Tru Calling

Season 1 Episode 20

Two Weddings and a Funeral

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2004 on FOX

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  • Nooooooooo!

    Luc should have asked for her help!!!

    Why did he die?


    What is wrong with this world?

    Why is it that good shows get cancelled and not the bad ones?

    I loved this episode, it was amazing but the fact that Luc died was a huge mistake!!!
  • Season 1, Episode 20.

    It is Lindsay's wedding day. Tru and Davis now know about Jack, and it becomes a full-on competition when Harrison is shot and asks Tru for her help, restarting Lindsay's wedding day. Will Harrison die?

    April 29, 2004. That date will go down in history. It was the day that the best episode of Tru Calling EVER aired. I was very surprised with the outcome of this episode, even though I was only nine years old when I saw it for the first time. The ending was extremely sad with Luc. He was freaking hot! Anyway, this was a pretty awesome episode. 10/10.
  • Now this was a really sad episode.

    Harrison did not deserve that. He is a fantastic guy and I was hoping for him to talk to his sister. Yeah I heard that he told her that he cannot let him win!

    I really do not like Jack. In the begining he was such a great and that is before I realized that he is the bad guy!

    Harrison is always the same even though that Tru told him that he is going to die.

    Davies is talking to him as if he is dead already. We see a new side of Harrison in this episode and that was very nice!

    Jack is a killer or is he contining the cycle? In my opinion I do not like what he does!

    Jack makes a really hard bargin... Who is going to die?

    Emma is the one that was at the hospital. Davies likes to be a hero and be part of something good!

    Harrison plays it cool by Tru tells him how she feels and what she saw...

    Emma's ex is just Crazy. He is really not a good example for his son.

    Why did he do that? Jack is just annoying now!

    Luc always looks handsome :)

    And Lindsay got married.. Harrison wasn't so happy about that and he let it out on the flower.

    Tru says tuth to Luc and he can see he was really surprised! Did he understand? I guess not!

    Now that was close... Harrison almost got it again.

    Jack was very tricky whne he spoke to Luc and he told her secretly immediatly to Jack.

    Why is he sending Luc to Emma? Emma's ex is just crazyyy... No Donnie No!!!! Not Luc... Not Luc :( Donnie shot him and killed him with all the jealousy he had in him.

    I guess Jack was right, someone was going to die on that die!

    Was that Tru's father? I have a feeling that he is death like Jack! Guess what he is! Richard is just another idiot!

    Jack vs Tru - Death vs Life?
  • Harrison dies, then Luc dies!

    This was such a good episode! I loved how Harrison was making a joke about him dying! Especially when Tru was yelling at him cuz she was really sad. I loved how when Harrison asked for help he said "Tru, you cant let him win!" Its just so Harrison! Instead of the normal or common "save me!" he says "dont let him win!" The reason why I didnt give this the extra .1 was cuz I hated how they had Luc die! It was so sad and it made me so angry cuz Jack planted him there to get killed just because Tru wouldnt let Harrison die! Atleast Harrison didn't die too or else this would have a score so low from me!
  • Tearjerker...and definitely Tru Calling's best episode yet!

    The moment that Jack tells Tru, on this episode, "If Harrison doesn't die today, someone else will..." I knew it! I knew it was going to be Luc, and gosh--I wish I was so wrong!

    But this was definitely Tru Calling' Best Episode Ever! The fact that Tru's ex-boyfriend, Luc, died is what will make Tru even stronger--and better--to be able to beat evil: Jack!!

    Once again, Tru Davies shows us that FOX made a mistake they should know about: Cancelling TV's best show ever.
  • Luc is dead....

