True Blood

Season 6 Episode 4

At Last

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 07, 2013 on HBO

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  • Nice Episode(spoilers)

    I am enjoying this season so far better than last season. To Answer Nekmaster as to why he drank the blood was probably to refuel him and also to "bond" with him. Remember by drinking the blood of a vampire bonds the two. SO he probably drained gpa in order to save him and be bonded to him and his bloodline. I loved this season. Still am trying to deduce if Warlow is good or evil...

    I am getting at what Bill is trying to do with synthesizing fae blood.. It is obvious Lilith is using Bill to what point not sure yet.. Why didn't Jessica sense Jason was in trouble since she can sense him every since she gave him her blood? Why did Warlow give Jason his blood was it good or bad? Lilith is using Bill and being fed by him. I think that is why she chose him because he had tasted fae blood.

    I did not like Eric siring another ask he only sired Pam for a thousand years and told her he never wanted to be a maker because of the responsibility etc.. so why make him sire another? Why did Ben drain, but not drink the blood? How could Gpa not sense who Warlow was? SO many questions and thoughts to put into review.

    I like that it seems better than last season. Jason knows once you taste a vamp's blood they can sense you so why make the stupid move? Why didn't Jessica come when Jason was injured since he drank her blood before? Why didn't Eric have to "lie" with his new sire overnight? They sired Steve as punishment and should sire Sarah as well. WHat will happen to Andy now that none of his fae daughters made it to adulthood? Remember Maurella stated it was his sacred duty to have at least half make it to adulthood. If Ben is Half Vamp/Fae why does he need sookie? Is Sookie a key for him maybe to another realm/world? How could Claudine who is much younger than Gpa send Warlow to another dimension while gpa is tossed around like a potato against him? If Warlow passed through a portal does that mean another version of him is still there? how was gpa able to know what claudine did and go to the dark dimension and still not recognize Warlow in person?

    Eric sired a virgin how unoriginal since Bill did the same for Jessica. His new sire was willing and then gets angry because it was for revenge? Ugh those parts were annoying. Who will teach the new sire? I thought Jessica became all bad and such why isn't it the same for the new sire or is each maker different for how they sire?

    what does vamp/fae blood do to other faes in they drink it? Warlow is like having a identity disorders two identities in one battling each other light and dark.

    He spared Gpa as a child so the line could continue why?? How is it that Godric became wiser and kinder with age and not Warlow? Was Godric younger than Warlow and Russell? Russell died an exploding mess, but I thought the death would be quicker like Godric who went up quickly in blue flame/dust.. Kindred spirits? So Warlow is related (brotherly?) to gpa or somehow differently? Warlow killed his parents same as gpa parents or both parents one in the same and they are brothers? how was Warlow turned? Warlow was able to break out of the realm because of the contract right? Both lines of fae could continue why? what was the need of the contract then? Can gpa survive the same dimension w/o all his blood? Why send him there?

    Did I detect annoyance/ jealousy in Ben as Sookie talks about her vampire exes?? Ben's appearances change throughout the episode. stubble/no stubble etc

    Why didn't young faes use their powers?? Seriously Jessica was able to take down all four? Why didn't the faes turn to dust? Maybe Jessica did not drain them all the way?? Feed vamp blood??
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