True Beauty

Monday 10:00 PM on ABC Premiered Jan 05, 2009 In Season


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  • A clever title goes here!

    From the other side of the world where botox and bitchiness are not yet as rampant as they are in the USA,, this shows people who are vain, idiotic, and self centered. I see them putting each other down, have no class, no reflected inner beauty, but because they look like barbie doll people, they think they are beautiful! Have a heart producers, and finds some REALLY beautiful people please!

    Perhaps those producers actually think they are beautiful but money buys only superficial looks and the look in the eyes, the lack of a real smile, and the tone of voice, nasal and vulger, suggests they choose like minded folk to represent themselves and inflated egos. Thank god that we do not have such horrors here. Watched it once so that I could not speak out of ignorance, but that is it.. Good luck Booties!
  • Original idea

    Great show.
  • True Beauty. Outer Beauty. Inner Beauty.

    True Beauty is an amazing show! There are so many parts in the show you wish you could just rewind and watch again! When I started the show I had wanted Laura to win...but as we all saw she got off. Now I am rooting for Julia a.k.a Miss Teen Texas. Her values show TRUE beauty on the inside and out. She should win and I think that if Joel or Billy wins that something went wrong cause Joel is mean, always have to win every challenge and Billy is a little fake. If I could choose the winner I would pick Julia, then Billy, and then Joel. This is a great show and I can't wait to watch the next episode!
  • If you liked Beauty and the Geek, you will like this.

    True Beauty reminds me of another show I liked - Beauty and the Geek. Both shows have beautiful people in them, but are not purely focused on outer beauty. It is refreshing to watch a show that is about more than what meets the eye.
    Although some of the contestants are rather disappointing by way of their "true beauty" others tend to surprise you with theirs. True Beauty can surprise you.
    The contestants think they are on a reality show called "The Face of Vegas" and some of them will do anything to win. This means that when they are presented with secret inner beauty challenges, they often fail them. Inner beauty challenges often consist of helping out other people by taking photos for them, encouraging them, and even helping someone look through the trash to find a missing engagement ring. Other types of inner beauty challenges have to do with getting ahead in the contest by cheating. Contestants are offered the chance to cheat when they think no one is looking and they are judged on whether or not they decide to cheat.
    Overall, True Beauty is a very enjoyable and eye-opening show to watch. It will make you think twice before passing someone up who is in need, or before judging someone purely on their outward beauty.
  • HORRIBLE. If you have even half a brain, you won't watch this crap!

    This show is absolutely ridiculous.

    The whole premise is extremely flawed.
    I cannot believe ashton kutcher & tyra banks actually executive produced this... wait-wait a second ... I DO!!!

    Geez! The tasks are so futile. You cannot judge "true beauty" through these tasks. It's only common sense that if you put people in a "competition" - expect to see them actually COMPETE!
    Nobody's going to help someone else untangle a dog when you give them a time limit to perform a task. Anyone would see them as an obstacle in the way of a cash prize and a feature in People magazine.

    This is in no way a measurement of True Beauty neither is it good television. &the Judges! who the f--k are these Judges? who are they? who are they to judge true beauty? what a f------g joke.
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