about her parents "the 2 mortal enemies"- why he killed her; why is he so sure that he is "helping" fate and she is messing with the balance of things and not the other way around; how comes that the bad guys "know the rules" and she is clueless? ... Something like that.

    I think she is the one to keep things balanced because since we all have free will if someone decides to kill someone else, it's not fate, it's bad guys trying to get away with something they shouldn't.

    Don't get me wrong, I loved season 1 (minus Luc dying - Jack could have sent someone else to teach her a lesson not Luc), it was a show with huge potential but they ruined it in the attempt to make it more dramatic and "edgy".
  • missing the good stuff

    i just completed the series and i am absolutely devastated you did it to buffy and angel now this please bring it back
  • Simply astounding show

    I recently found the entire series on dvd, and couldn't stop watching. Went through all 26 episodes in 3 days. Breathtaking, every episode intense and spellbinding and all kinds of other great words. I am a 'Tru' fan. How I wish it had stayed on the air. I never watched it when it was on TV, but now I wish I had.

    I am also a big fan of 'Dollhouse' , another great show with Eliza Dushku (who, by the way, I find amazing. Beautiful, sexy, talented) I can't wait to find out what she does next. I find her the most wonderful woman in the world. Well, second most wonderful, after my fiancee !!!

    Happened to come across this show on dvd bought it and watched it.......I go online and see how many seasons and I find out only two and then canceled......WHAT the heck is your problem FOX.....are you nuts. This show was FANTASTIC.......this is like the 5th time I find a show I have never seen on dvd and buy it like it then find out they canceled it.......good ones too.....I don't get it they keep stupid shows going and the good ones get canceled it's quite annoying! Anyway, this show should have kept's awesome!
  • I Like Tru Calling!

    Hi! I'm one the fans of Tru Calling TV Series.

    "Tru Calling is one of my favorite American TV series."

    I watched all the episodes of season 1 & 2 last year.

    Now I feel sorry for that it has been canceled.

    But any way I'd like to thank all the crews and members of Tru Calling.

    Good Luck!
  • If only this show would have been created a few years later, maybe it would finally get the credit it deserves. Point me in the direction of a show that's better than the twists and plots because I don't think one exists.

    There are always episodes on a show that you just wish never happened or that they changed. One does not exist in Tru Calling, there are only those that you like a little less than the ones you love. This show never got the credit it deserved. It has originality beyond compare, new and amazing plots, twists that would make your head spin, great characters and actors that portrayed them, and so much more. I would recommenced this show to EVERYONE. This show is nothing like we see now, there is some sex appeal, but the show doesn't revolve around sex, drugs, and gossip. It challenges your view on the world, causes you to ask yourself questions, but one : What would you do if you could relive days? With all its great plot lines and twists it is easy to get hooked, and unfortunately those of us who did were left on a cliffhanger....a major one at that. This show never had its closer its bow, that was well deserved. I can go on and on about Tru Calling. It needs to come back and we need to finish the masterpiece that was pushed away.

    I LOVE this show, and nothing beats the rush you get from watching it or the need to continue onto the next episode. If the network was smart, we would have been able to find out what happens after and quell our desire to find out.
  • why....?

    why did they stop giving it.?? it waz a good show
  • So sad this series was not done

    Good movie, good idea for movie, but so sad only for two season. Hope the other production house can make the third season. Outstanding perfomance for Eliza.
  • Seriously the best show ever! Anyone Else Want a Movie??? :)

    Tru Calling was the best show on TV. It follows Tru Davies (Eliza Dushku) who has the ability to relive days to save the dead. Ive only recently got into the series and it is AWESOME! Tru is such a great character. Dushku is such an amazing actress and the show should've never been cancelled. What is it with Dushku's Shows being cancelled in their second seasons on FOX (Tru Calling, Dollhouse)?!?! I think to wrap the series up, we need a movie :)

  • Another good series that was cancelled too soon - thank you Fox

    As probably most of you, the only reason I started watching Tru Calling was because a certain Eliza Dushku is the main character. And sure enough, if you liked her in Buffy, Angel or Dollhouse, she gives her usual solid performance here as well. Tru Davies (Dushku) has the ability to relive a day, but only when she is asked by someone deceased to help him/her - and then it's Tru's job to try to stop that person from dying. Thankfully she's not alone with her task, as Davis (played by the wonderful Zach Galifianakis), Tru's boss at the morgue, and her brother Harrison (Shawn Reaves), are both in on the secret.

