Tru Calling

Season 1 Episode 6

Star Crossed

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2003 on FOX

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  • This episode is Tru Calling at its best with a well oiled team behind her and a case with more twists and surprises than a Shakespeare play.

    Everything is in play for this episode. Tru has her team and they work like a well oiled machine. They are in the middle of a Shakespeare play. They have what first appears to be an easy case save Romeo and Juliet. Well, after much investigation Tru learns that the plot changes to let's save two strangers. They looked like Romeo and Juliet but there were not in love or even liked each other. There was a drag race. The rider in each car is from the competing team. Okay, save the strangers but with more investigation the plot thickens again. Romeo was dating a girl that was in love with Juliet. Let's save Juliet for her Juliet. More twists and turns than a Shakespeare comedy or will it be a tragedy. The well oiled machine does come through in the end and save Romeo who has no Juliet and save both Juliets. Now if you understand that, you do not need to see the episode. Otherwise, enjoy it because it was entertaining and Tru calling at its best.
  • Tru arrives at a scene where a car fell over a cliff, she catches glimsp at a few things, and the day rewinds. High School again along with that day. The plot changes from Romeo and Juliet to... I'll leave it at that. Watch to find out what happens!!!!

    I thought the plot was great. It had a great twist. One of my favorite episodes. Kept me enjoying the show, Even though I was already and still a Loyal Fan!!!!!!! Tru Calling had good episode but this one was an excellent example of what this show can do and be!!!
  • Brilliant!

    This is by far my favourite episode of Tru Calling. This is due mainly to the wonderful work done by Rachael Bella (Jen) and Melissa Lee (Amy). Both of them are simply amazing as two young women in love. They are sweet and affectionate, and a joy to watch. The scene where Amy gives Jen the necklace in particular is delightful.

    What I adore is that it doesn’t go with any of the usual clichés about gay/lesbians that most shows do. By the end of the episode, both Jen and Amy are alive and well together. It is also good because the truth about their relationship is what actually prevents a tragedy from occurring.

    True, there are some plot holes (e.g. where was Amy in the original timeline?) but overall, a great episode.
  • When a car goes over a cliff killing the two young occupants Tru is asked for help she finds herself not only living the previous day but going back to high school.

    Tru is asked for help at the pickup location of two youngsters whose car had gone over a cliff when the barrier gave out. Tracking them down through the owner of the car Tru goes back to high school and discovers that the school is one which is separated into the rich kids and the poorer ones.

    Tru soon realises that the boy from the accident is one of the richer students and the girl one of the poorer ones. It seems a classic tale of Romeo and Juliet and it is up to Tru to make sure that they do not end up the same way as Shakespeare's characters.

    But as always things are not as they first appear and there is a twist to the tale. Now I don't know how predictable this twist was since this plot was spoiled for me by every tv guide review, description and mention of this episode. It is even spoiled on the dvd box set descriptions. I won't spoil it here for anyone who, by some miracle, has not seen the very glaring spoiler but needless to say I can't comment on the predictability of the plot twist since most people were told it was coming before the episode even aired.

    But that did not spoil the episode too much for me as it was saved by the great performances of A J Cook and Shawn Reaves as Lindsay and Harrison. When Lindsay turns down her boss's advances she is demoted to a receptionist. Unable to help her directly Tru sends Harrison to help keep the same thing from happening again on the second version of the day, leading them to become the cutest, if mismatched couple, of the series.

    There is also a very dramatic car race with Tru showing how much she is prepared to risk to answer her calling.

    This is also the first episode where Davis is able to help Tru after his revelation that he knows what he can do. She is no longer alone in her belief that she is reliving days and has the support of someone who accepts that she can do the seemingly impossible.

    And Tru even finds time for a little romance when she uses her gift to ensure that her first date with crime scene photographer Luc is not the disaster it was on the first version of the day.

    A good episode which would have been better had the plot not been spoiled.