Tru Calling

Season 2 Episode 6

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...Again

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Unknown on FOX
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'Twas the Night Before Christmas...Again
A cadaver in the lab asks Tru for help. But what’s even scarier is that the events before the person’s death, now six months ago, prompt Tru to ask Jack for help. Meanwhile, Davis and Carrie grow closer together in the Tru Calling series finale episode.

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  • So much to say about this episode... but I shall refrain from saying all I could :) as that may take forever: Ir was a great episode but not for the series finale.moreless

    This episode was truly amazing with Jack and Tru actually working together. Very funny but at the same time there was a lot of heartbreak moments that gave small insights to characters that could have been furthered like Jack saying he doesn't want to be alone on Christmas/Christmas Eve. However, there was also the massive anger that came. Parts were predictable like the day rewinding when Harrison finds out, which would have been okay if he found out again or Tru did in the end but as she never it was very irritating. The biggest problem with this episode, I think, is that as soon as Jack entered the series was building up to Tru finding everything out and I for one was constantly thinking up new ways to how she'd find out, what would happen, who was more evil Jack or Richard and such - and then she doesn't find out.

    It's like a big anti climax... I can understand that they'd been cut and so didn't have the amount of episodes they'd planned to reveal it all but to just not do it was very annoying and although the end bit was an amzaing scene which could have been great, with everyone being together yet several 'moles' it jsu wasn't good as the ending to the entire show.

    Looking at it as a stand alone episode it was amazing.

    Looking at it as the series finale was a big disappointment that really angered me.moreless
  • Amazingly done.

    Imo, this episode is one of the best out there.

    It leaves us wanting to know more, but it doesn't leave us like 'what on Earth is happening?!'

    It shows us what could have happened in the future of this series, and it's horrible that it got canceled with so much more which could have been done.

    Jack working with Tru seems to work really well and this also gives us an idea of what could of happened if stupid FOX didn't cancel the show. The whole Christmas eve theme was great, and there were some funny and some touching lines in this episode.

    The idea of this episode is very original, even within the series. A dead body asking for help for a different person to be saved, i think, is a brilliant idea.

    It's just such a shame that this is the end.moreless
  • I feel this was a disappointing end to the series but would have been an exceptional ending for a season finale. Unfortunately, it is how the series ended.

    I feel this was a disappointing end to the series but would have been an exceptional ending for a season finale. It ends with you knowing all the complexities of the show. Tru's father is working with Jack. Jack has a partner to help him, Carrie. Carrie is quickly becoming Davis's girlfriend. The plot has thickened and the characters are woven with deception and intrigue. In addition, Jack has now developed to the point that the audience realize, he is not all bad. Jack has morals , rules and purpose that conflict with Tru. This episode shows the complexities of his character. It is a pivoting episode that would have been an excellent start for season three. Unfortunately, it is how the series ended.moreless
  • The final episode.

    I thought this was possibly the best episode of the series, and I wanted to see where things between Jack and Tru were going to go next. This was not pulled for the Christmas storyline as mentioned here--since when do networks care about that? Haven\'t you seen Christmas episodes repeated in July? I have. The real reason it was pulled was because April 28 was the first day of the May sweeps that year, and FOX thought they could do better with the SIMPLE LIFE repeats.moreless
  • Tru calling i just got hooked and guess what fox take it away. :(

    I was really getting into Tru calling it was great to watch some thing different all the time and the story lines some thing is going on with every one and some people are not who them seem its great.

    Im just wondering why fox has took it off the air i loved it and all my friends did to so why take some thing of the television that every loves?

    They didnt even give us a great ending showing us everyone is happy and every thing is sorted out no they hat to leave us with an ending that makes us believe theres going to me more but will there???moreless
Michael Reilly Burke

Michael Reilly Burke

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Parry Shen

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Chantal Conlin

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Liz Vassey

Dr. Carrie Allen

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Eric Christian Olsen

Jensen Richie

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Cotter Smith

Cotter Smith

Richard Davies

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Harrison called Tru before the rewind, it was dark outside but when the shot passes to Tru who is in the lab we can see that there is sunlight coming through the windows.

    • Being the last ever episode of Tru Calling, this means that the last ever character to ask for help was played by Debbie Brown.

    • This episode aired in New Zealand on TV3 in late February. It managed a place in the weekly top 15 ratings for TV3 at the demographic group of adults aged 18 to 45.

    • Originally scheduled to air April 28, 2005 at 9pm ET. It was pulled for two repeats of "The Simple Life: Interns" possibly due to its Xmas theme which would be out-of-place in April. In June 2005 FOX made an announcement that it will not burn off this episode, so this remained as Season 2 DVD exclusive.

