Tru Calling

Season 2 Episode 6

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...Again

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Unknown on FOX

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  • So much to say about this episode... but I shall refrain from saying all I could :) as that may take forever: Ir was a great episode but not for the series finale.

    This episode was truly amazing with Jack and Tru actually working together. Very funny but at the same time there was a lot of heartbreak moments that gave small insights to characters that could have been furthered like Jack saying he doesn't want to be alone on Christmas/Christmas Eve. However, there was also the massive anger that came. Parts were predictable like the day rewinding when Harrison finds out, which would have been okay if he found out again or Tru did in the end but as she never it was very irritating. The biggest problem with this episode, I think, is that as soon as Jack entered the series was building up to Tru finding everything out and I for one was constantly thinking up new ways to how she'd find out, what would happen, who was more evil Jack or Richard and such - and then she doesn't find out.
    It's like a big anti climax... I can understand that they'd been cut and so didn't have the amount of episodes they'd planned to reveal it all but to just not do it was very annoying and although the end bit was an amzaing scene which could have been great, with everyone being together yet several 'moles' it jsu wasn't good as the ending to the entire show.
    Looking at it as a stand alone episode it was amazing.
    Looking at it as the series finale was a big disappointment that really angered me.
  • Amazingly done.

    Imo, this episode is one of the best out there.
    It leaves us wanting to know more, but it doesn't leave us like 'what on Earth is happening?!'
    It shows us what could have happened in the future of this series, and it's horrible that it got canceled with so much more which could have been done.
    Jack working with Tru seems to work really well and this also gives us an idea of what could of happened if stupid FOX didn't cancel the show. The whole Christmas eve theme was great, and there were some funny and some touching lines in this episode.
    The idea of this episode is very original, even within the series. A dead body asking for help for a different person to be saved, i think, is a brilliant idea.
    It's just such a shame that this is the end.
  • I feel this was a disappointing end to the series but would have been an exceptional ending for a season finale. Unfortunately, it is how the series ended.

    I feel this was a disappointing end to the series but would have been an exceptional ending for a season finale. It ends with you knowing all the complexities of the show. Tru's father is working with Jack. Jack has a partner to help him, Carrie. Carrie is quickly becoming Davis's girlfriend. The plot has thickened and the characters are woven with deception and intrigue. In addition, Jack has now developed to the point that the audience realize, he is not all bad. Jack has morals , rules and purpose that conflict with Tru. This episode shows the complexities of his character. It is a pivoting episode that would have been an excellent start for season three. Unfortunately, it is how the series ended.
  • The final episode.

    I thought this was possibly the best episode of the series, and I wanted to see where things between Jack and Tru were going to go next. This was not pulled for the Christmas storyline as mentioned here--since when do networks care about that? Haven\'t you seen Christmas episodes repeated in July? I have. The real reason it was pulled was because April 28 was the first day of the May sweeps that year, and FOX thought they could do better with the SIMPLE LIFE repeats.
  • Tru calling i just got hooked and guess what fox take it away. :(

    I was really getting into Tru calling it was great to watch some thing different all the time and the story lines some thing is going on with every one and some people are not who them seem its great.
    Im just wondering why fox has took it off the air i loved it and all my friends did to so why take some thing of the television that every loves?
    They didnt even give us a great ending showing us everyone is happy and every thing is sorted out no they hat to leave us with an ending that makes us believe theres going to me more but will there???
  • WHY!!!! Why was it Cancelled? WHY!!!

    I oficially hate Fox. I was hoping for a better ending to the series so WHY cancel it? WHY? The episode was great as a finale but I would have loved for them to tie up some loose ends, like what's the deal with Jenson. And I would have loved to it if Tru found out about her father & Jack. This time Tru is forced to ask Jack for help and Jack is more than happy to help her because there are no dead people to keep alive - or dead. It was pretty funny watching them work together on the same side for a change. The best part was when the day rewound just before Harrisson had the chance to tell Tru about her father & Jack. I think I was screaming at the TV at that point.

    I am upset that FOX didn't let Tru Calling have a proper ending & I officially as of now hate FOX!
  • FOX has done it again ... got me hooked, and pulled another great show! Why FOX? Why?

    YES ... painful! Why? Because I love this show, and FOX pulled it for a show (PP)that did not even run an entire season. When I bought the Tru Calling second season dvd and watched this episode, it left me wanting sooo much more. I was "tru"ly saddened. Unfortunately, I as well as many other fans, will never have all the loose ends tied together. Tru Calling was an amazing show, and it is a complete shame that it was canceled. So FOX ... after Tru Calling & Northshore, I am very hesitent to even like a show in fear that you will cancel it!
  • This was a good episode, but not good enough to be a series finale.

