True Blood

Season 4 Episode 12

And When I Die

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 11, 2011 on HBO

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  • Meh, an okay episode that wasn't really necessary.

    A disappointing finale to a great season. Besides, the previous episode almost felt like a finale... this one was just a step back in a wrong direction. Everything felt so forced and predictable.
  • Ok last ep

    I am a little dissapointed that Jesus had to die in the episode however killing of Tera was the best thing they the writers decided to do. Her character was annoying and obnoxious... I can't wait for the new season to start but all i can say is that I hope they don't bring Tera "over"
  • It was time

    I'm still not sure why it was necessary to kill of Jesus, it was nice that Lafayette had someone to be with and he was an interesting character, minor, but he definitely didn't take away from the show.

    I can't say how happy I am that they killed off Tera. She may have been with the show from the beginning, but come on, you must admit she was getting extremely annoying. All the whining and vampire hating had to stop. The reason for a good rating of this episode was because of the last 2 mins- Tera and Debbie are both dead. Does this mean Suki will be with Alcide now? Who are we kidding, he's way too hot for her!
  • 412


    Don't get me wrong, I guess the episode was alright, but throughout the whole thing I just got the feeling of, "This is it? This is the finale?" They wrapped up the majority of the storylines, but they kind of did that in last week's show, which I mentioned last week, so the episode and the season correlation was a bit out of whack. It was somewhat enjoyable, but when you get a season finale you expect a blowaway show and this was not.

  • A complete disaster. The ending is worth watching. The rest of the episode can be easily forgotten. Waste of time.


    If it weren't for the last ten minutes of the episode, this would be a complete disaster. In fact it is still a disaster but the last ten minutes are worth watching just to see what turns the fifth season might bring.

    In overall the whole episode was a real disappointment. Death of Jesus and Tara was predicatable. There was clearly no point in keeping these characters in the show. Of course some might think that they can be resurrected or something but if the plot goes the way of them dying nothing is lost. The third death of Nan was also a matter of time and I am glad they finally decided to do it.

    I guess writers have seen the bunch of critisism the fourth season received and are trying to correct the mistakes turning the show on the right path. Who knows, maybe they will manage to do it, but we will find out about it next year.

    In the middle of this season I was sceptic if it is worth waiting for the next one. Right now I am giving the show a credit and hope it will be brought back on track as it did in the last minutes of this episode. Nevertheless, in any way it does not change my score.

  • A hugely disappointing finale that takes too many easy ways out.


    I really expected this episode to be more interesting based on the preview from last week, but I nearly fell asleep halfway through this scizophrenic mess of side-stories that couldn't decide which direction it wanted to go. I really expected something interesting to happen with Marnie and the vampires, but instead we are taken to a scene where, with no explanation as to how, Bill and Eric are tied to a stake and silvered. I suppose this could be explained by the increased powers taken from Jesus, but why is the show requiringviewers make assumptions about how events transpired when it is the writers' job to explain it. This scene was the climax in the action, and it didn't even end creatively. One of the members of the circle, the waitress interested in Sheriff Andy (I don't know her name because the writers have only included her on occassion and can't seem to decide if she is an important character or not), somehow uses salt and magic to block Marnie/Lafeyette from the vampires and with the help of Tara and Sookie, call forth the spirits of dead friends and family including Sookie's Gran, who helps to suddenly change Marnie's mind and convince her to be at peace instead of trying to kill all vampires (Really? After all that, this is how the Marnie plot ends? In a Field of Dreams fade-away scene?), and then gives a cheesy speech to Sookie about how she is strong,knows what she needs to do, and will be alright alone.

    So the vampires are saved, and we get a predictable scene where both vampires profess their love, Bill gives his blessing for Sookie to be with Eric, and after a little speech for each vampire about how strongly she feels about them, she can not be with either of them.

    One of the few characters that has remained likeable through the season gets killed off, and another whose storyline has become whiny and less-than-believable gets killed. I was disappointed, but honestly there are so many unfinished storylines for so many characters going on that it could be a good thing to get rid of a few so the writers can focus on developing those who are still around.

    I think the most disappointing part for me was the lack of any progression in the Jason werepanther storyline. Did we really see the end of this a few episodes back? After being kidnapped, bit, and pretty much raped for days in order to be made into a panther, we get "nah, it doesn't work like that, you are fine." How did the wounds heal so quickly when he was basically torn apart? What was the whole point of having the inbred werepanthers kidnap Jason if nothing at all happens afterward?

