Tru Calling

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2004 on FOX

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  • Sometimes, simple is best!

    This episode is good. *Really* good.

    Good because is enjoyable.
    Good because is solid.
    Good because delivers.

    The tension is well built, the pacing is good, the comedy is there but so is the suspence...lot of it!
    Ok, the plot may not be the most innovative or original, and the small number of suspects doesn't help, but I think the strenght of this episode is just that: the fact they kept the story s-i-m-p-l-e! Tru doesn't spend her time doing dozens of menial tasks like passing the paper tissue to the guy that sneezed on her the day "before": this time the writers focused on the main story... and they came up with a good one, not overdoing the "events are repeating" gimmick (like the previous episode did...God, the boy ran over by the hilariously stupid!) but just using it a simple starting point for the building of an effective, believable story, with well placed twists and an adequate amount of time spent on character interplay.

    Speaking of that, it advances the Luc-Tru romance in an unexpected, interesting direction, which is a definite plus and something that makes the episode special and not a pointless filler.

    I think it's one of the best of the series. The setting makes it stand out from the usual formula, and finally the plot, if a bit bland, is not plagued by failed attempts to be clever.
  • Tru and Luc's romantic Valentine's Day break takes a turn for the worse when Tru discovers there is a serial killer on the loose.

    Tru's romantic weekend with Luc quickly turns sour when they find that local flooding on their route to the bed and breakfast means they have to turn back.

    Not wanting to spend Valentine's Day at home Luc suggests that they join Tru's brother Harrison and his girlfriend Lindsay at the cabins he has taken her to for the weekend.

    Tru agrees and they join the others in the hotel that comes with its own cemetary. Creepy and dreary, it is not what any of them had planned for the weekend.

    Davis meanwhile has not only the problem of being single on Valentine's Day but also the victim of a murder has been brought into the morgue. But it is not the woman in the morgue who asks for help, rather Kevin, the brother of the owner of the hotel who Tru finds killed in the same manner as the victim in the morgue.

    Waking up in Luc's car on the second version of the day Tru fills in Davis as to what is happening (while Luc is in the gas station) and tries to keep the victim away from the hotel by planting a lost purse on him and ensuring he is arrested.

    Tru fills Harrison in on what happened the previous day and convinces him to persuade Lindsay to leave, ironically just after he had talked her into staying at the not so perfect hotel. Tru then tells Luc a story about rats and they are about to leave.

    Unfortunately her plan does not take into account the security camera in the store and Kevin still arrives at the hotel, and he is understandably far from happy to find Tru there.

    Another quick change of plan and Tru and Harrison are soon lying to Luc and Lindsay, each telling the their partner that the other couple is having a huge fight and break up and that they have to stay.

    Leaving Luc and Lindsay confused and annoyed Tru and Harrison are tracking down the various suspects in an attempt to save Kevin's life.

    With one twist after another this is a great episode that keeps the viewer guessing until the end as to who is the killer.

    This is also the first episode where we see the now convinced Harrison actively helping Tru solve the future murder. Until this point he had been disbelieving or Tru or his help had not been required. But with Davis so far away it is Harrison who comes to the rescue of Tru to save the victim and also his own floundering relationship with Lindsay.

    It is just a shame that Tru can't save her own relationship and the strain between herself and Luc over her secret reaches breaking point when Luc realises that she does not trust him with the truth.

    Filled with tension and set in a creepy location this episode is one of the most nerve-wracking of the series.