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  • Season 2 Episode 6: 'Twas the Night Before Ch...

  • When Harrison called Tru before the rewind, it was dark outside but when the shot passes to Tru who is in the lab we can see that there is sunlight coming through the windows.

  • Being the last ever episode of Tru Calling, this means that the last ever character to ask for help was played by Debbie Brown.

  • This episode aired in New Zealand on TV3 in late February. It managed a place in the weekly top 15 ratings for TV3 at the demographic group of adults aged 18 to 45.

  • Originally scheduled to air April 28, 2005 at 9pm ET. It was pulled for two repeats of "The Simple Life: Interns" possibly due to its Xmas theme which would be out-of-place in April. In June 2005 FOX made an announcement that it will not burn off this episode, so this remained as Season 2 DVD exclusive.

  • FOX canceled Tru Calling in favor of the new supernatural thriller Point Pleasant. Production had already begun on this episode, so FOX let them finish it.

  • This episode was made so FOX would feel forced to air the second season before December, but it didn't work.

  • Season 2 Episode 5: Enough

  • When Tru and Jensen (both wearing lab coats) are leaving the clinic where they had been volunteering to go to the morgue, there is a moment where you can see Tru with her lab coat off and she is sort of mugging for the camera before the shot switches to Harrison and the escaped guy. Really cute little shot!

  • At the game the first time, Jensen sprains his left wrist, But then he pulls on his coat and his backpack and there's no indication he's injured. Then when he arrives at the morgue, he's clutching his right wrist.

  • Season 2 Episode 3: In the Dark

  • On "day one" when Harrison leaves Tru's apartment, she points at the toaster as it pops (waffles?). However, Tru doesn't put anything into the toaster and neither does Harrison when he arrives.

  • Look at the people in the background when Harrison and Jack are talking in the street. It's clear that it's the same extras walking back and forth.

  • This is the first and possibly only time a 'rewind' starts with Tru already awake.

  • It appears that there is a continuity error when Carrie is at Davis's house. On the couch when Davis mentions plates that cannot be eaten off of, he places his chin down on his right hand. When the camera changes, his head is up, and at the next camera change his chin is back down.

  • Season 2 Episode 2: Grace

  • The detective gets to the doctor right after he has been shot. Yet, when Jack accuses Tru she believes him while there is no gun to be seen. And nobody ever raises that question, not even Tru as a defense.

  • When the psychiatrist falls down during the first rewind, nobody check his pulse or attempts to revive him!

    There is no blood to be seen so no reason for the little effort made. The police officer should be equally concerned about calling an ambulance and administering first aid as she is at arresting Tru.

  • In this episode, Tru goes back to when she's in class both times when the format is generaly that the day rewinds to when she last woke up.
    She fell asleep during class for a few seconds, so this is the place she last woke up.

  • Eric Christian Olsen character's name was changed to Jensen. Named after Jensen Ackles, who was offered the role.

  • The character of Jensen was intended to have an eight episode arc.

  • In this episode we learn that Tru's cell phone number is 555-0119.

  • This episode shows the second time that Tru relives a day more than once.

  • On the first day, Davis indicates the dead man "must be a psychiatrist" based upon information Tru gives him... On the rewind, he says the same line, even though that information was not available to him due to the changed events!

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