Tru Calling

Season 1 Episode 15

The Getaway

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 2004 on FOX

Episode Recap

News Flash. Reporter Michelle announces a crime spree in the making… each time the gunman uses customer as a human shield.

At the morgue, where no news is good news, Tru gives Jack a private tour. Jack seems to know his way around already. In fact, he seems more interested in learning about Tru's social life than the workings of, say, the Digital Autopsy Capture. Jack asks Tru whether or not she enjoys her job. Seems like he thinks he's got her all figured out already too. Tru turns the tables back on him. Looks like they've each got the other ending the day home alone with a frozen dinner. Hmm, somehow this somewhat pathetic scenario seems to create a little chemistry between them.

Harrison stops by the morgue under the guise of brotherly concern but Tru isn't buying. Ok, it's his and Lindsay's 3 month anniversary and he wants to take her out for a nice dinner. No big deal to him but you know how girls are. Looks like mostly Tru knows how Harrison is, but she "lends" him the money anyway.

Harrison heads straight for the track and promptly loses all of Tru's cash.

At a fancy French bistro, Harrison treats Lindsay to her anniversary dinner courtesy of a transportable bone which he proceeds to fake choke on. He succeeds in getting his dinner compensated, but unfortunately Lindsay notices that he's eating veal while choking on a fish bone.

At the morgue, Tru offers to pick up dinner and Jack offers to pay. What a team. At the diner, Tru runs into Reporter Michelle, who gives her an ultimatum – give me your version of your coincidental appearances at crime scenes or read my version in the paper. Suddenly a young, attractive gunman appears and demands money. When he doesn't get it, he takes a hostage. Fortunately there's an off-duty cop who likes diner food and he instructs the shooter to drop the gun. Apparently the shooter isn't impressed with his off-duty attire and refuses. They exchange fire. The hostage gets hit, as does Michelle, who dies on the scene. The gunman flees with his wounded hostage.


Tru shows up late for her orientation with Jack. She confers privately with Davis, who advises her to call the cops. To his surprise, she agrees to do it. On her way out, she calls in an anonymous tip about an arcade, the gunman's first target, including the precise time the robbery is going to take place. Jack wonders what happened to his tour. Davis explains that Tru's a busy girl, lots of hobbies.

Harrison returns to the morgue looking for Tru… well, looking for more of Tru's cash anyway. Instead, he meets Jack, who happens to have some free time on his hands. They head to the track and have a drink. Jack asks Harrison questions about his sister. Harrison is evasive but perhaps not as evasive as he should be. Jack convinces Harrison to put money on a horse named Lucky Seven…which wins. Lucky Harrison.

Tru waits outside the arcade but all she sees are cop cars. The gunman never shows. Hmm, maybe the cops should've parked around the corner?

Tru tells Davis she's heading for the gunman's next target, the clothing store. Davis worries about her. He can't help it. He gives her a good luck medallion for the road.

Meanwhile, at the track, Jack advises Harrison to put his winnings on Deep Shaker, a 20 to 1 shot.

At the clothing store, Tru intercepts the Gunman and warns him not to go through with it. He flees, followed by a red-headed woman whose wig accidentally flies off when Tru attempts to prevent her from moving into harm's way. Wait a minute, that's the female hostage from the earlier heist. Tru suddenly realizes she's an accomplice not a hostage.

Reporter Michelle tracks Tru down and confronts her. Tru finally agrees to meet her, at the Morgue, at eight – the very same time the diner's going to be robbed.

Anniversary dinner – an elated Harrison recounts his day at the track with Jack. Lindsay suggests that he might prefer dining with Jack rather than her. She's clearly unimpressed with his moment of gambling glory.

At the diner, Tru solicits the help of the off-duty cop in the hypothetical future robbery. The gunman doesn't show at the expected time which calls Tru's credibility into question.

Michelle shows up at the morgue at eight sharp, and asks Jack where Tru is. Not having been brought up to speed by Davis, Jack directs her to the nearby diner.

In the getaway car, the gunman and his female accomplice are arguing. He's still spooked by Tru's appearance at previous locations. He doesn't want to risk it. His accomplice seems to feel that the risk is what makes it worth while. She grabs the gun and heads for the diner.

Assuming the gunman's a no-show, Tru exits the diner and runs smack into Reporter Michelle. Michelle confronts her once again and this time Tru spills the beans. She tells her everything, the whole rewound truth. Not surprisingly, Michelle doesn't believe her and heads into the diner.

Inside, the robbery's in progress. The female accomplice takes Michelle as a hostage when the robbery starts to go wrong. The off-duty cop springs to his feet and demands that she give herself up. Her gunman boyfriend then enters and pleads with her to drop the gun. She does.

Back at the morgue, Tru confronts Jack about his little fieldtrip to the track. She's not too keen on him aiding and abetting her brother. Jack tells Tru that she can't always be there for everyone. Oh yeah? Maybe you don't know Tru as well as you think you do.