True Beauty - Season 2

Monday 10:00 PM on ABC Premiered Jan 05, 2009 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • The Final Test
    Episode 8
    In the season finale, the final three contestants are paired with a celebrity who parties with them all night, but instead of being able to head back to the hotel at the end of the night, the contestants must instead give their all to shoot a commercial for Las Vegas. Also, Vanessa Minnillo finally reveals the game's secret twist, as the contestant with the most outer and inner beauty is crowned the winner.moreless
  • Stop Smoking
    Episode 7
    With only four contestants remaining, this week's challenge is the most important yet, as only three people can make it to next week's finale. As the contestants learn how to become Blackjack dealers for Planet Hollywood, two hidden challenges are set up along the way, testing the contestants' compassion for people in need.moreless
  • Bride in Trouble
    Episode 6
    In this week's challenge, a bunch of couples getting married in Las Vegas each choose two of the five remaining contestants to be in their weddings, based on the contestants' looks and a quick introduction they're allowed to give. The two contestants who are in the least weddings get sent to the final face-off, where the judges reveal the results of not one, but two hidden challenges the contestants were put through.moreless
  • Change My Score!
    Episode 5
    The remaining contestants must quickly learn facts about Las Vegas to use when they become tour bus guides, but as always, there's a hidden inner beauty challenge involved when the contestants have the opportunity to change the negative score one tourist gives them. The two losers of the challenge are sent to the final face-off, which results in an intense ending.moreless
  • Finding The Ring
    Episode 4
    The seven remaining contestants compete in a challenge where they must create an ad and slogan promoting a Las Vegas buffet -- but the only thing they're allowed to wear is food. Meanwhile, the judges secretly test the contestants to see which of them help a woman who has lost her engagement ring.moreless
  • Grace Under Fire
    Episode 3
    In week three, the eight remaining contestants interview people on the Vegas Strip, taking a "man-on-the-street" approach. The judges secretly test to see if any of them cheat by taking an early look at the interview questions. Later on, the contestants are judged on how they react when a tough focus group of citizens criticizes their interviews. Meanwhile, things get tense back at the hotel after a night of drinking.moreless
  • The Secret
    Episode 2
    The competition this week involves working with famous magicians Penn & Teller. The contestants all perform the same trick for the magicians, then Penn & Teller vote off the two who were the least convincing. After a final inner beauty challenge, the "ugliest" contestant is sent packing.
  • 5/31/10
    As season two begins, ten new contestants are introduced, this time thinking they're competing to become the Face of Vegas. As their first competition, the contestants have to create an alter-ego, then pose in glass cases on The Strip while dressed in that alter-ego, trying to convince passers-by to "vote" for them. At the end, one of the bottom two contestants is sent home, but little do they know that the judges were also critiquing their inner beauty.moreless
  • Finding the Ring