    Overall, despite some major deaths, this episode was mostly just a lot of characters talking to each other, and far too much fo it was about their feelings for each other. Terrible way to end a season. Yawnfest.

  • Aweful!!!!


    So very bad, the ending was ridicules, do the creators realise there are more ways to create cliff-hangers than a giant blood bath or are they just getting lazy! They have such great source material available to them (the books!!). and letting Russell free after one season i mean come on, that was a great thing to keep for later! it was not just a bad final episode but a very bad episode full stop!!!

  • Double,double toil and trouble


    Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire burn vampires to bubbles. Double, double toil and trouble. Something wicked this way comes!.

    Steve Newlin and a King return as the season wraps up in Halloween (the most insane night of the year for any other small town but Bon Temps), Sam and Maxine set a warm goodbye for Tommy's funeral as the townfolk greets the spirits of everybody else. Meanwhile, a human's children and a ghost's baby - Arlene's kids - get to play with Marcus's daughter as another werewolf makes a play for a fairy's sympathies.

    Alas, the fairy's heart is taken, as another fairy points out on their way to the pire where Marnie's spirit plans to kill Sookie's vampires just like she killed Lafayette's brujo. Problem is, a fairy can't make a play for a vampire's heart as Antonia can for Marnie's sprit because, unlike vampires, ghosts and fairies actually do have a choice to move on to a peaceful place so, instead to follow her heart, Sookie follows her grandmother's advice like Arlene should with Rene's.

    Like it or not, Antonia is right, spirits and fairies do have the chance to move on to a more peaceful realm, a realm where werewolves can't shot best friends in the head, a realm where fairies don't get their hearts broken, a realm where Nan, Steve Newlin or King Russell can't follow them, the realm where Tara has gone at last. A realm where, hopefully, Debbie Pelt would never follow her.

  • Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back (Spoilers Ahead)


    Alas that time of the year is at hand yet again, the time when True Blood must leave the airwaves of new episodes for nine months. We got an above average season finale treat this year with Marnie taking over Lafayette and stabbing Jesus with a knife partially covered in egg was laughable as the cold open. Marnie killing Jesus and draining him of his magic was intriguing but other than looking scary as a mask didn't have any sort of payoff. It's also Halloween incidentally, which is cool by me since so much happens on True Blood that they would forget this day was at hand and how Marnie and the rest of the spirits of the dead could raise up. Marnie in Lafayette's body tying Eric and Bill up to a pile of firewood was cool. But having Holly the overly convenient Wiccan with special supplies on hand character helps to summon the dead and Adele Stackhouse and Antonia rid Lafayette's body of Marnie. Marnie's breakdown was well handled by Fiona Shaw who says that it really sucks. However, Adele, who has never been hinted at having any sort of powers before just rips the soul out of Lafayette just because she's a spunky old lady, WTF?! Anyway other than the fade of that storyline Pam's breakdown over Eric's infatuation of Sookie was great and the fact that Sookie chose neither of them in the end and will now be alone as Gran advised her. Jessica and Jason continued their flind after Jason told Hoyt the truth and while his betrayal may hurt in my opinion did a good thing by telling him. The fact that it's not a committed anything adds extra flavor to their relationship. Alcide confesses that he and Sookie should be together if they don't wanna end up in more trouble but he gets phone call from his construction company and the plot where Russell was buried has been dug up and he is missing. Reverend Steve Newlin returns to haunt Jason as a vamp. Sam and Luna face a bright future together, hopefully and Andy seems stable for the first time this season and he and Holly may have a pleasant future ahead of them although the fairy encounter from last week seems non important now. Terry's old C.O. turns up and needs to talk to him, Arlene is shown Rene's ghost where he tells her that he loved her and to beware of Terry for some reason. Nan shows herself to Eric and Bill and reveals that she was to kill them for the Authority but got fired and wants them to join her anti-authority fan club which is no doubt responsible for Russell's breakout. When she insults Eric and Bill they kill her laughably into a puddle of Jello and yell that they aren't puppies for Sookie. In the end Debbie breaks into Sookie's house with a shotgun but Tara gets in the way and gets her head blown off almost. Sookie then blows away Debbie in retribution and screams for help. That's it, it's a great cliffhanger and hopefully we see more like this. Many characters took a step forward, Lafayette having to bury his lover that he sort of killed, Tara being blown away it's a lot to deal with. Lots of stuff is happening in Bon Temps, what's really up in the air is the Authority/Russell war that will happen as a result of this little finale so there's a lot of conflict to resolve. If all TB finales could be like this in killing off characters left and right there would be a lot more screen time for the remaining interesting characters which is pretty much everybody that didn't die. Good job Alan Ball and TB writers, you read my fan letters. Anyway, till next season farewell True Blood.

