True Beauty

Monday 10:00 PM on ABC Premiered Jan 05, 2009 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • 1/5/09
      10 contestants enter the game thinking they are being judged solely on physical beauty. They are taken to a beauty expert to assess their beauty score, and the bottom two scorers are up for elimination. Hidden cameras watch the contestants as they are put through secret challenges judging their inner beauty.moreless
    • Week 2
      Episode 2
      Contestants are secretly tested this week on their charitable character with further challenges.
    • Million Dollar Look
      In this episode, the 9 remaining contestants are asked to form three teams of three. The competition is to for each team member to put together an outfit by using only $100 per team. They are given a list of stores on Melrose Avenue to visit. Their outfits will be judged that night at a club event. The first team (Billy, Monique and Ray) approach the challenge by explaining the details to the store owners and asking them to loan them their outfits. They promise to return them after the challenge. The second team (Joel, Laura and Julia) decides to use their good looks to coax the store owners into giving them free clothes. The third team (CJ, Chelsea and Ashley) creates a fake charity in order to get donations from people they see out and about. This was CJ's idea. Ashley agrees to follow it. She's shown ripping a bracelet from a man she encounters. Chelsea hates the idea and does not take part in promoting the fake charity. CJ eventually realizes it was a bad idea. During their shopping, all teams pass a planted boy asking for donations to children's cancer research. This was to test their charitable nature. Billy wins the challenge. CJ shows up not wearing any shoes, which does not impress the judges. Ashley is deemed to have the second worst outfit. Before entering the Hall of Beauty, CJ and Ashley both have a chance to aid a bike messenger that crashes. CJ helps the man out. Ashley just stares as the man slowly gets up and back on his bike. In the Hall of Beauty, Ashley is eliminated from the competition.moreless
    • Beauty in Motion
      Episode 3
      The contestants are surprised to see CJ return from the Hall of Beauty. CJ gets upset when he hears the other girls talking behind Chelsea's back. The challenge this week is a sports photo shoot. They'll be unknowingly tested on their compassion and sportsmanship during the challenge. The group breaks into two teams of four. Joel is a captain for Billy, Julia and Laura. CJ is a captain for Ray, Monique and Chelsea. A wardrobe assistant is played by an actress, and she is receiving fake calls from her boyfriend making her frustrated and depressed. CJ and Julia are the only two contestants that show her compassion. During his photo shoot, CJ barely puts any effort into his tennis theme. Because of this, the judges rule that his team's photo is the loser. As the captain, CJ is automatically up for elimination. Monique is chosen to join him. Their last challenge is to see if they pick up after a litter bug. CJ picks up the bottle. Monique walks right by it, which is the final strike leading to her elimination.moreless
    • Timeless Beauty
      Episode 4
      In week four, the group are secretly tested on their respect for their elders by being observed while each is partnered with a senior citizen for a photo shoot.
    • Natural Beauty
      Episode 5
      The contestants go on a hike and are asked to do a 30 second promo for a new line of organics products.
    • Week 6
      Episode 6
      The contestants are taken to sports field for a physical fitness challenge. Each contestant must complete six different fitness tests: body composition, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, flexibility, and an obstacle course. What the contestants don't know is that they are being judged on their demonstration of courtesy towards others and sportsmanship, rather than their physical performance. A group of teenage moderators and a gym teacher decides which contestant possesses the most inner and outer beauty. In the body composition test, the scale is falsely calibrated to read approximately 10 pounds (4.5 kg) heavier than the actual measured weight. After completing all six tests, the contestants and moderators have a lunch break. The moderators purposely group themselves unevenly between two tables, with one "lonely kid" sitting at a table by himself. Julia, who talks to the lonely kid, is the only one to pass this test. In contrast, Ray inappropriately jokes with the larger group that lonely kid "is going to grow up to be a sniper." After lunch, Vanessa tells the contestants that their physical performance in the challenge does not matter, and that the teenagers will be voting on who they feel is the most beautiful. After some deliberation, it is revealed that Joel has won the competition, Julia and Billy are safe, while Laura and Ray are up for elimination.moreless
    • Get Fit
      Get Fit
      Episode 6
      The contestants are taken to a track and field challenge and are being judged on their first impressions with teenagers.
    • Week 7
      Episode 7
      The contestants are taken to a beauty salon in preparation for a "high society function" with a "red carpet" entrance later that evening. The contestants are surprised to find out that their dates for the evening are their parents. Laura, Joel, and Julia are paired with their mothers, and Billy is paired with his father. An actor, posing as a stylist, has a private consultation with each contestant. The contestants are tested to see if they will "sell out" their fellow castmates. Both Billy and Julia pass, while both Laura and Joel make disparaging remarks about Billy, failing the test. Each parent is taken to a room with racks of clothes and asked to select a suit or dress for the son or daughter. Laura is not happy with her mother's selection, but does not publicly express her true opinion.moreless
    • Red Carpet Mamas
      Red Carpet Mamas
      Episode 7
      Contestants compete to show their red-carpet knowledge, while secretly being judged for their greed for spotlight.
    • Finale
      Episode 8
      So we are up to the final three Billy, Julia and Jael. They participate in a steamy and provocative semi-nude photoshoot. While Vanessa lets them know what this competition was all about "Inner and Outer beauty". Just one will be the winner.
  • Season 2