Tru Calling

Season 1 Episode 16

Two Pair

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 2004 on FOX

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  • The cadavar asks for help but unlike most days, this one doesn't restart until a second body asks for help! How are these two people linked and how will Tru save them both?

    We discover a little more about Davis. well except we don't know if Davis is his first or last name - it's his middle. Jack pries into the mysterious life of Davis enabling Tru to finally draws out his shocking revelation. Just when you think Harrison and Tru save the day, it's not quite over yet. I really liked the duality theme in this episode. It centers around a poker game that results in one person choosing suicide and the other getting murdered. Just when Tru and Harrison think they finished their jobs they learn that the roles are reversed.

    Overall, this episode is pretty exciting, and just when you think it's over, something unexpected happens. It kept me on the edge of my seat and I couldn't wait until the mystery was solved. The team work between Harrison and Tru is great, I enjoyed this more than her missions alone. Definetly a surprise ending.
  • double lives to save .

    Tru has to save two lives but she cant do it alone. first a collage student asks for help but her day doesnt rewind. then a man commits suicide and then the day rewinds and the day rewinds. so tru has to save both with the help of harrison. they end up metting at a high stakes game of cards. the man who is played by an amazing actor is playing because he has scammed people and become very poor. the girl has lost her tuition money and has to win. So harrison has to win against her so she wont get robbed. then he has to lose to the guy so he wont commit suicide. then their fate is reversed. the girl goes to commit suicide and the guy goes back and gets robbed. tru saves the guy and harrison saves the girl from killing herself. then tru and harrison find out their mother saved davis. finially they find out that the girl that harrison saves killed herself. it was all jacks fault and he really annoys me. he always gets in the way. but i love to hate him i guess.
  • COOL!!!! What is Jack up to???

    This was just as great as Daddy's Girl, maybe even a little better. Tru has to save 2 people this time and to make things worse her day doesn't rewind, until the 2nd person dies.

    She obviously can't do this on her own so she enlists the help of Harrison.

    At first the cases don't seem to be connected until both Harrison & Tru follow the soon to be victims to a high stakes poker game. And relise what's going to happen.

    And we also find out the reason why Davis understands waht Tru is doing & has never questioned her. Tru's mother saved him. I was wondering what the connection between her & Davis was.

    From the moment I first saw him I thought Jack was a strange character. What is Jack up to? Is he trying to undo Tru's work? How does he know about her? I have so many questions running through my head at this moment.

    At first I was wondering why he's being so nosey & why is he spying on Davis.

    And poor Harrison, after he sees Melissa dead he's totally devastated. I'm sure it was Jack who called her parents, & I'm sure he is evil.

    I can't wait till next week to find out.
  • I loved it.

    Courtnee Draper did a great job in this ep. I loved it so much. the storyline was great the guy losing the poker game so he killes himself Melissa wins so gets killed but when Tru tries to save day and it turns around to were Harrison wins the game so he almost gets killed and Melissa loses so she trys to kill herself i hated the part were Jack killed her that ....ed me off so much.
  • Two seemingly unconnected victims, one rewind and Tru enlists Harrison's help in solving the latest mystery.

    The body of student is brought into the morgue and asks Tru for help. But the day doesn't rewind. She turns to Davis, confused and concerned as to what could have gone wrong. Even worse she has to face the parents of the girl, knowing that had the day rewound they would not be grieving.

    But Tru is determined to ensure that she does something to shed light on why Melissa had been killed and sets out trying to find out more about her.

    Then to complicate things even more a second body comes into the morgue, this of a middle aged man who had committed suicide. He too asks for help and this time the day rewinds.

    Two victims and only one Tru - so she needs help and her brother Harrison is happy to volunteer to prove that he can be useful. She sends him to find Melissa at college and goes to track down Geoffrey (victim number two) through the business cards he was carrying.

    Harrison tries to get closer to Melissa but unfortunately she is not co-operative as he tries to hit on her. He calls Tru for advice who advises him to lie...something she is becoming increasingly good at as she tries to save the victims each day.

    Tru arrives at Geoffrey's business place and realises that he is running several scams in order to dig himself out of the debt problems that he is in. Keeping tabs on him she follows him to a club where a high stakes poker game is about to take place. Knowing this is more Harrison's area than hers she suggests they switch. She will take over Melissa and Harrison can watch over Geoffrey.

    But when Melissa arrives at the same poker game things start to come together.

    Tru gets Harrison the money he needs to join the game and suggests that he wins the money from Melissa (who they have figured out must have won the previous day and been robbed for her winnings) and then he can lose it to Geoffrey.

    But the day seems to be mirroring the previous day and when Tru stops Geoffrey from being robbed they realise that Melissa (who has lost all her college tuition money) may be this day's suicide.

    With Tru too far away to help it is up to Harrison to talk Melissa out of jumping to her death.

    On a high that they have saved both of them Tru, Harrison and Davis are talking about Tru's mother and Davis's link to her past when Jack comes in with a body. It is Melissa who had committed suicide after all. Harrison is distraught and Tru is confused, even more so when they discover that someone had told Melissa's parents about her losing her tuition money. Who would have done such a thing?

    The not very subtle hint at the end reveals that it was, in all likelihood Jack who changed things so that Melissa died after all despite Tru and Harrison's efforts.

    A great episode and, I have to say, an absolutely faultless performance from Shawn Reaves as Harrison.

    With more hints of Jack's duplicity and Tru learning more about her mother and Davis's connection to her, this is a great episode and one of my favourites from the series.