  • true blood swings back


    now there are lots of mixed reviews I watched this ep twice thank u dvr. I think that it was slow but the set up into season 5 was the best. (Spolair) first off the last season final sucked im sure we all agree to that but this one left us debating. is tera dead yes get over it great play. they need us to be sucked in and they needed to kill a main cast member. I mean her story was thin at best. We all knew russ edge would be back. That the leader of the fellowship wasn't done. Finally terry may have a bigger role seeing as to hes the only grounded member of the show lol the crazy one. To me this wasnt the best show final but not the worst. most people may disagree but think back to last year. This tied up every storyline like it or not the witches brought a diverse ark and kept me and everyone hooked a bill being an a$% really showed his old evil side with less of the oh I love sookie I cant live without her stale story. This season was up and down but I can't be alone in thinking there setting up the ground work for big change inthe story flow. Is this not why we watch everybody loves the myth of the show and the comic/drama of this. I mean I rated it high not cause of the whole ep but the end pulled me back from almost giving up. I saw the ratings they spiked so maybe some of u felt the magic return. lol. I think the writers are talking our thoughts and really building toward a long lasting show. I mean they nearly killed the fay ark thank god and sookie can finally fight instead of scream. I say lets see where five leads.

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  • Was that the last episode in the series? I'm guessing it was with so many regular characters getting killed off. What a shame, this season was just starting to get really interesting and I was looking forward to each episode. Oh well, roll on Season 5.


    SPOLIER ALERT: With so many characters getting killed off and even one of the main characters, this season finale really did end with a bang. And with the resurrection of the vampire priest who was buried in cement in a previous season we now know who's going to be the main bad guy for the coming season 5.

    Now they've decided to clear out some of the regulars from the show, it really will make an interesting next season with an almost blank canvas for new characters.

    Oh and with Bill killing the very annoying and obnoxious PR head authority Vamp... That really made my day. But on a sad note, have we lost Tara? Or does she somehow survive a shotgun blast to the head? I very much doubt it and TBH I can already see season 5 kicking off with everyone weeping at her funeral. These sorts of beginnings are almost a cliche for TV but I suppose it has to be done.

    Anyway, this is a great episode/finale and I haven't mentioned half of the characters who get killed yet so enjoy it. its a good one.

  • And When I Die


    And When I Die was a perfect episode and season finale of True Blood's 4th season. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was packed with suspense, action, drama, intrigue, surprise, and ghosts of the past with messages about the future. All the main characters had something big happen to them in this episode one way or another, and a lot of the minor characters played great roles as well as new characters. This episode had many shocking moments, scenes that needed to happen, touching moments such as Ms. Fortenberry and Sam at Tommy's Funeral, and left some great questions and cliffhangers for us to all to think about until the next season. I look forward to watching more True Blood!!!!!!!!!

  • THAT is how you do a season finale.


    Reader, can we be real for a minute? Just a minute, I promise. You cool with that? Okay, good. Let's start: True Blood epically failed when it came to season three. Those twelve episode were a total and complete disappointment of epic proportions. So I was skeptical about season four. Would it be better? Looking back, yes. Yes, it was a HUGE improvement over season three... although it didn't really reach "great" status until the penultimate episode ("Soul on Fire"). So, after "Soul on Fire," I wondered whether or not the writers were going to be able to pull of a season finale that was even MORE epic than its predecessor. Now that it's 10:13 and the fourth season of True Blood has been over for about thirteen minutes, the question left to answer is... Was it? Was it?

    Answer: Hells yeah, it was!

    Okay, real moment over. Let the review begin.

    ***Spoiler-heavy beyond this point***

    This season finale was exactly what I want from a season finale. There were cliffhangers and jaw-dropping moments galore. Main characters were killed (one blown to smithereens, one stabbed, and one shot in the head). And, once the credits rolled, the question that was left with you was, "When does the next season start???!!!"