    I found this episode interesting, with all these new revelations however this episode just gave fans more unanswered questions and confused us further. It left us all wondering what would happen next...would Tru ever find out about her father and Jack, would Davis ever find out about Carrie.. but we will never find out.
  • Harrison finds out about Jack and his father but the day rewinds. A 6 month old bodyasks tru for help and the reason she asks for help is to stop her daughter from making a mistake and find her real murderer. Jack and Tru work together to solve the puzzle

    This episode was excellent. How Harrison foundout about his dad and Jack and then the day rewound just before he could tell tru was pretty cool. It just was a another demonstration of how many different angles and storylines this series could have taken. It was another brilliant episode in the continuing saga between all the characters. Of course, it\'s not good as a series finale and it doesn\'t answer all the questions because that is the whole point. This show and what it\'s developed into, could not be resolve in 6 episode because the war had just begun. It was just to soon to end and I\'m glad they didn\'t wrap it up and tied up the knots in some medicore ending because that\'s what it would have been if the choose to make it a series finale. So, it was a typically superb episode as we have come to expect from the last 15 episode of Tru calling and it ending in excellent fashion because it wasn\'t a finale to the story it was cut short because of the pathetic Fox station!
  • The worst Series finale ever seen

    Nothing was discovered just another repetitive chapter and True saves a life, it but for a change Jack helps her to prevent a murder attempt, but What the hel about the \"secrets\"

    The true identtity of trues father???????????

    The true identity of Carrie????????????

    I am really dissapointed cause I was really lookng foward to this finale
  • The One Where Everything Ends But Nothing's Resolved

    So, this is it. The end of Tru Calling. Like many cancelled shows, Tru Calling ended without, well, an ending. It's very disappointing and extremely annoying that all the storylines that have been building up over the past five episodes have absolutely no pay-off during the series finale.

    Twas the Night Before Christmas... Again has Tru and Jack working together when a cadaver at med school asks Tru for help and they must stop the dead woman's grieving daughter from killing the man who was suspected of killing her.

    The beginning of the episode really annoyed me. Harrison walked in on Richard and Jack plotting together and Richard strangled Harrison. He managed to escape and call Tru to tell her about Richard's deceit when the day rewinds. Before Harrison managed to make the call... It was really upsetting as I thought that maybe the writers would have managed to tie together all the loose ends in this one episode. Sadly, it didn't happen.

    I found the storyline for this episode awful. Not just because it's not "series finale" material, but mainly because, even if it wasn't a finale, it would of still been painfully boring. It was fun watching Tru and Jack working together but I just got annoyed at the rest of the storyline and how everything was neatly tied together at the end, without any real resolution.

    The closing moments, in which all the cast (Tru, Davis, Harrison, Jensen, Jack, Avery, Tyler, Richard and Carrie) all came together for a Christmas party, was at least a nice closer to Tru Calling. Yes, we know that most of them are evil (Jack, Richard, Carrie) and some of them (Avery, Tyler) hardly got any decent storylines, but it was nice to see everybody together one last time.

    I would just like to praise the cast for the 26 episodes we got of Tru Calling. Eliza Dushku, wonderful in everything she's in, was absolutely brilliant as Tru, who could have easily been a boring non-cipher character in the hands of a less capable actress, made life by Ms Dushku, who excelled on Buffy and Angel and in her various movies. Shawn Reaves was always watchable as Harrison, he was hilarious in all of his storylines (his relationship with Lindsay in season one, his job with Richard in season two) and I hope he gets to show his comedic talent in another show or movie in the near-future. Zach Galifinakis was amazing as Davis, who completely stole the show. Davis' little quirks and his sweet nervousness were always funny to watch. Jason Priestley, single-handedly, helped Tru Calling from being just an average show to a great one. His evil machinations as Jack, the ying to Tru's yang, were incredibly exciting to watch and he gave brilliant performances each week, something I wouldn't have expected from alumni of Beverly Hills 90210 who spend much of the late 90's in direct-to-video hell.

    Sadly, Tru Calling never got to show how good it was. The second season was first shown in New Zealand and was quickly aired when it finally arrived in the US. The final episode didn't even get aired here; meaning anybody who wanted to watch it had to download it somewhere. Thankfully, they are releasing a DVD of all the season two episodes this August. Tru Calling had a lot of potential, which they only really expressed when most of the viewers had left. Fox treated it badly and I can only imagine how hurt Eliza, Shawn, Zach and Jason were when they were told that their network had cancelled their show.

    It's a shame that we never got to see the revelation that Richard was evil. It was a shame that we never got to see how Davis reacted when Carrie was revealed to be a mole. And it was a shame that Fox didn't allow Tru Calling to have a proper ending...