    The stories aren't often that original, but usually feature some nice twist to keep things interesting. There were a couple of really good episodes (namely The Longest Day [1x11], Daddy's Girl [1x14] and Last Good Day [2x04]). Most of the first season is spent on self-contained episodes, and it's just on the latter stages of the the 20 episode season we start getting some kind of larger storyline concerning Tru and Jack, a somewhat mysterious new Morgue employer.

    But, unfortunately, just as the main arc got under way in the latter part of Season One, and Season Two developed it further, the show got cancelled. As much as I'd like to give this show a higher score, I think it should be judged the way it is, not the way it could've been. For me, Tru Calling was nice, disposable entertainment; something that I was happy to watch, but I think I won't be seeing it again any time soon. It lacked some emotional climaxes, and I never got very attached to the characters.
  • This show should have never been canceled and be returned to TV.

    This was a great show and it is sad to see that it has been canceled. It is hard to find good shows to watch and once you do the cancel it way to soon. What a shame!!! My husband and I had the great pleasure to watch this show one day when they were running it and thought great we have found a new show and to our disappointment we find out that it we canceled and this is one show that should be returned. I really think that there are just some shows that get pushed aside for junk that stations think everyone will like and most of them are junk.
  • I don't know why the studio would cancel this show. It was very good. Read more in the details of the review.

    Interesting plots and very good writing. A very unique look at good versus evil. sometimes I think TV execs don't know what they are doing.You get a show that is both interesting and fun and they just pull the plug. I was one show that you could look forward to seeing the next episode. I only saw a few episodes but saw a rerun and wound up renting the entire season one disc at a time. Thanks for Netflix being able to bring good shows to you after they got canceled. Anyway, maybe someone will bring the show back one day.
  • Tru Davies is a woman working in a morgue who "hears dead people" when they ask her for help she's propelled 24 hours before their death to save their life.

    I watched this show a long time ago when it was originally aired and I really liked it but I was younger so I didn't really keep up with it. I recently bought the first season and started watching it to rediscover what I liked about the series. While the premise itself is interesting sometimes the formula is somewhat repetitive and the dialouge isn't the best at times, but the show it self has nothing wrong with it. Dushku gives a good performance and the supporting cast do decent they falter at times but what cast doesn't. The first few episodes were kind of shaky in finding the character personalities but they established them rather quickly and well. Overall I recommend it to friends looking for a series to watch.
  • Stopped too soon.

    Tru Calling premise was very smart and for 26 episodes the pace has been tremendous. No time to breathe, except maybe for a few laughts because the dialogues were really witty, especially between Tru and Davis.

    That's why it's really a shame that the show didn't last longer. There were still so many promises. Tru's father working with Jake, who were both determined to turn her newest boyfriend to the devil. At least the series deserved a decent ending that could have been possible if it had been given a full second season. I wish we had a chance to see what would have happened to the gang. Would the good have won over the bad or reverse?

    Finally, kudos on the cast. They were all amazing, the chemistry was there, no matter which side they stood on.
  • Bring back Tru!!!

    I don't believe that this show was cancelled, can we get tru to do a do over day and make them change there minds!!.
    I only discovered this series due to a friend letting me borrow the box set, and I have not been able to stop watching them from one to another, but was sad when there was only 2 disks for season 2, but I can't understand why as this show is one of the greatest i have seen for a long time, as i am a big fan of ugly betty and desperate housewives and goast whisper and heroes and a few others but i must say that tru calling is number 1. I really don't think this had enough publicity or enough of a chance. i think most people agree they are sick of reality shows!!
  • This was a great show!

    This show started out as being quite repetitive but it developed into a fantastic show. Tru Davies is a young woman who works in a morgue. When somebody dies, they ask for help help, and the day rewinds and she tries to save the person that died. At the beginning of this show it was always the same structure: "Tru, i need ur help." And the day rewinds, she saves the person. But then around the middle of the first season i think, Jack comes in, and he does the exact same thing as Tru, except he has to make sure the person stays dead. A great show which canceled just when it was really beginning to take off. I cannot believe it was canceled and in the middle of season 2. Shame to all who made it happen...
  • Tru Davies must go back in time and save those who died.