    • FOX canceled Tru Calling in favor of the new supernatural thriller Point Pleasant. Production had already begun on this episode, so FOX let them finish it.

    • This episode was made so FOX would feel forced to air the second season before December, but it didn't work.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Tru: Davis, can I ask you a kind of personal question?
      Davis: Yeah. Go ahead.
      Tru: Um, after your wife... died... how long was it before you, you know...
      Davis: Started dating? Uh... four years.
      Tru: Oh.
      Davis: But that had more to do with social deficiencies than anything else.

    • Jack: I don't even get a Thanks? I was brilliant back there.
      >Tru: Does the fourth horseman at the Apocalypse need a pat on the back?
      Jack: Whatever. The fact that I'm still here means that you need me and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
      Tru: Be careful. You wouldn't want the ice around your heart to melt.

    • Tru: Thanks for your help, Jack.
      Jack: That's it?
      Tru: I needed a place to start. Now I've got one. It's nothing personal. (she starts to walk away) Actually, it's completely personal.

    • Jack: We don't get to decide who lives and who dies, who's guilty and who's not. That's not the way it works. It's out of our hands.

    • Jack: I gotta tell you, it was kind of cool to wear the white hat for a change.
      Tru: Oh, so you're admitting that I'm the good guy?
      Jack: Do you know why they gave the white hat to the hero in the Old West movies? It made them easier to light for the camera. The color of the hat is not about right or wrong, it's about what you choose to see.

    • Jack: I'm sorry, Tru, I'd love to help you, I really would. But I'm afraid I'm going to have to hear you say those two magic words.
      Tru: Please, Jack.
      Jack: Oooh sorry, those weren't the magic words we were looking for.
      Tru: I knew this was a bad idea.
      Jack: Oh come on, Tru, I just wanna hear you say it one time... Help me.
      Tru: Would you settle for "bite me"?

    • Jack: Your brother was a tad frosty to me back there. Is everything okay with him?
      Tru: You tried to kill him a few months back. Were you expecting a hug?
      Jack: A short memory, the key to a happy life.

    • Jensen: Not this year, this year I'm all about the holiday spirit, I'm about the tree trimming, the church, hell I may even sit on Santa's lap.
      Tru: Lucky Santa.
      Jensen: Lucky me. I mean I shouldn't, I shouldn't even be here but you saved me and I know it sounds dumb but every day is a gift, even a day like Christmas.

    • Jack: I don't see why we couldn't carpool. For someone who's dedicated to saving lives you should really take better care of the environment, Tru.
      Tru: Well, I've got this thing about not getting into a car with a guy who kills people for a living.

    • (Inside church)
      Tru: Hey, are you even allowed in here?
      Jack: Hey, I'm not the one screwing with the Big Guy's plans. If anyone is getting struck by lightning in here, my money's on you.
      Tru: Okay. So tell me the truth. Why are you really helping me today?
      Jack: Hey, as far as I'm concerned, as long as the dead stay dead, there's no harm in giving a little help to the living. Or maybe I just didn't want to spend Christmas Eve by myself.

    • Davis: (as Santa) What would you like for Christmas?
      Little Boy: A ferret!
      Davis: A ferret. I don't think I have any of those, but have you ever considered: a bonesaw!... to cut wood for a really neat treehouse
      Little Boy: Whoa! Thanks, Santa!
      Davis: (to little girl) What about you? What would you like for Christmas?
      Little Girl: A bonesaw!
      Davis: Well I think I'm all out of those, but how about a splatter guard... to keep blood from splattering on your face.
      Little Girl: Whoa! You're the coolest Santa ever!

    • Jack: Looks like I got the day off, 'cause you're good, Davies, but you're not that good. Stale corpse, no clues. Hey. What if I was to offer to help you with your job today?
      Tru: What if I was to offer to help you kiss my a**?
      Jack: That's funny. No, but really, think of it as a holiday truce. What harm could I do? There was only fatality in the city yesterday and that one already ho-ho happened, am I right? Come on, there's no one to save, there's no one to fight over. I might even be helpful.
      Tru: Jack, there is no way I would ever accept your help.
      Jack: You try and be a nice guy. Merry Christmas to all, and to all good luck.

  • NOTES (8)


    • Tru: Does the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse need a pat on the back?
      Tru calls Jack the "Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse". In the Bible, Revelation 6:1-8 describes four horsemen who bring suffering to the Earth. The fourth one is called Death, and rides a pale horse.