Tru Calling

Season 1 Episode 15

The Getaway

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 2004 on FOX



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    • Davis: Oh, thank God.
      Tru: Its okay, Davis. I'm in one piece. And Michelle lives to see another day.
      Davis: I'll reserve judgement whether that's a good thing or not. So did the medallion…? Did it keep you safe?
      Tru: No, Davis. It was you who kept me safe. You called the police.

    • Davis: Well what about the hostage?
      Tru: Well that's just it, there isn't one. This guy isn't taking a different hostage each time, it's the same girl at every location. They're a team.
      Davis: Just like Bonnie and Clyde
      Tru: Kind of, except in this case, Clyde uses Bonnie as a fake hostage
      Davis: Well that's an interesting twist.

    • Tru: Listen, Harrison, I think it's sweet that you remembered your three-month anniversary, but I'm not giving you any money
      Harrison: Why would you think that? Why...? Why do reliving days suck for me? Hmm? So, what did I do?
      Tru: You went to the track and lost everything I gave you, so I'm sorry but you're gonna have to be more creative
      Harrison: Yeah, but...
      Tru: And I'm gonna do you an even bigger favor today, I'm gonna borrow your car, so you can't go to the track at all
      Harrison: No, wait…
      Tru: I gotta go
      Harrison: Wait, but...go on! Save everybody but me (to himself) I gotta get a job! ...Nah

    • Jack: You still havn't answered my question? Do you like it here?
      Tru: Actually I do.
      Jack: I understand.
      Tru: You do, coz not everyone does.
      Jack: Well that's because most people believe that only the living need help.

    • Tru: What do you do on Friday nights?
      Jack: Why don't you tell me?
      Tru: Well you don't stay in, that's for sure. Coz that'd mean you'd be alone and your not a guy whose all that keen on being alone. So you go out, to a bar, a club and after a few hours you return home. Sometimes solo but usually with some nameless, faceless, shameless girl who just doesn't understand you. But either way, by the end of the night your alone, infront of the tv, eating a microwave dinner.
      Jack: I don't own a microwave.

    • Jack: Do you like working here? The reason I ask is, you don't look like your average mourge attendent.
      Tru: Oh yeah and what do i look like then?
      Jack: You look like a girl who takes things way to seriously, someone who should be enjoying life but probably spends friday nights home alone, watching tv, eating a microwave dinner.

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    • Title: The Getaway
      This is an obvious reference, given the storyline, to the films of the same name, starring Steve McQueen & Ali McGraw (1972), then remade in 1994 with Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger.

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