    Of course, the next season doesn't start until next June, which is GRAVELY unfortunate. But I'll cry about that later. Now, let's discuss "And When I Die."

    As I previously stated, spoilers are about to fly. So, if you haven't seen this episode and want to be surprised, STOP READING NOW.


    Got it? Good. Let's go.


    1. Sookie made her decision... and her decision was neither Bill nor Eric. While I like them both, despite their flaws and previous horrible decisions, I think that Sookie made the right decision and what she said was true: she could only see her situation ending one way, without either, so she was taking life into her own hands and walking away from them both. Now, we know that this won't last forever (Hello, the triangle is one of True Blood's main storylines), but, for now, this was the best decision for Sookie. She needs to find out who she is without Bill and Eric and distance herself from them before she can decide which one she wants to be with romantically.

    2. Debbie's dead! Shot in the head! Hey, that rhymed. What a neat coincidence. Okay, fine. It wasn't a coincidence at all. I totally planned it. Sue me. I lied. Moving on? Yes, okay... I was THRILLED that Debbie died. I have never liked her and, really, she never had a point or purpose. Good riddance! That's one of the things I like about True Blood. They're not afraid to kill off the characters that the audience hates and are holding the show back (**cough, cough, Tommy Mickens, cough, cough**).

    And Debbie's death brings us to...

    3. Tara might be dead! Shot in the head! I had a feeling in my gut that Tara might die in this episode (whether or not she is, actually, a goner remains to be seen). This feeling was pretty much cemented at the beginning of the episode when Tara asks Sookie if she can join her when she finds the "perfect life" she is longing for. Now, don't get me wrong. I like Tara. Although she was sort of a ghost this season, I like that she's a strong woman who isn't afraid to take BS from anyone. The only reason I loved this moment is because, even though I had a feeling something bad was going to happen to her, it was still so shocking... her jumping in front of Sookie to stop her from getting shot.

    P.S. Doesn't Tara know that Sookie's on a show that would NEVER kill Sookie but would definitely kill her? She should have let Sookie get shot. She's "almost died" about twenty times over the course of four seasons. Poor Tara. I can't decide whether or not I want her to be dead.

    4. Steve Newlin's back. This guy was a GREAT villain. The whole storyline was kind of an insult to Christianity, but that side, he was a great "Big Bad" in season two... which is a triumph, seeing as Maryann is considered to be the second season's real main antagonist.

    Oh, and he's a vampire?


    That's right.



    Now that Steve Newlin's become the thing he hates most, I'm very curious what's going to become of this storyline. Oh, and Jason... Don't invite him in. Okay?

    Speaking of Jason...

    5. Jason and Jessica. I LOVE them together. That is all. Kind of curious if Hoyt will sort of cease to exist now that he and Jessica are no longer together. He never really had a storyline until she came along. Oh, well.

    6. Russell Edgington got out. Although I was never sure whether or not they were going to go down this road, I'm kind of glad they did because, now, they can do it right and make him a good villain. Hopefully.

    7. Renée's message to Arlene. How creepy! Very curious what skeletons are inside Mr. Bellefleur's closet that we're going to learn all about next season. Oh, and that old army friend of Terry's... kind of got the feeling that this guy's in love with him. It was the look he got when Terry mentioned he was married. Or maybe it was a look of something else. I'm not sure. That's just my impression.

    8. Nan died. Thank the Lord, because she was annoying.

    9. The hug between Pam and Ginger toward the end. That was sweet. Although I have a feeling that, depending on how long the show lasts, they'll both be brutally murdered. 'cause that's just what happens when you live in Bon Temps.


    1. Not only did Jesus die... he died for no reason! Jesus was my favorite character on the show (or, at least, one of them) and I knew from the get-go of the season he wouldn't make it to season five. Which I had come to accept. So, when Marnie/Lafayette took his powers, I thought, "Well, at least he's going to die so that some epic, witch, vampire showdown can take place." Well, I was wrong. A super, duper lame thing happened instead where ghosts made Marnie realize that what she was doing was really, really bad and that she needed to stop and cross over to the other side.

    Wait, what was that?

    Oh, my soul crying that Alan Ball killed off my fave for no reason. That's all. No big.

    ... Well, that's pretty much all I didn't like about this episode. It was a pleasant surprise and a real treat. I'll talk to you next June!

    See ya.

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