    Tru Calling is a great show. Although it was short-lived, every episode was amazing. Eliza Dushku played this role excellently. Tru Calling was only 2 seasons, 26 episodes, but it was great. It should have had a longer second season, and a third. Tru Calling deserved better. It was so entertaining, and it was such a shame it got canceled. But at least every single episode was entertaining. Tru Calling should have made 5 seasons, that way it would end on it's 100th episode, each season having 20 episodes, like the first. Tru Calling was an amazing show. One hundred episodes of Tru Calling would have been nice, but the 26 episodes they did make were great.
  • A young women develops an interesting power.

    This show provided the perfect role for Eliza because she is incredibly beautiful and really good at action roles, but seems to have a limited emotional range. My problem with her in Dollhouse is that she lacks the ability to portray so many different characters but because Tru is so custom fit to her she does a really good job. The way she relives day and works at a morgue is an interesting twist on the groundhog day idea and it works really well with her job. The supporting cast also makes this show good. Her boss is quirky in just the right amount, not pushing it too far and as the show delves into his backstory his character only becomes more likable. Her brother also provides a lot of comic relief for the show. Her boyfriend however really ruined an entire season for me with his horrible acting and weak story line. Jason Priesly was great as the bad guy and he brought a very existentialist turn to the show which I wished they would of been able to continue. Too bad it was canceled, but it was good while it lasted
  • i have a big hope that the writer continue writing the story and show it on tv. we really like it !!

    Tru has changed my life!!
    you cant imagine how much i love this show! it changed my life completly ! tru has gave me a big challenge to solve and manage my problems ! it gave me a meaning of life! it makes me feel happy every time i watched the show! i cant stop watching it even if its a 5th oor 10th time of the same episode!
    people can feel succeed once and can feel the hope once and that show had gave me want i need to achieve successful, to improve myself and enough strength to be
    a positive person and face the life. :)

    I want More!!!!!You really need to bring it back! I don't understand why the shows that are so great always seem to be taken off the air so fast. This is one of the greatest shows I've had watched..BRING IT BACK, BRING IT BACK,BRING IT BACK,BRING IT BACK, BRING IT BACK,BRING IT BACK,BRING IT BACK, BRING IT BACK,BRING IT BACK,BRING IT BACK, BRING IT BACK,BRING IT BACK,BRING IT BACK, BRING IT BACK,BRING IT BACK, I did not have any thing else to say but,BRING IT BACK, BRING IT BACK,BRING IT BACK,BRING IT BACK, BRING IT BACK,BRING IT BACK,BRING IT BACK, BRING IT BACK,BRING IT BACK

    I've just finished watching the 26 episodes on dvd, I am just so disappointed with how it ends with no real conclusion. There is no lack of storyline and with things left just hanging it is frustrating.

    Who was the good side or bad side or not as clean cut as that? Will we ever know, c'mon guys!

    There appears to be no lack of fans out there. Really good show, with great core characters. They could even bring it back set a few years down the line and explain what happened. So much better than most stuff on tv right now.
  • one of the better shows that's no longer on tv

    I started catching this show after it was cancelled on the sci-fi channel. I liked it a lot. So i netflix to entire series. Have not actually finished it yet but i can honestly say Fox threw away a gold mine of a good show. The characters, like many of my favorite shows, make this show worth watching. I love Tru Davies character and her "calling" is interesting. It really gets interesting half way through the first season when a couple of plot twists are revealed as well as at the end of the season. I also really like the interaction between Tru and her younger brothe, as well as Tru and Jack.

    Fox brought back Family Guy, now bring back Tru Calling.
  • what i like bout this show was the action the love and everything that went with it and all the charaters that was in the show and they all was the best in the show and they need to bring the reruns back for all the people who fall in love with this show

    this was the best show on tv and they should play the reruns not just in the moringing but in the after noon to and put the show on every day on when nothing comes on like on wed like at five or something like that but i want to be able to see all of the episodes because i havent seen all of them yet and i would like to see all of them but not just in the moringing when everybodys at school or work but in the afternoon after school and work so everybody can see how good this tv show is its the best ever i love it
  • This was an increible show that needs to come back as soon as possible.

    This was the most amazing show. It had everything, amazing plots, unbelievable twists and turns, and the most talented actors and actress ever put on tv. If the tv company and the producers get together and put this incredible show back on the air it will be one of the top five hottest shows on tv, right up there with House and Heroes. You have to bring back the same people, just anyone will not do. This show has to have the same chemistry it did back when it was on tv. Please, Please everyone get together and work something out and bring back the best show ever!
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