Tru Calling

Season 1 Episode 11

The Longest Day

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2004 on FOX

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  • The endless day....

    This has to be my favorite episode of tru calling. It has humor with the sandwhich. Also the song thing is great: cuz im stuck in traffic. thats a classic. Harrison kept messing up even when the day reset. I just love when the people say help me., and i got an extra dose of it in this episode. The ending was so sad where he died to save his daughter. Another funny part is the little things Tru does to change the day like moving the trash can for the murderer and putting a quarter in the ladies meter. Overall a great episode with a perfect blend of comedy and drama.
  • “You can change events, but you can’t change fate.” – Davis.

    This was definitely one of my favourite episodes of the whole series. Tru is first asked for help by a man who was killed while trying to rob a store and when the day rewinds, she manages to save him but then somebody else asks for her help and her day rewinds again and she’s back to square one. Each time the day rewinds, Tru learns more about the man and that he needs pills for his daughter who is dying but he can’t afford them. I really liked seeing how each day when Tru did something different, the outcome of the whole day changed. The different ways that Harrison managed to screw up added some humour while the ending where Michael has to die to save his daughter was really sad.
  • How sad....

    Tru has a regular case, she has to prvent a man from getting shot. While saving him someone else gets shot, and while saving him someone else dies. This goes on four times. Tru learns that the man needed money to buy his daughter pills. The clinic wouldn't help him and he had no money. So he robbed the store. He ended up being killed for the last time and his daughter who needed a heart transplant got it. Some lighter parts to this episode were Harrison and his eviction, Tru's neighbor and his song and Davis and the sandwich. Overall, a really good episode.
  • This episodes has four re-winds of the same day. It is interesting to see how many lives someone's actions can effect in one day. It is interesting to watch how a same change can make such a big difference.

    In this episode Tru has four re-winds of the same day. There is a child that has a rare blood type and needs a transplant to live. The young girl is close to death. In the end the father dies and his heart is given to his daughter, saving his daughter's life. It is faith that someone is to die this day. It is a tearjerker to watch a father save his child with his own life. Tru's mission is to save all the innocent lives that could have died that day and allowing the one death needs to happen to save the child's life. What is interesting about this episode is that each day that is re-wind, Tru must remember all the factors that effect all the lives involved. The story shows all the layers that how each life effects all the others lives. Tru calling always has some humor in it even with a deep story like this. There is some fun humor with food poisoning from a seafood sandwich that Tru during some re-winds remembers prevent Davis from getting sick. One re-wind Harrison eats the sandwich and gets sick.
  • Sometimes fate must win...or should it?

    This is a good example to show how Tru Calling could have continued as a TV show. In a not-so-typical way, Tru's day rewinds 4 times each with a different ending, and each ending is intertwined with the previous one.

    The storyline is more than a simple Tru replays day, saves someone and stops others making mistakes scenario. This time round we have a desperate father with his good intentions in mind, but we also realise that all actions are connected. Stopping one scenario, doesn't always stop the others and maybe fate must win sometimes.

    Overall an excellent episode with some good twists throughout.
  • The Longest Day is just that as Tru finds herself rewinding the day over and over until she figures out just what is required of her.

    This is such a great show and it is why this show should of kept going on and on for along time. It was so sad to see Tru having to let go of someone at the end but that this ep. so much better. Also, the actting in this one has to be the best yet it was so well done.
  • I was crying at the end.

    This episode was totally different than all the others. It was very emotional & heartbreaking. As usual Harrison added some humor to the episode.

    This time Tru had the same dream over & over, and everytime a different person died until she could figure out who's life she really was meant to save.

    This is the second episode of Tru Calling that has brought tears to my eyes right at the end, the first episode to do so was "Closure". And in both episodes Tru couldn't save that persons life.

  • Unique and impressive episode on multiple fronts - SPOILERS

    This episode is amazing. It has flavors of Firefly, features the first time Tru has re-lived a day more than once... and much more than once at that. I mention Firefly because as the story progresses you assume you've got it all figured out but then they totally throw a curve ball. Firefly did that all the time. It was also almost seinfeld-esque in that it all comes together in the end with the players in the ep. This eps ending is so clever, it'll make you write a review of your own.
    Truly impressive writing on this ep. 10/10.
  • The One When Tru Repeats The Day 4 Times

    This Epsiode of Tru Calling is about Tru having to stop a simple store robbery that a man called Michael Mancuso is holding up. Before the first rewind, Michael was shot and asked for help and Tru rewound. On the rewind day she accidentaly made the shopkeeper die then he asked for help and Tru rewound again. On that rewind she accidenatly made a boy who was in the shop get hit by a car and he asked for help and the day rewound again. Then, Tru stopped Michael from going into the store and she found out that he needed money for his daughters medicine. Tru said she would get it but she arrived to late and Micael's daughter died. She then asked for help and Tru's day rewound again. She then did everything right on this rewind day but the Michael had to give his heart to his daughter so she would live. Tru had succeeded, finally.
  • Best of the first 11 episodes. After this one I need more of Tru Calling. This show deserves more than 2 seasons.

    Here in Switzerland we only just got the pleasure of Tru Calling. I\'ve seen a few episodes prior to this one (11th) and found it pretty intriguing. Not just because of Eliza, whom I admire since Buffy, but the whole concept of having influence of ones destiny. This episode blew me away. It\'s fast-paced, funny, sad, thrilling and of course well acted. All the ingredients for a TV classic. The heads at Fox should roll for dumping this great show.
  • The Longest Day is just that as Tru finds herself rewinding the day over and over until she figures out just what is required of her.

    When the body of a man comes into the morgue Tru tracks him down through an ATM receipt to save his life. But she is shocked to find that he was shot whilst committing a robbery and although she stops him from dying someone else dies instead and the day rewinds again, and again, and again...

    Each rewind brings Tru a little bit closer to the truth until she can figure out who it is that she has to save. In this case, the daughter of the original victim who is in desperate need of a heart transplant.

    This episode raises some interesting questions as Tru and Davis discuss the possibility that maybe someone does have to die and Tru questions whether she, or anyone, has the right to make the decision about who lives and who dies.

    On a lighter note, there is the usual comedy moments from the always amusing Harrison who has been evicted and over the course of the multiple rewinds trashes Tru's apartment, starts a fire in Lindsay's, sets off the alarms at Meredith's, and even plagues Davis in the morgue.

    With a great twist and the uniqueness of having the day rewind more than once this is one of my favourite episodes of the series.
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