Tru Calling

Season 1 Episode 15

The Getaway

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 2004 on FOX

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  • Tru is asked for help by the reporter who is investigating her.

    Tru finds that the reporter who has been trying to find out about her connections to numerous crime scenes is still on the job and is not going to let the matter drop.

    She tries the tactic of avoiding her but she can't avoid her forever and when they find themselves together in a diner that is held up by a man who has hit two other places earlier in the day Michelle is shot dead and asks Tru for help.

    So it is up to Tru to save the reporter without letting her find out her secret.

    The easiest way to go about it is for Tru to ensure that the robber gets caught at one of the previous places he hit.

    The first place is an arcade but with the place crawling with cops the robbery doesn't go ahead. But Tru cannot rest and realises that it is still on.

    The second place is a sporting goods store and it is here that Tru finally realises that the hostage who is taken by the robber at each place is in fact the same person and his accomplice. Though considering the poor disguises I am amazed that neither Tru nor the police picked up on this earlier.

    The pieces are starting to fit together but with only the diner left Tru must ensure that Michelle stays away and agrees to meet her at the morgue. She doesn't know that Jack is going to send Michelle to the diner and straight into danger.

    The male robber is getting cold feet but his female accomplice is far from ready to call it a day and it is up to Tru to find a way to save everyone.

    Maybe it was just me but after the previous episode in the series I was expecting a lot more when I watched this one. The can of worms opened in Daddy's Girl seems to have been recapped and securely put away and this episode comes across as a mere run of the mill episode and a step back from the powerful, emotional rollercoaster of the preceding episode.

    The motivation of the robbers was flimsy and the disguises poor. The idea of the reporter investigating Tru was a good one but even when Tru tells her the truth she doesn't believe her and any potential storyline of Tru being exposed is firmly discarded.

    A very disappointing episode, especially in light of where it came in the series.