    Tru has to save Harrison from a jealoue ex. Jack says this whole thing on how if you save someone who is destined to die then someone else will. Jack is such an a$$ hole. He tried to get Harrison to die and when that didn't work he got Luc killed, probobly to teach Tru a lesson. It was so sad when Luc died, after Tru told him her secret. He said I love you as he was dying. Then Jack gets in the car with Tru's dad. It turns out he and Jack are alike and that's why he had his wife killed. Great way to end the first season.
  • This episode is one of the greatest episodes in the series. Luc's death is a pivetol point in the show. Tru and Jack were already at opposite ends, however, Luc's death made her a stronger opponent.

    This episode made me cry and made me angry. Harrison's death was incredibly depressing, even when you know he's going to come back. Eliza's acting was superb while she was crying over Harrison's body telling him to ask.

    Luc's death was of course the saddest moment. Normally, when someone is holding a gun at someone else and Tru gets in the way to stop it, she always stops it. They never shoot. To see the bullet actually be released from the gun and kill Luc was one of the most heartwrenching scenes in this show. The blood on Tru's blouse reminded me of Tara's death in [i]Buffy the Vampire Slayer[/i]. Everytime I watch that episode, I hope that the guy won't shoot. I know he will but...I wish Luc asked for help. I really do.

    Luc's funeral was very touching. When Harrison said "I owe you my life" I cried even harder.

    I loved when Tru saw Jack and confronted him. It was a powerful scene in the series. She told him that the fight was on.

    The episode left me in complete astonishment and anger when Jack got into the limo with Tru's father. The fact that her own dad was going to be working against her was just horrible.

    I love this episode. I love this show. I wish I could get a rewind day and change FOX's mind on giving it the axe. Especially when things were just starting to pick up...
  • True finds her dead boyfriends body and he doesnt ask for her help and she wonders whats going on but she soon loses two people close to her...

    Yes this was a awesome season finale it kept me wondering what was going to happen and i was wondering why tru's boyfriend didnt ask for help until later on in the episode then whne her brother died he admediately asked her which i thought was crazy because i thought she lost her power at first it kind of got me confused but it didnt after the end and how could Jason Priestly's charecter betray her like that and act like her friend that was crazy too!
  • Good vs. Evil! Alot is revealed in the season one finale.

    This episode was amazing! I was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time. So many things were revealed at the end and now I'm wishing I could watch the next season as soon as possible. Why was it cancelled???

    So now It's good vs. evil, Tru vs. Jack. The Game has begun. Jack warned True that someone else will die if she tries to save Harrison. It was pretty obvious that it was going to be Luc that would be shot towards the end. I almost cried when he died apologizing to Tru for not believing her & then telling her he loves her.

    The shocking revalation right at the end during Luc's funeral had me totally speechless. Tru's father used to do what Jack does! He knew about her mother & he knows about Tru! Finally an explanation to why he hired someone to kill her, and would he ever do the same to Tru? Would he really have let Harrison die or was he counting on Tru to save his own son?
  • The one where Jack proves that he really is a bastard.

    This is one kick ass season finale. Possibly the most emotional episode in the series as we finally see the evil and ruthless side to Jack. When Tru prevents Harrison from dying, Jack decides that someone must die in his place. He could have picked anyone... but he didn't just choose anyone, he chose Luc. He made sure Luc died just to teach Tru a lesson. The scene at the end between Tru and Jack at Luc's funeral was excellent. Not to mention the fact that there is a big revelation concerning Tru's father, Richard Davies. Definitely one of the coolest episode of the series.
  • A really good season finale

    I’m no fan of Tru Calling, but I don’t think it’s a bad show. I watched the first seven episodes and then I started watching more sporadically because I found the whole basic premise a bit too repetitive for my taste. All in all, I’ve probably watched about eleven episodes of the first season.

    Since I didn’t find the show very good to begin with I was quite surprised that the season finale is as good as it is. This episode makes me think that season two could have been a fantastic season. The last few minutes show so much promise and it would have been great to see Tru and Jack fight each other in the next season (and Jason Priestley seems to have great fun playing Jack). I must say that after having watched Two Weddings and a Funeral I’m quite sad to know that there were only a few episodes of season two produced. It could have been a great season.