True Blood

Season 6 Episode 8

Dead Meat

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 04, 2013 on HBO

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  • Dead Meat

    It's not that a lot of development really happened in this episode, but I still enjoyed it. From the profanity-laced rant by Sookie, to the immediate danger the vampers are facing, this was a fast-moving and intriguing episode of True Blood that did what the 8th episode of a 10 episode season should do: build our anticipation for the approaching ending.
  • A Room With a View

    This week's episode of True Blood was mostly all right. Eric going rogue was entertaining and he goes to mischief mode to spite Bill for not saving Nora and blaming him for seeing her death in one of his visions of the future. The Bellefleur family drama was as boring as ever with Terry's death still being used for dramatic effect with Arlene not wanting to take the insurance policy but then deciding the take the insurance policy (yep, just as interesting as it sounds). Some of the better parts of the episode were Sookie deciding to save her vampire friends by agreeing to be Warlow's newly turned forever vamp-faerie hybrid for eternity in return for Warlow agreeing to help Bill save everyone in "the But this in fact felt a little earned as Sookie has now finally seen her parents for what they truly were and is willing to bury her grief by becoming a corpse. Some parts that almost led nowhere were Holly's sons taking Adeline for a ride with booze to the cemetery which seemed like just another ploy to get the faerie in trouble. But Eric showing up and taking the moment of one of them getting her shirt off was funny as he glamored them into forgetting he was ever there. The big reveal that Eric drank but didn't kill Adeline means that he can control himself around faeries unlike Jessica or him in Season 4 when he killed Claudine (or was it Claudette? whatever). Him going into faerie world to drink from Warlow who was bound was a great cliffhanger reveal as Sookie and Bill arrive after having made their deal. Vamp Camp got a lot more interesting this week as the first few vamps were moved into the Fateful Room for refusing to drink the Hep-V Tru Blood. Some great writing involved a sniveling Steve Newlin running on the vampster wheel and confessing that James had told him not to drink it. One of the better parts of the episode was getting to see Violet's new relationship with Jason who has made him Hers and no others shall drink from him. She's one crazy lady, but I can see how Jason may eventually learn to do as she says and even like it as she has that whole seductive power over him. But Jessica, Pam, Tara, James, Steve, and many other who refused to drink all get put into the Room and Jessica tells them all that they'll meet the sun. It was also good to hear Bill's plan fully laid out to give Warlow's blood to the vamps before the sun came down rather than just leaving the audience guessing as to what would unfold. Sarah had to struggle to maintain power this week as the Governor's absence started to become suspicious when Ms. Suzuki from the Tru Blood manufacturing company discovers what the camp is about and Sarah has to comically chase after her and murder her with Suzuki's own high heeled shoe. Sarah also trying the whole "kill by neck twisting" was funny as it led to their great chase and fight through the compound. Something else the episode did well was bring Alcide back into likable territory as the pack disowns him and he fights Rikki and some others who challenge his leadership. He releases Nikki (who is now pregnant) and her mother and gives them back to Sam to go home. Nikki agrees to stay with Sam which her mother objects to (blah blah blah). But the weird thing is Sookie visiting Sam to tell him that she always thought that she would end up with him which is totally unearned because we never got the faintest hint that she reciprocated his affections in any way. Either way we have two episodes left to see how the Room unfolds which remains the intriguing part of the show still as all of the major players scurry to kill their respective enemies.
  • Win-win situation

    I think im the only one who thinks its great that Eric had Warlow's blood. Just think bout it. Eric gets to walk in the sun, maybe together with other vampires (depending on how much of Warlow's blood that he took) and Sookie didnt have to be with Warlow all eternity and yet her friend(or friends - we really have to watch next ep to know how it turns out) will be saved from the sun! Win-win!!

    I find the werewolves storyline so lame. How did they become so homicidal? Was there really a need to kill off people who piss them off? Anyways their storyline is really getting nowhere this season. Maybe they should just focus on the vampires from now on. or at least the rest of the season til they come up with a better idea on what to do with the werewolves.
  • Congratulations, its a shapeshifter.

    Catholic vampire feeds on Jason as Eric loses faith in something other than himself; overwhelmed by grief and sadness, not unlike Arlene's, Northman refuses to have any part in a funeral. His family manages to reunite using all resources available. Problem is: resources land them right where Bill foresaw, at the wake of their own funeral.

    Unbeknown to Bill and Sookie, Eric uses Andy's daughter to grab a hold on Warlow, the last chance to hold his progeny like Andy does by the end of the episode. Because only a parent can smell danger, as only a shapeshifter can smell a pregnancy, Sam figures out Nicole is pregnant with the next generation of Bon Temp natural born shapeshifters.